Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping promises

I really wish when people said they are going to do something THEY ACTUALLY WOULD DO IT!

Back at the end of October I was contacted by a volunteer for a shelter in Southern Ohio.  This county is at the very bottom of the state and rarely do dogs come out of there alive.  They had 2, yes 2 pregnant dogs.  I said I can't take on puppies right not because I am pregnant and getting bigger weekly, taking care of puppies is not a good idea for me.  BUT if anyone wants to foster them great!  2 people did step up to foster them.

So, I arranged for them to get to their foster homes and to get fixed.  They were going to get fixed the day after Christmas.  I took Friday the 21st off of work so the puppies could come to my house that day and then I would have families come pick out their puppy, take them to get fixed on the 26th and then they could all go home!  PERFECT!

Well the foster homes both wanted the puppies gone BEFORE this dates so I ended up with BOTH litters on the 16th.  M - R I had to work.... my job being very demanding and well my boss is all over me all the time for everything.  Ever feel like you can't do anything right?   So on the days I had to work I was up at 5:30 am cleaning puppy crap.  I had people come over while I was at work and I made sure that I was home by at least 6:30 so that I could pick up more puppy crap.  AND then I would go back out every night at 10 for the last clean up of the day.  And every time I was out with the puppies it was at least 1 hour of cleaning.

So thinking that an end was near b/c I was seriously getting so overwhelmed and burned out on Christmas Eve morning Holly came over to help me vaccinate 16 puppies and to help clean up after them.  I swear they go worse as the week went on with the amount of poop.

As we are vaccinating the puppies the runt of the one litter (we called them the rottens) got up, walked away from her bed and pooped WATER!  My exact words were FUCK!

I took her to the vet and she tested positive for Parvo.

The vet gave me medicine for all 16 puppies and I went home and separated her from the rest of the puppies.  gave everyone medicine, canceled the spay/neuter appointment and let all the people adopting know that one puppy got sick.

The puppy that was sick didn't act like a parvo puppy.. she ate a little, drank a little and just wanted to sleep.  By Thursday no one else had gotten sick SO I re scheduled appointments and told everyone that they could come get their puppy and foster it until surgery.

Well a few more have gotten sick, just not as bad and I am going to loose my mind!

First of all I DID NOT WANT EITHER OF THESE LITTERS!  I knew that I couldn't handle them.  I am 9 weeks from giving birth and I knew that I would be tired and not feeling good and I didn't want to take care of puppies.

I am so pissed off right now for being in this situation.   Next year when someone says they want to foster a dog that is a shelter, they are keeping that dog or dogs until it gets adopted.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Weird adoption event

We had our monthly adoption event on Saturday.  What a weird day.  We were busy like always but sure seemed like people were window shopping.  Janie a poor little dog that is just full of life (aka high energy) did meet her new family but they aren't picking her up until Christmas Eve.  And Sade this REALLY COOL Pit Bull met his new family.  AND Koby met his but other then that slow day.  

I had a women who volunteers at the dog pound come over to the adoption event with a dog in hand, some type of hound beagle mix thing and try to pressure me into taking the dog.  It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever.  She was being really really pushy.  Until I got angry with her and really stern she wasn't going to take no for an answer.  I can't take hounds/beagles anything that is a known barker.  Sorry!  I told her flat out she is more then welcome to go to my neighbor and call his lawyer if she would like to take it up with them.

Then I had a guy get all "wrinkle faced and insulted" when I told him that we couldn't adopt to him unless his dog was neutered.  I really wasn't in a mood for it and I got snotty with him.  I told him do you think I do this for fun?  Do you think that these puppies are here because someone was responsible?  No they are hear because someone didn't fix their dog and trust me I don't do this for money, finding dogs homes, I do this because people don't fix their dogs and then don't take responsibility for the lives they created!  And I just walked away.

THEN I had a couple, nice couple who was interested in Slade.  I thought they were the couple that was already pre-approved... they were there right at 11am and we are always so busy and a volunteer said, the couple that is already has an application in for Slade is here.  What I didn't realize is they had turned in an application at 5:30, I never saw it b/c I left work at 5 on Friday and didn't look at my email again that night or on Saturday.  SO I wrongfully assumed that they were the couple from Lyndhurst.  Anyway, I told them if they were interested in adopting Slade they just needed to let me know and I we would set up a home visit.

Anyway, long story short is they emailed me saying they wanted Slade, I realized what had happened and emailed them back telling them.  Well they got all WE WERE FIRST WE WANT HIM YOU SAID WE COULD HAVE HIM!  Honestly felt like I was dealing with two spoiled 5 year old. UGH!  I had to call them and tell them NO your application hasn't been processed yet.  Kinda of hard to do that when you sent it at 5:30 last night and it is 2pm on Saturday!  They really made me mad b/c it isn't first come first serve it is whoever is best for the dog period and end!

It was just a strange day! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hard decisions

You would think being in rescue you run across so many wonderful dogs.  There are so many that I always say "I so would keep you but...."  But the truth is it isn't fair.  Not all dogs can handle being owned by someone who rescues / fosters dogs.  AND in reality it isn't really that fair to keep some dogs because they are SO GOOD that you know they can make someone so happy

There are always dogs that are sick, abused, starved, injured, etc that take my time away from MY DOGS. Not all dogs can handle being pushed a side time over time over time again.
It really hurts me knowing I do that but I hug my dogs and explain to them that they were once the sick, the injured, etc and that I love you and I think they understand.

What is hard is when you realize that your life because of the rescue makes it unfair for a dog that you love SO MUCH that is one of your family.  You come to the realization that it is best for him to find a new home.

My life is by no means normal.  I am 34 years old, own a 17 acre horse farm which I purchased at the ripe old age of 27!  I have two elderly parents who live with me.  There health is fine for people in their late 70's early 80's but sometimes their "judgement," their "old school" methods and the TV so loud you can hear it at the neighbor's can really get to you.  My life is full of "well I can't have this or do that because of Mom or Dad"  The joke with my husband is, how did they raise 6 children and we all made it to adulthood with all body parts.  If you know my parents you understand that statement.
I work a very demanding jobs... the one I had for the first 7.5 years was getting so routine I decided to change jobs to get a new challenge.  Which is find but WOW did I lose so major work life balance.  I RARELY get home before 6:30pm. :-(   To top it all off I have been married for only 3 years which God love him for sticking around with my crazy parents and my never ending "fix it up projects" around the farm.  I swear you get one thing done and something else needs fixed / repaired / etc.
AND THEN I run what has turned into a pretty good sized non-profit dog rescue.  AND I am adding a baby to mix. OOPSE! Wasn't really planned but I guess God was ready to torture me as I did my parents I am sure!

So there you have it a life crammed FULL of not normal stuff and who suffers... my animals.  So the time had come when I realize that my Freedom, my beautiful boy who came from the most horrible life ever... dog fighting.. I really do believe it is worse then a puppy mill.  I need to find him a better home.  I know he loves me, I know he loves his life but he also lived 24/7 in a dark basement CRAMMED in a cage with 26 other dogs surrounding him and was I am sure tortured, fought and God only knows what else.

It isn't fair to him that I don't get home until 6:30 or later and he is locked in a crate.  It isn't fair to him that I spend all my time cleaning the house after my parents, feeding animals and taking care of rescue dogs and he just sits there staring at me wondering when he is going to get attention.  It isn't fair to him that I keep him and he doesn't get to know what having someone devote their time to is like.  I can't do that, I know that and it isn't fair to him that I keep him.

