Monday, August 6, 2012

Puppies pooping party

People breed dogs on purpose and have mom and puppies living in their house. OMG!  WHY????  GROSS!!!!

Mom dogs have horrible diarrhea issues and puppies are cute and fun until about 2.5 weeks then it is nothing but POOP POOP AND MORE POOP all over the place.  They don't care if they lay in it, roll it, walk through it, poop on each other, etc.  GROSS!!!

I really don't understand how people think the $50, $150 or whatever they get for puppies is worth it.

I want to cry... there is poop everywhere and the work that goes into trying to keep them clean and the smell. OMG!  It is enough to want to say ok, you can all go live somewhere else now. LOL!

4 more week, just 4 more week before they can be fixed and will be adopted.  Oh this is going to be a long 4 weeks. LOL!


Anonymous said...

How does one become a rescuer? What qualifications do you have and how did you apply? Thanks!

Dog Rescuer said...

Contact a local group who a good reputation and ask to volunteer. I volunteered and foster for 4 years before I started my own group. I have learned a lot and I have made mistakes but I learned from them and every year I do things a little bit better and every year I learn something knew.

The one thing ANYONE who gets involved in Animal Rescue needs to understand that the only thing that keeps you from being a hoarder is your ability to let animals move on to a new home and to remember it is ok to say "NO I can't take in any more right now" Being overwhelmed and/or stressed out does NO ONE anyone good. ESPECIALLY the animals.

It is also important to understand that being alive isn't always the right choice. If an animal is suffering mentally or physically you have to be able to let him/her go to a better place.

If you can't do those things you will end up a hoarder with broken heart. In the world of Animal Rescue you see the worse of the worse but you also see how people will pull together to help save an animal which is the best of the best.