Sunday, July 31, 2011

HAHAHA I am crazy!

Ok, so despite the fact I can't really walk.. lol silly horse. I adopted out the very last JRT puppy yesterday. OH I MISS THEM SO MUCH! I had to give him 1 million kisses before he left. Then last night when I was grilling out and hanging out with my BFF and her family I received an email from a past adopter.

Hi! Hope all is well. Have a question and hoping for some advice. Dan's parents live in southern Ohio and a neighbor received a dog when their mother died. They have not been caring for the dog, she is very thin and neglected and is now pregnant. We have spoken with the owners of the dog and they don't care what happens to it and don't want it. Dan's parents are willing to take the mom (of course have her fixed when it's possible) but was wondering if we could have some advice on the puppies. They already have one dog, and would like to keep the mom (she is an incredibly loving and affectionate dog, seems very loyal) but to keep the puppies would, of course, be too much. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

I screamed PUPPIES!! JRT PUPPIES. My husband and BFF looked at me and said WHAT?? I read them the email. My husband just turned around and continued grilling. He knows not to say a word. LOL!

My BFF said I thought you were done with puppies for a while. I said Really I can't not help! Plus I LOVE JRT puppies.... even if they are probably mixes.

I emailed back "CALL ME ASAP"

This morning the adopter called me and told the story... neighbor said "I don't care what happens to the dog" the adopter said that she is REALLY skinny like can see her backbone skinny and that she is full of worms. I said being southern Ohio she probably had heartworm too. I told her she could bring the mom here, I have a stall all set up.... just cleaned it out yesterday after the last puppy left. LOL!! All I have to do is put bowls down with food and water and put blankets in the dog houses. LOL

So with any luck.. LOL I am getting a prego mom JRT today...

I need therapy.... oh I am in therapy.. I need um..... more therapy????

Friday, July 29, 2011

Life keeps getting in the way

Well Sunday was the benefit horse show for my BFF's baby. What a HUGE disappointment. All that work for not a lot of money :-( NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I do a horse show as a benefit. OMG way too much work for no pay out. The entire purpose was to raise money so you have to beg people for donations, workers for the food booth, entry booth, announcer, timer person and equipment, judge, ring steward, ribbon / trophy people, gate people, plus you have to get back numbers, ribbons, trophies... .blah blah blah. SO MUCH and for what $2k no thank you! I seriously lost a month of my life b/c I was doing nothing but trying to organize a horse show that ended up not being what I had hope for. ugh!

It rained the night before ALL night so I know for a fact many people didn't come b/c of the rain and it called for rain on and off on Sunday so I know that kept people away too. Although it didn't rain and the last time I checked horses don't melt in the rain. LOL

It was also my birthday on Sunday... so yay I spent the day at a horse show.. LOL I did show in a class and ended up getting hurt. Long story but I have been on bed rest all week... I have deep tissue and muscle bruising in my calf. I have to keep my leg elevated. How stupid is that.. ugh! I can't walk.. well I can sort of walk today, still can't move my ankle so I walk funny. I have had volunteers all week come over and help me take care of the dogs that I have here. Then to top it all off Tuesday was the day the JRT puppies were to get fixed and 2 of them were leaving for their homes.

It is so frustrating not being able to do stuff for yourself. And all I have done all week pretty much from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed is work at my real job. I can do it all via my computer and well I have nothing else to do since I am just sitting in bed with my leg elevated... so annoying.

Monday and Tuesday I had to have my mom take the dogs to the clinics to get fixed. Again so annoying. Oh well it got done and the puppies are slowly heading to their new homes. MAN OH MAN do I love those JRT puppies. I wish they weren't leaving already.. LOL

Puppy Party e-vites went out last night. Hopefully I remembered everyone. When you have over 500 adopters it is easy to accidentally forget to add someone's email.

The crazy lady with the Photo album I think has finally gone away. The judge ruled to her appeal to the lawsuit that she is entitled to ZERO dollars from me or anyone else she sued. If she would have just let me take the negatives and get her pictures developed she wouldn't be out $150 for court costs and would have her pictures re-printed but OH NO had to be a bitch. Whatever makes ya happy I guess.

The idiots who stole the dog.. wow have I found out some interesting information... .I just don't really understand why people feel the need to lie so much.. .what exactly do you gain from that? Well let me tell you people in this "case" are not who I thought they were... if you can't trust people you thought were your friends who can you trust???

Oh let's see what else is going on. I think I mentioned I was getting in hoarder dogs.... 5 of them.. one has been adopted, everyone had been fixed and unfortunately one has heartworm but we are treating him and it will all work out in the end. He is my favorite one too. ugh!

Well it is the first of the month so I am frantic making sure everyone has frontline and heartgard... I hate the first of month b/c I hate trying to figure out who needs what.. lol so many dogs... lol

Adoption event next Saturday so hoping all goes well for that.. I would really like to get some of these dogs moved to their forever homes. Then I can go on vacation without having to worry about what the heck I am going to do with all these dogs AND then when I get back I can rescue some more dogs. Because God knows the shelters are TO THE BRIM filled. Every shelter I hear from are over capacity and have dogs doubled up in cages b/c they don't want to kill any dogs but dogs are coming in faster then they have ever before and NONE are getting adopted.