Am I rushing to find him a home NOW no, if the perfect home is found he will go and I will cry but I know it is the best thing for him.

The reality of it is, I could quit rescue and keep my dog or I can re home my dog and keep saving dogs.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The emails that annoy me...

When I write bio's I try to put as much information as possible in the bio's for the dogs.  Maybe I am just being "biiiiii" today BUT I just find it annoy when I receive an email and it says

I am interested in XXX (dogs name) please call me

I am sorry I don't mean to be rude but if I wanted to chat with someone on the phone I would have my number posted. 

Then I get the emails that say 

Tell me about XXX(dogs name).

What exactly are they looking for here. Again information is in the bio and if there is something specific you want to know ASK ME!  I am not going to GUESS at what you want to know and send you a big long email. I have better things to do then try to read you mind.

And then my favorite:

can you tell me the cost and age of XXX (dogs name)

OMG you are kidding right. How about THAT INFORMATION IS IN THE BIO TRY READING IT!

Just annoying have to spoon feed people information all the time.  I honestly reply to those emails with "check the bio"

I received an email the other day from someone that said "Will you take $150 for the puppy" I just replied back NO

I am not trying to "sell" these dogs and with puppies seriously $200 doesn't even come close to paying for everything that goes into them.  Feeding for 8 weeks, worming, potty pads, the endless amount of cleaning, shots, microchip, getting them fixed.  At $30 a bag that they go through at least a bag a week the last few weeks you are out of your mind if you think for one freaking second money is made by puppies. UGH!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

why lie

I am not really sure where lying is going to get someone.  I mean 99% of the time you get caught.  You might not get caught right away but you are going to get caught eventually.

We have had SEVERAL people lie on applications to adopt a dog.  REALLY???  They say they own their house but when we check the auditors website THEY DON'T!  Then we ask them why their house is listed under someone else's name and one person confessed that she did lie and the other person said they weren't going to get a dog right now, they changed their mind. Yea, OK!

Then we had the person who tried to fake their landlord.  Gave us a number that went to a friend and so when we called they acted like the landlord.  Yea, NOT THAT STUPID!  When we called the leasing office that owns the property SURPRISE they don't allow that size / breed of a dog.

Really people?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rough week

This past week has been a rough one.  I am always trying to balance a "life", a farm, a career, a marriage, a dog rescue and two elderly parents.  I am not sure if people realize there is more to me then just running a rescue.  As my sister said yesterday my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. I am a leader and I get things done.  The problem is I have my own life, my own issues, my own things I need to take care of and I simply can not take care of everyone all the time.  This week was a clear indication of that.

Monday I received word one of the rescue volunteers losing their home and 3 foster dogs to a fire and I sprung into action.  I spent MANY hours not being at home getting done so that they could have a roof over their heads that would allow their 5 dogs.

Due to dog aggression issues one of our rescue's dogs has to be euthanized.  He was a danger to himself and others.

Due to the fact I worked WAY TOO MANY hours the week before and I wasn't home this past week, an accident happened and a puppy is now in the vet hospital with a grim outlook on life and has been there since Friday late afternoon.

AND the stress of having to do court stuff for my harassment issue.

I tried to re home one of my dogs but he is SO attached to me, it doesn't look like that is going to be happening.  I have only had him since January but I have put a lot of work into him and he is very well trained FOR ME and he is VERY attached to me. I am not sure I will be able to place him.  He kind of reminds me of Chi Chi, a JRT who was so abused he only really trusts my sister in law and me.  My brother after almost 2 years can finally pet him SOMETIMES!

People screw with these dogs heads SO BADLY they they never come back.

I tried to send my one JRT to a foster home. I just needed a break from her... long story but goes back to my harassment issue.  She was so bad they had to bring her back.  I swear she is part beagle.  She got into the trash and ate God only knows what and spread it ALL over their house.  She didn't bark or destroy anything but she was also afraid of the cats.  Ridiculous.  She is back at my house now and technically is my mom's dog... hopefully my mom will start working with her more and not letting her get away with murder and we can get this 9 year old pain in my ass dog under control.  She doesn't do bad things when I am around.... just when my mom is around b/c she lets her get away with it.  So annoying.

I was hoping this year 2012 would be a great year.  It has been a so so year.  Not as stressful as last year but not that great either.  A lot of heart break this year... the death of my horse, the death to a puppy, Sally having to be put down due to abuse and neglect, issues with my parents irresponsibility and honestly this new job I took.... I really miss everyone I worked with at my old company.  The company wasn't great but the people were some of my closes friends and here the company is great but the people aren't so nice.  I guess you can't have everything. LOL!

Lucky for me I have a wonderful husband and I feel like our marriage only gets stronger every day.  I am glad 2011 is behind me and I will be glad when 2012 is too.  2013 will hold new challenges for me as I am expecting my first child in early March. (I really think it will be more February... seriously I will run out of room). I will continue to do rescue and I will continue to take care of my parents even though it is a HUGE burden which I have found there are others out there that have also taken care of elderly parents but none that were able to continue doing it for more then a few years....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire took their lives

Early morning on Monday a volunteer and foster family for both my rescue and another local rescue lost EVERYTHING!  And I mean everything in a house fire.  Husband and wife and 4 of their dogs made it out without a scratch, 1 dog was found by firer fighters and brought back with Oxygen and 3 rescue foster dogs died in the fire.

Since I found out about this 2 hours after it happened, I rallied the rescue group and others to start collecting donations and I talked to my brother to see if he would offer his empty rental house to them.  I knew full well that they were not going to be able to find a place that would allow 5 canine family members and I know this family wasn't going to stay anywhere without them!  Can't say I can blame her.

Last night we have stuff loaded into the rental and did some cleaning.  I am going back over tonight to do more cleaning and organizing.  Hopefully soon we will have the house ready for them to move in.  At least that is my hope!

Be thankful what you have because you never know when it can all be taken away!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Adoption event rejections

Yesterday's adoption event was crazy busy.  9 dogs were able to find homes which is AWESOME!  But for the first time ever there were 4 people I turned down.. I mean I turn down people but usually one not 4!

The first one was CREEPY!  And wanted one of my Pit Bulls.  When I told him that we do criminal background checks on all of our Pits his reaction was "Oh"  and not a good oh but a bad oh like oh SHIT! kind of oh.

Then a women with 2 dogs, 2 cats and the female dog is not fixed.  I told her I am sorry I would not be able to adopt to her until her female is fixed.  She walked away all upset.  Came back about 10 minutes later and questioned me as to why.  I explained to her that "accidents" happen... it took a few examples for her to then understand what I meant by "accidents"  Hopefully she understands the importance of having her dog fixed.

Then her daughter who several volunteers heard her on the phone with someone saying "We just won't tell the landlord.  he will never know we got a dog"  Come on girl really!  We call your landlord... he is going to know!  Idiot!  She also asked me before filling out an application "what would make someone not get approved to adopt."  I told her I am not going to tell you those things because then you would lie on the application!  I then said to her you have to be 21 years old and not currently in school in order to adopt.  She walked away but then came back about 10 minutes later and interrupted me while I was talking to someone else to question me on that.

THEN the most ridiculous one yet.  A 19 year old girl got her 19 year old boy friend to have his dad come up to the adoption event to LIE and say he was going to to adopt the puppy.  Again volunteers over heard her talking to her boyfriend on how they were going to pull of this scheme.  I explained to the boyfriend's father and to the girlfriend that the contract they sign is legally binding and that the dog can not go live with anyone else... meaning when the girlfriend and boyfriend decided to get a place of their own and live together they can't take the dog!  All of a sudden the girlfriend didn't want the puppy any more.  BIG FREAKING SURPRISE!

