Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Stolen....

Instead of re-writing the HELL I went through this weekend, I will just let you read the letter I wrote to an X - adopter.  I pray to God he NEVER gets another dog.

I wanted to email you and let you know what has transpired since Saturday morning.

After spending yet another long stressful week at work, I spent my Saturday at an adoption event.  Adoption events that we have at Rural King are always crazy busy, as you already know because that is where you met Kassa.  I am up early dealing with 5 - 10 dogs getting them bathed, walked, loaded in the car and ready to go to an adoption event.  I spend all day on my feet no time to eat or even getting a glass of water, talking to people all day.  And the craziest part is this is ALL VOLUNTEER.  Not one dime paid to me for this but I do it religiously every month to help animals that have been through hell and back.

When leaving after a long exhausting day at Rural King I happen to run into you and you calmly told me that Kassa was stolen from you 3 weeks prior.  I was shocked and disappointed all at the same time.  So many things ran through my head.  The first one being "I TOLD YOU DO NOT LEAVE HER UNATTENDED DOGS IN ELYRIA GET STOLEN ALL THE TIME"  did you not believe me?  And then the thought of if you wouldn't have seen me would I have ever found out????

That evening my sister who lives in China was coming to my farm with two of her friends from China.  She wanted me to show them around the farm as they are not exposed to such things in China.  I told my sister I am sorry, I am not able to spend the few hours with you as promised.  I needed to act quickly regarding Kassa.  She was disappointed but understood and my husband showed them around.  I spent the next 4 hours making fliers and posters and trying to come up with a plan on how in the world I would find her after so much time had passed.

That evening at 8pm my other sister was having a movie night at her house to say good bye to my sister who lives in China.  Saturday night was her last night in the states.  I won't see her until next June when she comes home again for the summer.  I told my family that I was sorry but I would not be able to attend as I was busy with the stolen dog issue.  

I put up posters and passed out some fliers in the area and FINALLY at 9:30pm was able to eat dinner.  I went home and immediately got on the computer, emailing all my media contacts, posting Kassa all over Facebook.

We then had email correspondence back and forth on Sunday morning.  You tell me the exact date of Kassa being stolen which was JULY 13th.  Just so you know that was 1 month, not 3 weeks ish as you had stated when I saw you.  When asked why you didn't tell me sooner you stated because you were busy.  You also said you had been checking the pound.

On Sunday I once again gave up my ONLY DAY OFF!!!!  And had 500 black and white fliers made and used all the color ink in my printer to make color copies.  I along with 5 other very concerned volunteers spent 3 hours going door to door asking if anyone had seen Kassa.  I then went back at 9pm that night and talked to more people and a volunteer walked her dog around the neighborhood just in case maybe she was running loose.

I am sorry David but here is where I call BULL SHIT on your "story" and wonder if you even care about Kassa.

Thanks to a volunteer the one that actually saved her after she was thrown from a car on New Years Eve....she spent 2 hours after already spending 3 walking around Elyria, on the computer checking Craig's list.  GUESS WHO SHE FOUND!!!!

After contacting my networks here is the story of what happened to Kassa.

On July 13th she was picked up on Middle Ave by the Lorain County Dog pound.  She sat there until August 1st.  She was put on the KILL LIST!!  Yep that is right she was scheduled to die.  

On August 1st, 5 dogs were taken by another rescue organization.  All 5 dogs were on the kill list and all 5 lives were thankfully spared.

Kassa was then placed up for adoption and was adopted by a family.  Only after reaching out to my rescue contacts was I able to locate the rescue that HAD her and they scanned her this morning. Sure enough, Kassa who now has a new name and a new family has been located and no thanks to you she is safe!

You didn't even offer to help when I told you that we would be putting up fliers and posters.  You did not contact me when she was lost or stolen as the contract says.  I have attached the contract for you to read and I have highlighted the parts of the contract that weren't followed.  INCLUDING not letting me know your cell phone number was no longer working.

I lost sleep, had horrible anxiety, spent at least $150 between gas and fliers/posters, did not get to say a proper good bye to my sister and all for what?  Because you didn't care enough to do anything to find Kassa!  Because you didn't care enough to call me and let me know.  I would have had her back at my house the Tuesday after she went missing if you would have told me she was missing.  Instead that poor dog who had already been through so much spent 3 weeks at the county shelter laying on a cold cement floor with little human interaction and then had a DEATH DATE ON HER HEAD!

Thank God that she was saved and Thank God that through my networks she was located and I know she is safe and FINALLY HAPPY!  I hope to see a donation come through for the money spent trying to find Kassa a dog YOU PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF!  And maybe a little extra for pain and suffering and for the fact I may have to get a new number because I am receiving a lot of prank phone calls!  Then maybe I will be able to save another dog from a horrible life, instead of knowing I wasted money on fliers / posters, ink. and possibly a new phone number.  Oh man I hope the calls stop soon!

The one thing I have learned from this............The next time someone wants to adopt and I am worried about the neighborhood they live in, I am going with my gut and saying NO!

No need to reply, I am not interested in your excuses or lies... I am not sure I believe she was even stolen!

5 comments: said...

wow -what a story-Karma will get him-and good karma will keep you going -so sorry you missed out on your sisters visit because of that idot

Days In The Life Of Susan, An Animal Shelter Worker Who Has Bipolar Disorder said...

What an irresponsible person! At the shelter I volunteer at we get so many dogs surrendered by their owners for such reasons as, It kept getting out of the fence, it'd crawl through a hole in it", then surrender the dog. Why don't you fix the fence then! Dogs aren't toys, they are individuals with feelings and rights, they should be given to a home that will give unconditional love to them. Sorry you missed your sister's visit, and wasted your money on gas and printing flyers. Good on you, go with your gut next time alright.

MyLy M said...

I am so sorry for your experience and anxiety. I am thankful there are rescues to rescue animals from the kill list. My future goal.

Dog Channel said...

Can you kindly share any pic of the dog you had so that the search process can become a lot simpler and easier... ???

Dog Rescuer said...

Dog Channel - the dog was found.