Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I know what I am doing, promise

I realize not everyone has had over 900 dogs come through there home, I understand that most people have not dealt with some of things I have dealt with including but not limited to:
Kennel Cough
Dog fighting wounds
Broken legs
Broken backs
Litters of puppies
Litters of puppies without mom
Dogs who have been shot with a BB gun
Intestinal worms
Eye issues
Hip issues
Flea allergy so bad that dog has no hair
Dogs from puppy mills
Dogs from hoards
Dogs who have been starved
Chain dogs
Aggressive dog
Fearful dogs

The list could go on for a long time....  I just want to look at people sometimes and say TRUST ME I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!
Just because you have one (or two dogs) doesn't make you a dog expert. Please don't tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing when you have never dealt with such a illness / behavior issue / etc.

The reality is I take dogs WHO WOULD DIE if I didn't take them.  I take dogs that aren't living in a temperature controlled house with fresh water and food every day.  I am taking in dogs who humans have failed and if I didn't take them THEY WOULD NEVER EVER EVER KNOW that humans can actually be good to them.

Yes, when I take them in they get attention, socialization, fresh food, fresh water and all the vet care they need but NO they aren't always sleeping in a house on a bed as a family member.  At least not yet.  They are  in a boarding kennel or in the kennel at my house.  Probably crated more then a dog should be but guess what IT IS BETTER THEN DEAD and it sure the hell is better then where they came from.

The reality is yes dogs when I rescue them aren't immediately placed in a family and it may take them a week or a year but eventually they are and the rest of their life is glorious and safe and they are loved.  Just the way it should be but there is a transition period until they get there and TRUST ME IT IS BETTER THEN BEING DEAD.

Do I ideally like to have dogs crated for 12 hours a day NO.  Is it better then being dead?
Do I ideally like dogs to have to move from foster home to foster home.  NO.  Is it better then being dead?
Do I cry every time a dog is adopted. NO Why? Because they could have been dead!

The reality of it is the dog can either go through a NOT PERFECT but not awful transition period or they could be dead.


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Days In The Life Of Susan, An Animal Shelter Worker Who Has Bipolar Disorder said...

Definitely not perfect. You do an amazing job Rescuer. Susan :)