It was so funny b/c when we were standing in the parking lot after we had everything loaded up and ready to go home (we being the volunteers), the dad sped out of the parking lot making sure his truck was really loud and fast.  I laughed b/c #1 is truck was a piece of shit #2 does he think that is going to change my mind??

A few volunteers are worried that the people we turned down will try to fill out applications on line and lie BUT I am going to be over the top with the applications that come through for the dogs who people were trying to lie to get and if I have one bad feeling about something the answer will be NO!

I don't think people understand how the internet works.  There are websites to find if you really own your home, how much you paid for it, what your taxes are each year and what you still owe on it.  CREEPY! I know!  There are websites that show satellite pictures of your house so I know if you are lying about having a fence.  AND there are websites that I can use to see if you have a criminal record.... Oh I can go on and on.

Sorry folks but I am not going to let (if I can help it) my dogs go to some a-hole!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I tell every adopter everything I know about the dog. I hold nothing back because well if I were them I would want to know too.  Even though it has cost me adoptions, I don't really consider it a loss because they people and the dog would have gone home and been unhappy.  I don't ever want anyone to be unhappy.

I also tell everyone that if they need anything to let me know. I am here for them for the life of the dog.  What  is frustrating is when I have people say to me
"What haven't you told me about this dog I need to know" or they tell me they are having an issue and I tell them that the dog didn't have that issue with me and I would have to get back to them on what to do after I speak to my vet and trainer and they just keep saying the same thing over and over and over again.  I heard you the first time, I don't know what you want me to do.  I told you I will have to find out for you.

OR when I tell them what to do to fix the "issue" and they refuse and then call me to complain.... OMG!  I told you what to do and you are NOT LISTENING!!!!!!  Yes, I am.  NO YOU AREN'T because you aren't doing what I told you to do.

For the love of God, don't call me and complain and ask for advice and then when I give it to you ignore me!

So frustrating.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I have some applications on some of the dogs but not as many as I would like.  Lorain County pound is FULL, Holmes County pound is FULL and about every other pound in the state of Ohio is pleading for help!

I could squeeze in one more dog if I even wanted to or had the time to.

I really really hope Saturday goes well.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Took in 17 puppies, 2 mom dogs all on Sunday.  And Thursday took in 2 JRT's.

That puts us at nearly 50 dogs.  God help me!

This weekend is our monthly adoption event. PLEASE cross your paws it goes well.  AND we do have Christmas Breakfast tickets on sale now $12 for adults all you can eat and PICTURES WITH THE REAL SANTA :-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Shelters are full .

Shelters are full to the brim with dogs.  It is crazy, I can't believe how full everyone is.  I swear things keep getting worse and worse.  We are getting in two more mom dogs with about 20 puppies between the two of them.  They were going to die.  AND we took in a blind JRT and it's seeing friend AND AND AND AND the list keeps going.  We have so many dogs in the rescue right now.  I have closed the doors for right now b/c if we are going to go financially under if I keep taking in dogs.

We have an adoption event on November 10th.  I am hoping between now and then we adopt out at least 15 dogs.  I have to.  WE NEED ADOPTIONS BAD!!!!!!!

And we are holding a Christmas breakfast on December 1st from 9 - 12.  Pictures with the REAL Santa.  Hopefully we can sell enough tickets to make it worth it.  We need to sell 500! YIKES!

Well off to start my weekend and pray I can get through the weekend without my picture taken!  LOL That is my goal every weekend, I am just not usually very successful at it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The last two weeks..

I am happy to report that the adoption event on the 13th was good.

Monkey the JRT puppy who as returned after 1 hour because the lady decide it was a Chihuahua was adopted by this great couple.  I  have pictures of him happy with his K9 sibling on FB.  YAY!  Oh and this is so so funny....  When I got to the store to set up everything GUESS WHO WAS THERE!  HAHAHAHA the daughter of the women who returned Monkey.

I smiled and said how are you.  She said fine.  I said you know I can't approve you to adopt anyone, right?  She said I know.  Moments later I saw her mother standing next to her.  I said "hey Lauren the women there is the blue jacket would like to see Tanner the pure breed Chihuahua."  Tanner I pulled that week from Cleveland City Kennel. LOL!  Lauren walked over to her and said you want to see Tanner.  The women made some nasty comment about she is not going to be subject to a 7 page contract (keep in mind my contract is 2 pages) and walked away all put off.  Lauren just looked at me and I started laughing and I said. That is the women who believe Monkey is a Chihuahua. I know she heard me and I don't care!

I then over heard the daughter say "I am sorry mom I didn't know she would be here"  They both stomped out of the store.

Not too much longer maybe 1/2 hour a women came up to me.  And said "Hi how are you?"  I said "good"  She asked how my parents were, my sisters, my brother and asked how everything at the farm was.  She clearly knew who I was but I had not a clue who she was.  I played along... unfortunately there is such an age difference between my siblings and I that they would drag me around to places and people know me because of them but I was young so it didn't really leave an impression on me.  If that makes sense.

The women then said "My mother (or maybe it was mother in law) got a dog from you but had to bring it back"  I said "Oh right after 1 hour because she decided it was a Chihuahua and it wasn't"  She said "well it looked different there hers"  I said "yea, well I am not JCPenny and I told her that.  She spent 2 hours at my house with him.  He was NOT a Chihuahua"  I then turned to someone else to ask a question about what I was working on.

Don't you dare try to play it like I give a flying monkey that you know my family.  My parents think your mother (or mother in law) is an idiot just as much as I do.  I am not apologizing for being upset that she wasted my time.  Nice try though!

Oh who else went home... Wanda.  My girl Wanda.. Oh was a great dog that was and to come from such a crappy start.  Sure glad she is in a home safe and sound.

The puppies this past week have been doing great too.  They are finally pooping poop instead of worms. UGH!  That was gross, let me tell you.  Mom dog is pooping good solid poop too.  Makes clean up so less gross and much much easier :-)

They were outside this weekend (Sunday) for the first time.  They really liked sleeping in the sun.  As soon as the sun went behind the building I put them back inside.  They are doing great, hoping to have people come see them this weekend and then they get fixed on the 7th!  YAY!

Faith was adopted at this weekends event but it was a person who saw her at last weeks event.   AND someone who came to meet Faith decided to adopt Sabrina our Chocolate Lab puppy so that worked out great.

I have this weekend and next weekend with no events and then the 10th is an adoption event.  Hoping that goes well.  Then black Friday we are selling Holiday Breakfast Buffet tickets at Tractor Supply and Rual King for most of the day.  That is December 1st.  So hoping we get a lot of tickets sold.

Busy busy busy as always...

Hoping to end the year out good come January and February I am not sure how much I am going to be able to do.  Not sure I mentioned it here but I am having my first child early March. SO I am sure I will be the size of a house Jan and Feb and won't be able to see my toes. LOL!

Monday, October 8, 2012

This weekend...

Well as I said this weekend was a long one due to the mom and puppies that were so sick.  Today at least they were acting more like puppies.  Making noise getting into things.

I had someone come over to meet Reba this weekend.  She was in the barn playing with Reba and Faith, Joey and Freedom were out front playing and guess who showed up!  I called the Sheriff and learned some interesting things.  I am not really sure why taking video and pictures of dogs is so interesting.. YES I HAVE DOGS!  No one has ever denied that... so the point?

