Friday, August 24, 2012

What is behind the rescuers that people don't see...

Just because I rescue animals doesn't mean I sit waiting by the phone waiting for it to ring so that I can jump up and save the next dog in need.  Just because I rescue animals doesn't mean that I have more time and money then the next person.  Just because I rescue animals doesn't mean that I can perform miracles and that horribly aggressive or horribly abused dog I can turn them around into beautiful family dogs like they were born to be.  Sometimes I can't save the dog and the outcome isn't the outcome we all dream of.

What people don't see about the animal rescuer is:
A house that needs cleaned
Laundry that needs done
Bills that need to be paid
A full time job that is extremely demanding
Our own animals that take the back seat to all the animals in need
Our family who takes a back seat to all the animals in need
Health issues either ours or a member of our family
Financial struggles
Cars that need oil changes, new tires, etc.
Dentist appointments
Doctor appointments
The lawn that needs mowed
The friend's wedding we are in
The close family member or friend who has passed away

We are JUST LIKE YOU!!!  The only difference is we have an overwhelming calling that we can't ignore to help those who can't help themselves.  So when someone calls and says "COME NOW THIS DOG IS IN NEED NOW."  That means we are leaving our husband sitting alone in a resturant with a 1/2 eaten meal in the empty seat next to him while we rush to help whatever animal needs us next.  That means we have to NOT piss off our paying job by finding someone to help while we are at work and then RUSH out of work right at 5pm to step in.  It means that we don't get our laundry done, we don't get our house as clean as we want it, we don't eat dinner until 10pm at night and we go to work tired the next day.  All because we have to COME RIGHT NOW!

And to top it all off WE ARE NOT PAID ONE DIME!  NOT ONE CENT!  Actually in the long run we loose more money then some people make in a year!

So the next time you are angry because a rescue person can't help or needs help or the outcome of an animal that you donated money to make feel better doesn't come out with a fairy tell ending that you hoped for stop and think COULD YOU DO WHAT WE DO? COULD YOU SACRIFICE EVERYTHING WE SACRIFICE?

And the next time you think to yourself.  Oh that poor dog / cat shouldn't be in a cage for 12 hours a day while the foster is at work or the poor animal shouldn't be in the no kill shelter but in a home.  Think of it this way. Someone sacrificed A LOT so that "poor" animal could be there ALIVE!  And NO it isn't perfect but it is temporary and necessar!y!

the alternative is death.... YOU CHOOSE WHICH IS WORSE...


derynilass said...

I hear you loud and clear. We have rescued numerous animals through the years and the commitment is huge. Please know that there are many of us who understand fully what you go through to help animals in need. We currently are saving a hedgehog who has enormous vet bills.

Days In The Life Of Susan, An Animal Shelter Worker Who Has Bipolar Disorder said...

The work put into rescuing is worth every minute, as the end result, mostly, will see a dog rehomed, rehabilitated, and in good health. Understood about the cost involved, we are a voluntary organisation and pay ourselves for everything from the food to washing powder, vet bills, hydrobath shampoo, toys, etc. It is an enormous cost but worth every cent. Susan :)

Bill B. said...

Thanks for what you do. I volunteer at the kill shelter in my small NC county. We work very hard not to be a kill shelter, but the $$$ is so small and our population is so low that we do most adoptions as a result of Petfinder! GOSH DO I LOVE PETFINDER!!!! We send animals to breed rescues and no-kills as often as possible, if they will accept them. We do not offer biters for adoption, because like you, we have to think of the potential.

You mentioned that for cats it is even worse. True. A cat is worth no more than a plastic bag blowing in the wind to many people. We are adopting out spayed adults with a revolving fund approach: I spayed 5 adult cats to start with. We have 3 cages in a pet store, and $$ for adopted cats comes back to us to spay more! Others have added to the fund, and we are reaching the point that we always have spayed cats on hand to replace adopted ones from the pet store and to offer spayed cats at the shelter, too. One lady surrendered a stray kitten that had taken up at her house, despite a cat-killing dog. She heard what we were doing and donated the $$$ to spay the cat when she surrendered it so it could be part of the revolving fund. We do not have a law such as yours re: taking in strays. I can't say I am unhappy with that, because it diverts some animals from the shelter. That is one way of seeing it. People here often do not think to contact the shelter regarding their lost dog. They also think $90 adoption fee including spay of a large dog and vaccines is too much $$$.

Stick with it. Reading your blog, it is obvious you are working daily miracles. I worry you'll burn out, so I am always glad to see you have a day "sort of" off.

Best wishes to you and your dogs!

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know you are sane and don't have a monopoly on mean crazy stupid people down south...

read "Shit house crazy" - got to say I am horrified and still can't believe what happened in a city run shelter.

Furry Pies said...

Very well said!! I foster young kittens so I can relate what you meant. What they see is all the cute little photos of the kittens I post on FB for them to see, and they think we just sit here and play with kittens the whole day long :)

With your permission, I would like to share your blog post on my facebook wall :)

Dog Rescuer said...