I think the lady felt uncomfortable.  Great thank you I lost an adoption because my neighbor won't leave me a lone.  Good job!  Another dog to stay living at my house until God only knows when all because someone was made to feel uncomfortable. UGH!


This weekend is an adoption event. I really really hope that a few dogs get some homes.  I feel like BIG DOG rescue.. we have so many right now.

Paws crossed for some adoptions and for the puppies to keep feeling better!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mom and puppies near death

I received a message on Thursday asking for help for a Mom Shepard / Boxer mix and her 5 puppies that are 4 weeks old.  2 puppies had already died.  Man in a not so great neighborhood on the East side of Cleveland admitted to not being able to afford to feed them.

A volunteer went and picked the puppies up on Friday afternoon and drove them directly to the vet.  The mom is EXTREMELY emaciated and the puppies look like Bobble head dolls.  IT IS GROSS!  I have had a many mom dogs who are emaciated but NEVER have I had emaciated puppies.

Mom and puppies were dropped off to me after visiting the vet and getting Capstar to take care of the fleas that were COVERING their little bodies and mom dog was given tape worm medicine.  Petting them felt like petting sandpaper around bones.  Not kidding you, all bones and covered in bumps from all the flea bites.

I gave mom food but she started scarfing it down and I had to take it away so she wouldn't get sick.  Saturday I was very worried about them.  The puppies were so anemic from having their blood sucked dry by all the fleas that their gums were gray and so were their tongues. I honestly was worried that the one wasn't going to make it.

This morning they ate some of the milk replacement that I got them on Saturday and one puked about 5 minutes later.  He puked WORMS.  I decided to work them even though I was trying to wait.  I knew they needed it but with them being so weak I wasn't sure if it would upset their stomachs too much.  It is one of those darn if you do darn if you don't.

Well I wormed them and all they have done all day is puke or poop worms.  It is so gross.

I THINK I HOPE they will make it.  Their gums look a little better today....

Puppy Paws crossed PLEASE!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Puppies for sale at the Pet Store

More than 40 dogs were seized from a suspected puppy mill in Pickaway County, Ohio.  Please, please contact your legislators and ask that they make the puppy mill issue a priority! Tell them you are sick and tired of stories like these.  Ohio’s black eye due to lack of companion animal laws has to change! NOW!!!  Send them the video or photo and let them see what they are allowing in the State of Ohio. 
This is the face of one of the puppy mill pups from yesterday’s raid! The cute puppies that people buy in a pet store or Amish country most likely their mother lives in conditions just like this – the Amish dirty secret.  There are thousands others like this one that are stuck in a terrible and filthy environment – prisoners of greed. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Puppy Party

Well we had our 6th annual Puppy Party this year.  Hard to believe been doing this for that long.  This year was amazing, we had so much food and SO MANY raffle prizes.  I was so worried we had too much stuff. LOL!

Doing this 6 years I have tried a lot of different things and have learned that keeping it simple works the best.
50/50 is always good.
Having the dog trainer there everyone loves.  But then who doesn't love Mel :-) If you live in Northern Ohio check him out
Having our merchandise is always good.
Raffle baskets are a great hit but finding that the gift cards are probably not the way to go.... we have people that come from hours away and are unable to use the gift cards.
Tried to have some vendors this year... Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, etc. and they didn't sell a lot of stuff.  I feel bad b/c I wanted it to be worth it for them.
Learned I MUST have someone designated to
*drive way / parking traffic
*gate watcher so people don't let other people's dog out of the fenced yard
*food restock person and organizer (which is usually my sister(s) - and they do a FABULOUS JOB!)

Also, learned I need to put a sign on the end of the driveway that says PRIVATE PARTY.  A family coming home from Church saw the signs for Puppy Party and stopped by. They walked around my farm, ate food and left.  WHAT?????  Are you kidding me??  If there were signs that said "Bob's graduation party" or "Brad and Tina's wedding" would you just stop by??? OMG!

Also, need to put on invitations that it is by invite only.  A nice couple stopped by to adopt a dog and were told by their friends to stop by. YIKES!  I was told someone wants to adopt a puppy and I walked over to the kennels and said "I am sorry who did you adopt already, you don't look familiar" they said we haven't we were told by friends to stop over. I felt bad but I told them this was a private party and not an adoption event and they would need to fill out an application.  I am not sure who was more embarrassed me or them.  I felt so bad but I worry so much about people knowing where I live and dumping dogs on me.

Well and not to mention I have had 2 dogs stolen, one I was able to recover and press charges on and one that I wasn't able to and the jerks sued me.  They lost but still, sue a non-profit that is so justified of you!

I always worry about upsetting someone with having the party at my house but someone has been very quiet lately, not harassing me.  It has been a nice month or so of not having my picture taken. I have a feeling because of the privacy fence it is hard to tell when dogs are outside playing.

Well vet bill is paid off with $300 left over to save a few more dogs.

Took in 2 emergency fosters on Thursday one I had to put in boarding and the other to a temp foster home.  Lucky for me I moved a few dogs to fosters on Sunday after the event so I was able to get those two to my house.

Tonight I need to work on walking nice on a leash with them and I have a bunch of running around to do. AND tomorrow morning I have to get up early and head to Columbus.  Better start preparing for that!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

You pick....

Pretend you are a rescue person.  Today you are tasked with picking which dogs will live to see tomorrow.

Your rescue has room for 2 dogs.  From the pictures below pick which ones will live: 

Welcome to what I do EVERY DAY!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I had to say no.....

Today I received an email with a picture of a sad looking JRT.  The subject line of the email reads


My reply back... sorry I don't have room or the time for another dog right now.  How do you like that one simple sentence just killed a dog.  And that sentence came from me.

That is my life everyday.  That is the life of a rescuer.  No matter what you are rescuing this is your life.  YOU play God even if you don't want to.  And you have to play God because who ever created this creature did it out of greed, who ever was in charge of taking care of this creature FAILED and because there are SO MANY MORE dogs in the exact same situation as this one... created out of greed and owner failed him / her.... they will DIE!

Not everyone can do what I do, not everyone can go on with their day knowing hitting send just killed a dog, not everyone can take a deep breath and move on to the next 1 BILLION animals in need.

So until you can be that person who does what I do every day don't tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing.  Don't tell me I should try harder or work longer hours.  Don't you dare tell me what to do until you have walked in my shoes for a day.

***Update: 09/13 - The dog found a rescue to take him.  Thank God. He didn't die!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Don't judge until you have walked in my shoes...

I kid you not someone wrote this on FB about a VERY VERY VERY sick dog that was humanely euthanized due to it suffering from mammary cancer

"Regardless if an animal is healthy or sick we are not the ones who should choose when they die.  An animal should choose when it is time to leave this Earth."

She was referring to the fact that the very sick dog was euthanized.

ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME YOUR PSYCHO!!  You mean to tell me that if your animal / dog was laying their bleeding to death you and the vet looked at you and said, the dog is in a lot of pain and it is just a matter of time you wouldn't stop it from suffering.  You would sit there looking it in his/her eye, confused, in pain and just watch is suffer.  You are f-ing sick and need serious therapy.

Until you walk into a shelter and see a dog laying on a concrete floor drooling all over, unable to get up, pissing and shitting it's self and can scoop that dog up in your arms pay the fee to remove it form the shelter drive it to McDonalds for a hamburger and then drive to your vet wrapped in a warm blanket crying and hugging it the entire time and sit with the dog in your lap while the vet ends it's suffering don't you DARE tell me or anyone else in rescue that euthanizing an animal is WRONG!  Don't you f-ing dare.

Until you sacrifice your marriage, your relationship with family and friends, spend money you don't have, eat dinner (if your lucky) at 9 or 10 pm and if you are lucky maybe when you re-heat it it will still taste ok, until you go on no sleep, spend your weekends smelling like dog crap DON'T YOU DARE EVER TELL ANY RESCUE PERSON WHAT THEY SHOULD OR SHOULDN'T DO!

Being a rescue is NOT easy, it isn't for everyone and not everyone can do it.  You have to have a mind set of #1. You can't save them all #2. Yes, there are times when you say no some will die. #3. Sometimes all you can do isn't good enough. #4. Sometimes you have to say good bye even though you don't want to.  #5. YOU CAN NOT KEEP THEM ALL!  You have to adopt them out.... set a number in your head and that is how many you can have.  My number is 4.  There are 4 people that live in my house and we each have a dog.  Granted my dad has none and I have 2 but whatever.. LOL!  That is my rule no more then 4 no matter how badly I fall in love.  And trust me I fall in love a lot!  But when I get notes from their forever homes telling me how happy the dog makes them, my heart smiles.  That is the best thing anyone could ever tell me and knowing the dog is happy that is really all that is important to me.

Friday, August 24, 2012

What is behind the rescuers that people don't see...

Just because I rescue animals doesn't mean I sit waiting by the phone waiting for it to ring so that I can jump up and save the next dog in need.  Just because I rescue animals doesn't mean that I have more time and money then the next person.  Just because I rescue animals doesn't mean that I can perform miracles and that horribly aggressive or horribly abused dog I can turn them around into beautiful family dogs like they were born to be.  Sometimes I can't save the dog and the outcome isn't the outcome we all dream of.

What people don't see about the animal rescuer is:
A house that needs cleaned
Laundry that needs done
Bills that need to be paid
A full time job that is extremely demanding
Our own animals that take the back seat to all the animals in need
Our family who takes a back seat to all the animals in need
Health issues either ours or a member of our family
Financial struggles
Cars that need oil changes, new tires, etc.
Dentist appointments
Doctor appointments
The lawn that needs mowed
The friend's wedding we are in
The close family member or friend who has passed away

We are JUST LIKE YOU!!!  The only difference is we have an overwhelming calling that we can't ignore to help those who can't help themselves.  So when someone calls and says "COME NOW THIS DOG IS IN NEED NOW."  That means we are leaving our husband sitting alone in a resturant with a 1/2 eaten meal in the empty seat next to him while we rush to help whatever animal needs us next.  That means we have to NOT piss off our paying job by finding someone to help while we are at work and then RUSH out of work right at 5pm to step in.  It means that we don't get our laundry done, we don't get our house as clean as we want it, we don't eat dinner until 10pm at night and we go to work tired the next day.  All because we have to COME RIGHT NOW!

And to top it all off WE ARE NOT PAID ONE DIME!  NOT ONE CENT!  Actually in the long run we loose more money then some people make in a year!

So the next time you are angry because a rescue person can't help or needs help or the outcome of an animal that you donated money to make feel better doesn't come out with a fairy tell ending that you hoped for stop and think COULD YOU DO WHAT WE DO? COULD YOU SACRIFICE EVERYTHING WE SACRIFICE?

And the next time you think to yourself.  Oh that poor dog / cat shouldn't be in a cage for 12 hours a day while the foster is at work or the poor animal shouldn't be in the no kill shelter but in a home.  Think of it this way. Someone sacrificed A LOT so that "poor" animal could be there ALIVE!  And NO it isn't perfect but it is temporary and necessar!y!

the alternative is death.... YOU CHOOSE WHICH IS WORSE...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I know what I am doing, promise

I realize not everyone has had over 900 dogs come through there home, I understand that most people have not dealt with some of things I have dealt with including but not limited to:
Kennel Cough
Dog fighting wounds
Broken legs
Broken backs
Litters of puppies
Litters of puppies without mom
Dogs who have been shot with a BB gun
Intestinal worms
Eye issues
Hip issues
Flea allergy so bad that dog has no hair
Dogs from puppy mills
Dogs from hoards
Dogs who have been starved
Chain dogs
Aggressive dog
Fearful dogs

The list could go on for a long time....  I just want to look at people sometimes and say TRUST ME I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!
Just because you have one (or two dogs) doesn't make you a dog expert. Please don't tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing when you have never dealt with such a illness / behavior issue / etc.

The reality is I take dogs WHO WOULD DIE if I didn't take them.  I take dogs that aren't living in a temperature controlled house with fresh water and food every day.  I am taking in dogs who humans have failed and if I didn't take them THEY WOULD NEVER EVER EVER KNOW that humans can actually be good to them.

Yes, when I take them in they get attention, socialization, fresh food, fresh water and all the vet care they need but NO they aren't always sleeping in a house on a bed as a family member.  At least not yet.  They are  in a boarding kennel or in the kennel at my house.  Probably crated more then a dog should be but guess what IT IS BETTER THEN DEAD and it sure the hell is better then where they came from.

The reality is yes dogs when I rescue them aren't immediately placed in a family and it may take them a week or a year but eventually they are and the rest of their life is glorious and safe and they are loved.  Just the way it should be but there is a transition period until they get there and TRUST ME IT IS BETTER THEN BEING DEAD.

Do I ideally like to have dogs crated for 12 hours a day NO.  Is it better then being dead?
Do I ideally like dogs to have to move from foster home to foster home.  NO.  Is it better then being dead?
Do I cry every time a dog is adopted. NO Why? Because they could have been dead!

The reality of it is the dog can either go through a NOT PERFECT but not awful transition period or they could be dead.


Monday, August 20, 2012


Are you sure about that?

Many dogs that are given away for free live their lives suffering at the hands of that "good home"
People do not value things that are free.  To them they are disposable.

People will take them and breed them in hopes to make money off the puppies, sell them into a puppy mill... They will sell them to medical research facilities as test subjects and will use them for fighting or bait for fighting.

Dogs have feelings, they have emotions and suffer all the same illness as people.  They are much more then just a dog.  They are a leaving breathing creature who does not have a voice and depends on you as their human to take care of them.  Do what is right by your pet.  Spay/neuter them and do not offer them for free.

At the very worse surrender them to a dog pound.  At least they stand a better chance there then FREE.

Friday, August 17, 2012


As a dog rescue group we take applications for the dogs we have for adoption.  It is kind of like a job application I guess you could see.  You write down all the information we ask, we review, check references (vet and personal), if you have a land lord we call them to make sure you are able to have a dog, we run checks on the internet to make sure you are who you say you are and that the house  you claim to own you really do own and sometimes we do home visits and sometimes we do drive by.  

We do all these for several reasons:
#1.) To make sure the dog or dogs you are interested in are actually a good match for you.
#2.) You are serious about adopting.
#3.) You are a responsible dog owner... this is where reference checks come in a lot of the time
#4.) Home visit or drive by.
#5.) So your time or our time isn't wasted.

#1.) Ok so to explain the about things a little more.  I would say 50% of the time people do not read the bio's we have up on the dogs. They see the picture of the cute doggie and that is it.  They want it.  They have 3 cats and yet the dog is a cat killer.  "oh they say" after you tell them the dog they are interested in is a cat killer. "That won't work then" they say.
If it wasn't for the application, the family would have take time out of there day to come visit with a dog that they weren't going to adopt anyway because it is a cat killer and the volunteer would have wasted an afternoon.  So now you have 2 disappointed families/people.

Believe it or not people have gotten angry when I have said "I don't believe the dog you are interested in would be a good match for you."  WOW do some, not all people take serious offense to that.  I sometimes I just want to scream at them and say "OK, come get the dog and be miserable and upset when he kills your cats and then return him DAMAGED because you probably were mean to him when he did EXACTLY what I told you he would do and then I can put him to sleep because he is now SO aggressive towards people from the way you treated him.  Good Idea!  I mean we wouldn't want you to NOT get EVERYTHING you wanted always!"

UGH!!  I refrain from saying that even though I really want to.

#2.) Then you have the people who actually fill out an application bug you and bug you because they want to come RIGHT NOW!  TODAY!!!  To see a dog that is up for adoption... You tell them that is not possible until after their application is approved.  They get all whinny.. but my husband doesn't work today and we want to come today....blah blah blah.

Then 2 days goes by and you contact them, "your application has been approved for you to meet the dog you are interested."
"Oh" they say "well we thought about it and my husband decided he doesn't want a dog that size"


Could you imagine what would have happened if they would have come THAT DAY to see the puppies, they would have gone home with one and then where would we be in a few days... buyers remorse, that is where we would be.

My favorite is the lady that filled out an application, was scheduled to come see the dog and 2 days before.. so at least they gave me notice.. said I am sorry my child has to move so we have her dog and cats.  Then her next message to me was "hinting" around that they are going to need to find a home for her child's pets.  She didn't come right out and say it but "hinted"  I DID NOT REPLY!

#3.)  It is SO unbelievable how many people LIE  on their applications.  Yes, my dog is the vet, um.. no sweet heart it isn't.  Or other things they lie about... I have a fenced yard.. you do? Really?  When I drove by last night you sure didn't have a fence!  Just silly thinks like that.  It is amazing how much you can find out about someone on the internet too.

#4.) We don't care if you are rich or poor all we care about is will the dog have a good SAFE HOME!  And I learned a lesson, I don't care how good of an owner you seem if you live in a neighborhood where I know that dogs have been stolen from YOU ARE NOT GETTING ONE OF MY DOGS.  I am not going through what I did last weekend, loosing sleep and spending nearly $200 to find a stolen dog.  No thank you!

#5.) We are 100% volunteer group and the dogs live in our homes.  So really this is two fold.  I am not having every Tom, Dick and Harry come to my house when they feel like it so they can LOOK at dogs/puppies.  I don't want you to know where I live so you can tell your friends whose house to tie a dog they don't want to.  I don't want you to come to my house and decide 'Hey we could rob this place'  although at my house anyone who thinks that is CRAZY and STUPID!  4 dogs in the house 3 of which can be aggressive towards strangers when frightened, 24 hours security system that can't be turned off because it isn't connected to electricity and 3 concealed carrier permit holders.  Ya probably not to your best interest.  

BUT the main part is, I am busy.  I work full time, I have friends and family I would like to spend time with, I have animals to take care of.... I don't have time for you to come over and spend an hour LOOKING just because you don't have anything better to do that day.  THEN when you fill out the application and are not approved you do something to my house or try to steal the dog.  NO, that is ok I am good on that thanks!. LOL!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Stolen....

Instead of re-writing the HELL I went through this weekend, I will just let you read the letter I wrote to an X - adopter.  I pray to God he NEVER gets another dog.

I wanted to email you and let you know what has transpired since Saturday morning.

After spending yet another long stressful week at work, I spent my Saturday at an adoption event.  Adoption events that we have at Rural King are always crazy busy, as you already know because that is where you met Kassa.  I am up early dealing with 5 - 10 dogs getting them bathed, walked, loaded in the car and ready to go to an adoption event.  I spend all day on my feet no time to eat or even getting a glass of water, talking to people all day.  And the craziest part is this is ALL VOLUNTEER.  Not one dime paid to me for this but I do it religiously every month to help animals that have been through hell and back.

When leaving after a long exhausting day at Rural King I happen to run into you and you calmly told me that Kassa was stolen from you 3 weeks prior.  I was shocked and disappointed all at the same time.  So many things ran through my head.  The first one being "I TOLD YOU DO NOT LEAVE HER UNATTENDED DOGS IN ELYRIA GET STOLEN ALL THE TIME"  did you not believe me?  And then the thought of if you wouldn't have seen me would I have ever found out????

That evening my sister who lives in China was coming to my farm with two of her friends from China.  She wanted me to show them around the farm as they are not exposed to such things in China.  I told my sister I am sorry, I am not able to spend the few hours with you as promised.  I needed to act quickly regarding Kassa.  She was disappointed but understood and my husband showed them around.  I spent the next 4 hours making fliers and posters and trying to come up with a plan on how in the world I would find her after so much time had passed.

That evening at 8pm my other sister was having a movie night at her house to say good bye to my sister who lives in China.  Saturday night was her last night in the states.  I won't see her until next June when she comes home again for the summer.  I told my family that I was sorry but I would not be able to attend as I was busy with the stolen dog issue.  

I put up posters and passed out some fliers in the area and FINALLY at 9:30pm was able to eat dinner.  I went home and immediately got on the computer, emailing all my media contacts, posting Kassa all over Facebook.

We then had email correspondence back and forth on Sunday morning.  You tell me the exact date of Kassa being stolen which was JULY 13th.  Just so you know that was 1 month, not 3 weeks ish as you had stated when I saw you.  When asked why you didn't tell me sooner you stated because you were busy.  You also said you had been checking the pound.

On Sunday I once again gave up my ONLY DAY OFF!!!!  And had 500 black and white fliers made and used all the color ink in my printer to make color copies.  I along with 5 other very concerned volunteers spent 3 hours going door to door asking if anyone had seen Kassa.  I then went back at 9pm that night and talked to more people and a volunteer walked her dog around the neighborhood just in case maybe she was running loose.

I am sorry David but here is where I call BULL SHIT on your "story" and wonder if you even care about Kassa.

Thanks to a volunteer the one that actually saved her after she was thrown from a car on New Years Eve....she spent 2 hours after already spending 3 walking around Elyria, on the computer checking Craig's list.  GUESS WHO SHE FOUND!!!!

After contacting my networks here is the story of what happened to Kassa.

On July 13th she was picked up on Middle Ave by the Lorain County Dog pound.  She sat there until August 1st.  She was put on the KILL LIST!!  Yep that is right she was scheduled to die.  

On August 1st, 5 dogs were taken by another rescue organization.  All 5 dogs were on the kill list and all 5 lives were thankfully spared.

Kassa was then placed up for adoption and was adopted by a family.  Only after reaching out to my rescue contacts was I able to locate the rescue that HAD her and they scanned her this morning. Sure enough, Kassa who now has a new name and a new family has been located and no thanks to you she is safe!

You didn't even offer to help when I told you that we would be putting up fliers and posters.  You did not contact me when she was lost or stolen as the contract says.  I have attached the contract for you to read and I have highlighted the parts of the contract that weren't followed.  INCLUDING not letting me know your cell phone number was no longer working.

I lost sleep, had horrible anxiety, spent at least $150 between gas and fliers/posters, did not get to say a proper good bye to my sister and all for what?  Because you didn't care enough to do anything to find Kassa!  Because you didn't care enough to call me and let me know.  I would have had her back at my house the Tuesday after she went missing if you would have told me she was missing.  Instead that poor dog who had already been through so much spent 3 weeks at the county shelter laying on a cold cement floor with little human interaction and then had a DEATH DATE ON HER HEAD!

Thank God that she was saved and Thank God that through my networks she was located and I know she is safe and FINALLY HAPPY!  I hope to see a donation come through for the money spent trying to find Kassa a dog YOU PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF!  And maybe a little extra for pain and suffering and for the fact I may have to get a new number because I am receiving a lot of prank phone calls!  Then maybe I will be able to save another dog from a horrible life, instead of knowing I wasted money on fliers / posters, ink. and possibly a new phone number.  Oh man I hope the calls stop soon!

The one thing I have learned from this............The next time someone wants to adopt and I am worried about the neighborhood they live in, I am going with my gut and saying NO!

No need to reply, I am not interested in your excuses or lies... I am not sure I believe she was even stolen!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Puppies pooping party

People breed dogs on purpose and have mom and puppies living in their house. OMG!  WHY????  GROSS!!!!

Mom dogs have horrible diarrhea issues and puppies are cute and fun until about 2.5 weeks then it is nothing but POOP POOP AND MORE POOP all over the place.  They don't care if they lay in it, roll it, walk through it, poop on each other, etc.  GROSS!!!

I really don't understand how people think the $50, $150 or whatever they get for puppies is worth it.

I want to cry... there is poop everywhere and the work that goes into trying to keep them clean and the smell. OMG!  It is enough to want to say ok, you can all go live somewhere else now. LOL!

4 more week, just 4 more week before they can be fixed and will be adopted.  Oh this is going to be a long 4 weeks. LOL!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The good news about Patrick....

After being found he was taking to a vet hospital where he received AMAZING care.  Believe it or not Patrick did survive and was adopted by the vet who take care of him.

You can follow him on his very own Facebook page

He was one of the lucky ones.  There are so many many many more that aren't so lucky and there are many many many more that no one even knows about because they weren't lucky enough to even be found dead or alive.

How many voiceless animals have died never knowing love or compassion.  How many have died horrible deaths and the hands of humans.  Humans are supposed to have soles, morals, an understanding of right and wrong.  I truly believe that not everyone has those things.  Either they weren't taught or they were just born evil.  Regardless of the reason, those who can do horrible things to an animal should be punished as if they did it to a human.  A living thing is a living thing regardless if they have a voice or not.  If you can do it to one "animal" you can do it to another "animal"  And news flash HUMAN ARE ANIMALS!  We sure aren't a plant!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who did that to Patrick....


Kisha Curtis of Newark NJ.

Curtis, 28, said she only had the dog, which has been renamed Patrick and is now healthy, for just two days before leaving the animal in her hallway for the security guard to handle. She admitted she could not take care of the dog, and said the security guard would. Curtis said the dog was doing well when she leashed it to a stairwell doorknob in her hallway, adding she was upset after seeing photos in the news of the emaciated animal days later.

News flash your idiot.  That type of starvation doesn't happen in a few days.  That takes at least a year!
I hope I never have to face her because I am pretty sure I would curse like a sailor at her!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Please meet Patrick....

This is Patrick.  He was found by maintenance works in a garbage bag tossed down an apartment buildings trash shoot.

By the way... HE WAS STILL ALIVE!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Must Read...

This blog post was put on my FB page and WOW totally great blog.  I couldn't have said it better myself.

"BEING A LIVE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH" is what I always say and this blogger hit the nail on the head!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adoption event

We had a pretty good adoption event on Saturday.  4 dogs went home and so far everyone is doing great!  We had a dog who couldn't go home on Saturday b/c he wasn't neutered yet so he went home last night and then a women who volunteered fell in love with Jolie so she is going home tonight.

Even with adopting out so many dogs it still feels like I can't keep up with the number of dogs needing help.  It is crazy... you adoption out 4 and 10 need to come in.

How the heck do you keep up with the demand for all the dogs that need a home?  Yet, puppies are flying off the shelves at Pet Stores at $800 a piece???

How is that logical?

There are so many commercials, there are so many websites, there is so much education yet people just keep buying dogs... hell people just keep producing dogs.

Wonder if idiots will always win or if some day people will smarten up and STOP PRODUCING puppies. UGH!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I am the only one....

I know I shouldn't get frustrated but I do.  I am the one that decided to run a non profit.  No one said I had to.  But sometimes I just get so frustrated.

I am the one that has to figure out who we can take, how many we can take.
I have to figure out how to get the dogs from the shelter onto a transport and to my house.
I am the one that has to "find" a place for them to be at my house.
And then what if the "plan" is to kennel two dogs together and they don't get a long. Then I am scrambling to figure out what I am going to do.
I am the one that has to wake up early to a house full of dogs and make sure everyone gets their food, medication, etc.
I am the one that has to figure out how to send payment to the shelter and figure out exactly how much gas money to send those who did the transporting.
I am the one that has to figure out who needs shots, who needs wormed, who needs the vet.
I am the one that has to remember who gets what on what day... heartworm/flea prevention and booster shots.
I am the one that has to pay someone to take care of the animals while I am not home if I choose to go somewhere
I am the one that has to rush home from work to rush to the vet
I am the one that doesn't eat dinner until 10pm b/c I have dogs to take care of.


And I know, I do it to myself but just frustrates me sometimes because I wish there was someone else that could do it.

Ok, granted my job is crazy stressful.. mostly because it is a new job and you know the whole new job anxiety piece but still sometimes, I just wish I wasn't the one.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why is it that they are less important?

Modell's Sporting Goods a store in the Philly area was having a big release of a new clothing line by Michael Vick.  Yes, you heard right...   They had him at the store as a promotion of the clothing line and to draw people into the store.

They probably did just the opposite. There are over 500 comments on their Facebook page slamming them for this "promotional" event and slamming them for even carrying the clothing line.

I read through some of the comments.. not all but some and yes some people took comments too far "I would like to put meat juice all over him and toss him into a pit fighting ring."  Other simply states "I will NEVER shop here ever again even if it means I have to go out of my way."

Then what really made me upset is there were people not many mind you but some that were trying to defend Michael Vick.  Really??? Seriously???  Someone actually said "you crazy animal people why don't you do something like protect children."

Why is it that people always and I mean ALWAYS use that a statement for why "crazy animal people" shouldn't get upset over things like Michael Vick.

Let me put it into prospective with two words, one name.... JERRY SANDUSKY!

Ok, so he has been convicted of some pretty horrible acts on children.  I am sure there are people making comments about how they would like to physically harm him and no one is bashing them for those comments.    Yet when someone says they wish bad things to someone who hurt an animal they are being a hypocrite?

The maximum sentence for animal cruelty is 1 year in jail and some fines which is what Vick got.  Now he is back out in society as a regular member playing a sport he loves and being a "role" model for children.  Someone children look up to.  This is ok and acceptable because he "paid his debt" someone said in their comments and "he publicly apologized."

Let's say Jerry Sandusky gets 5 years in jail for is crimes (not really sure what maximum is but this is hypothetical analogy).  Fast forward.  It is 5 years from now.  Jerry gets out of jail, publicly apologizes and goes back to working in college football.  Is that ok? 

I know what some people will argue is that Vick needs to make a living.  To that I say so does Sandusky.
I know some people will say it is different with Vick because he isn't working with dogs.  Ok, right but Sandusky didn't abuse college students he abused small children.

There are 4 types of crimes that I think should have over the top punishment... felony charges, major fines and a lot A LOT of time in jail
#1. Crimes related to children.
#2. Crimes related to elderly.
#3. Crimes related to mentally or physically handicapped .
#4. Crimes related to animals.

I don't care if it is stealing money, scamming, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc.  LIVING things who depend on others to care for them should NOT in anyway be victimized by cowards.  And honestly that is all Vick and Sundusky are cowards!  They would have NEVER NEVER EVER tried to hurt someone or something that would fight back or talk.  They abused those who could do nothing but allow the abuse to go on.

It makes me want to cry to think, to see, to hear about the dogs Vick had... what goes on in their minds... happy to see their human because they bring food but scared that they are going to torture them.

The graphic detail of how Vick slammed a dog on the ground over and over again until it died.  Imagine what was going through the mind of that dog.  Wishing for the pain to end but it's body trying to fight to survive.

The picture of the dog bleeding from it's nose with it's tongue hanging from it's mouth with a rope around it's neck.  It has been hung for not winning a fight.

Does that not bother people?

Then you have the video that the media exposed about the rapper in Detroit who showed his "fighting" dogs. There were at least 3 other males and a female walking around while he locked and unlocked buildings where dogs and roosters were being kept in horrible conditions and listening to him talk about fighting them.  Two small puppies in a cage barking and jumping up and down like puppies do and he says "those are the next champions right there"


Would you want your children around someone who could be that violent to a living creature?  Would you want your children to look up to someone who has committed such crimes and want to be "just like them"

We have a huge moral issue in our society and something has got to change.  Crimes against animals needs to be a lot stiffer.  I mean I know people who have had social services called on them regarding their children. And the claims were of course false.  Someone was just mad at them and wanted to cause trouble. Yet you see a dog outside in the heat tied to a tree and the police are called to the home 3 times, they knock on the door but no one answers and they just leave the dog there and then it eventually dies.
Why is that ok?  Why couldn't they have taken the dog?  Oh right because it had a bowl of water..... that makes it ok.

A life is a life I don't care how you look at it......

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrown from a bridge

A man and his dog were taking a peace full walk through the park when out of no where a dog dropped from the sky landing at their feet.  The man and dog were both shocked.. the man looked around and then looked up, there was a bridge over head and two people running.

Yep you guessed right, someone picked this sweet dog up, tossed her over a bridge and ran off.

Believe it or not, she didn't die.  She suffered only a broken toe and jammed hips.  She spent a month at the vet on cage rest and pain killers but is doing better now.  She still walks very stiff and you can tell she spent most or all of her life in a cage.  It is hard to explain but I have been seeing it a lot lately in Pit Bulls...I call it Duck Feet.  It is like their "ankle" is weak and they walk on part of their actual leg.  If I can get pictures I will.

Anyway, the beautiful gray Pit Bull pictures below is the one that was thrown off the bridge.  Her name is Skid ;-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't want to make anyone mad....

I hate making hard decision when it comes to dogs but it is even harder when you are trying not to make anyone mad.  I feel like sometimes I take in a dog and I am totally optimistic and think we can fix her up and make her feel better and then I can't.  I feel like a failure and I feel like the entire world (I know it isn't but my world anyway) is watching my every move and all though it is ME who has to make the hard decision and choose what is best for the dog, the welfare of the public everyone has an opinion on what I should or shouldn't do.

I don't want to upset anyone and I try to explain it but sometimes I feel like they don't understand.  Then sometimes people do get mad at me and I think to myself... I am the one that is putting my name out there, I am the one putting my life, my family, my pets at risk they aren't.

Ultimately if I am a fearful of what a dog may do, I can't in good conscious allow the dog to potentially harm someone.  If I do allow a dog that may hurt someone into society the reality of it is I AM THE ONE RESPONSIBLE!  I am the one who is going to be sued. I am the one that could loose everything I own.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE dogs and I am willing to do a lot and willing to give up  a lot for the dogs.. time and money but I am not going to #1 risk hurting, scaring or killing a human or another dog #2 I am not going to loose everything I have worked my ass off for.

It is a hard decision and one that SUCKS but ultimately I am responsible for the safety and well being of everyone.

I wish no one to have to be in my shoes, although I know so many who are.... all those who are rationally and logically involved in dog rescue.

To them I say.  Stay Strong. Someone has got to do it!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why you are involved in rescue....

...because there is such a need because of irresponsible humans.

Every single dog that I get into my rescue I whisper into their ear "I promise NO ONE will ever hurt you again"  I play with them, walk them, exercise them, feed them, bath them, get them vet care... try as hard as I can to make them feel loved and wanted which is probably the first time in their life they have ever felt this way.

They get adopted and the family is so excited to have them and they are so excited to be part of a family.


you get in a dog who has been so horribly mistreated, so horribly abused and you do all the things you do for all the dogs PLUS MORE.  But because of some A-hole human they are so sick either mentally or physically that there is nothing you can do.  You try and you try and you want so badly to succeed...

When talking to other rescue people who have been doing this as long or even longer then I have they know what I am talking about when I say this.... Sometimes deep in your gut you know that there is nothing you can do and it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or worse.
When you get that feeling you just want to crawl into bed and NOT make that decision... crawl into bed and just NOT DEAL!
But then that wouldn't be very fair to the animal that is suffering mentally or physically now would it....

Sometimes the right decision is the hardest to make.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

88 Counties in Ohio

There are 88 counties in OHIO with each one having at least one kill shelter. Some counties have more then one!

MBR has taken dogs from about 90% of the counties. It is hard trying to balance all the requests.... 88 counties with dogs in need, 88 counties emailing asking me to take a dog or 2 or 3 or 5, 100's of faces are emailed to me every week. It is NOT easy trying to decide who you can help and who you can't. ESPECIALLY when you know that by saying NO you just killed a dog.

It is even harder when you walk into the shelter knowing you can only take 1 or 2 and the dog warden is walking behind you telling you "This one is scheduled to die today. And that one tomorrow"

Making deals with the dog warden "if I take 3 will you give him another week." "What if I PROMISE to come get him next week?"

Then scrambling to find a place to put him and you think a week is enough time but it isn't enough time. Especially when adoptions are down and volunteers are limited and foster homes are on breaks. And you think to yourself, when do I get a break? To me a break is a weekend away... to my husband that isn't long enough.

Balancing family, work and dog rescue while trying NOT let the stress and pressure of making life and death decisions get to you. Knowing that the number that just came up on your phone is the dog warden but you can't answer because you are in a meeting at work. You know that you not answering probably means a dog will loose their life because you know that as soon as you call back the warden will say to you "oh you didn't answer and no one would take the dog so we put him to sleep"

Trying to make sure that your friends, your family and your husband know that you do love them and that you are there for them if they need you but yet the dogs are always pulling you in 100 directions at the same time. Spending FINALLY a nice dinner with your husband but your phone rings and it is an emergency situation with a dog in need... what do you do? Help the dog and risk making your husband mad? Or say you can't help and the dog will die.

Balance. Dog rescue is all about balance.... taking the most urgent dogs and praying that the other pound that is full will hold off putting anyone down just a few days longer because maybe just maybe you will be able to figure out something in a few days.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog fighting too close to home

This is the reality of dog fighting. This is NOT a dog in some far away place, this isn't a dog that is someone else's problem, these pictures aren't fake.  This is real and this is happening in YOUR BACK YARD!!!