What is REALLY sick about all this, open the news paper and there are so many ads for "puppies" People suck! Seriously if you breed and sell or buy you suck! That is fact.... so many dogs are dieing yet jerks just keep pumping them out like there is a shortage on puppies. I am so over it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

5 hoarder dogs

Last Thursday I got in 5 dogs from a hoarding case in Fayette County. The females were scared, dirty, flea infested, bad teeth, ear infections, skin issues from the fleas... you name it. The boys were in pretty good shape, was actually surprised they came from a hoarder situation. I am guessing they were handled a little more then the girls.

I just don't understand how people can see dogs in this condition and think it is ok? I understand that it is a mental disease but doesn't anyone around them do or say anything before it gets to this point? Just seems like there have been a large number of hoarder cases lately, doesn't it? And 5 always seems to be my magic number. LOL!!

The girls are going to cost me a pretty penny b/c they need dentals. That will probably run $200 - $300 and that is after getting them spayed, all shots, heartworm tested, wormed, flea treated and they are on medicine for their skin and ear medication. And their adoption fee is $150.... yea so much for breaking even on them. And people think we make money... hahahahaha

I love it when someone asks "Is the dog free?" My response is YEP you just pay all the medical bills. Or when someone asks if I can lower the adoption fee. REALLY??? You find me a PERFECTLY healthy pet and you get all the vet care done on it and let me know what was better, paying a $100 - $200 adoption fee or dealing with all the vet appointments and paying all those bills.

Well let's see what else has been going on.....

Finally received a judgment in the photo album case... again. And again it states I didn't do anything wrong besides accidentally miss placing it.

The issue with the dog that was placed without my knowledge still continues. I totally don't understand what the heck they are trying to do.... wish it would finally come to a head. I would love to go to court and sit in front of a judge with all of those who support me and say "I was trying to do the best thing for the dog and (insert name here) was rude and nasty. She told me I could have the dog back and when I asked for the dog back she got a lawyer."

My anxiety has been a bit out of control. I can't handle any type of "negative" attitude from anyone. Which isn't like me to not be able to handle things but I think dog rescue has finally caught up with me.... all the sadness, the mean people, the faces of dogs who are scheduled to die or did die in a shelter alone and scared. Then trying to do the right thing and feeling like a punching bag. As my BFF said I have a sign on my head that says "wipe your ass here"

I try to look at things from both sides.... ok, if I were in their shoes what would I have done or would I do. And what did I do to piss them off or to cause this or that to happen and I am going to be real honest sometimes yes I can see where I could have done something different. Like for example I could have said no I won't take the binder and give to Sharon. But in the case of the dog... I gave the people that have her every opportunity to sing a contract and honestly only get a puppy party e-vite from me. But instead they acted like jerks. So not sure what I could have done differently there except not to care at all. Just not sure I can do that... not care... it is hard to do. Yet so easy for everyone else.. why is that???

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not dog related but horse related.... important...

I was sent this email from a good person, supporter of dog rescue and someone who volunteers when she can. Please support her on this very important topic

Hello and thank you for a few minutes of your time!

I am writing today because there is a very serious rule making petition before the USDA that would do a great deal to end the suffering that Tennessee Walking Horses must endure. This is a subject I feel very strongly about, which is why I am reaching out for your help. There is a deadline of July 26 for public comment on a USDA rule making petition to add mandatory penalties to the Horse Protection Act. I am a very strong supporter of the sound horse and I am working to get as many people as possible to add their comments to the public register so that the USDA will add these penalties to the law and end this horrific abuse. Would you consider adding your support in this matter?

This issue has become very clouded over the years, because there is a lot of $ involved and deep traditions, but I will try to put it in a nutshell. The Horse Protection Act (HPA, 15 U.S.C. 1821-1831) authorizes the Secretary of Agriculture to promulgate regulations prohibiting the showing, exhibition, transport, or sale of horses subjected to soring, a practice of accentuating a horses' gait through the infliction of pain. It was enacted nearly 40 years ago, and yet this cruel practice continues. The HPA set out a plan where " The Industry " would set up organizations to police itself. These organizations were called " HIOs " Horse Industry Organizations. The HIOs would then train their own " DQPs " designated qualified persons, to inspect the horses prior to showing, to see if they had evidence for abuse. Of course this was an utter failure. Because there is a lot of $$ involved, and the sore horse wins at horse shows, the system continues. In a petition sent on August 4, 2010, The Humane Society of the United States, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the American Horse Protection Association, Inc., Friends of Sound Horses, Inc., and former Senator Joseph D. Tydings requested that APHIS ( Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service ) change its regulations and policies regarding the protection of horses from the practice of soring. . On May 27, 2011 the USDA published in the Federal Register a proposal to amend the Horse Protection regulations to require Horse Industry Organizations (HIO) or associations that license Designated Qualified Persons (DQP) to assess and enforce minimum penalties for violations of the Horse Protection Act and the regulations. The show horse industry must change and I think there is great power in numbers.

It is very easy to add your support to this proposal. Below is the link to the government portal which is accepting public comments until midnight July 26, 2011. Any interested persons can Google any of this material and find a wealth of information. There is a great blog that actually shows photos and a video of a sore horse being inspected, and the spotted horse in the video not only passed inspection, he won the class! The blog is called " For the Tennessee Walking Horse " As all of you know, I have been showing horses for decades. I have witnessed this abuse first hand, I have been in the show barns and smelled the kerosene and gojo hand cleaner they use to sore the performance horses. I have been at horse shows where the USDA arrives to inspect horses and the entire fairgrounds empties out in a cloud of dust as sore horses are thrown in trailers and hurried off the showgrounds to avoid a Federal ticket. I get beat by sore horses almost every time I show. I know how bad this is, I know how cruel it is, I personally own a former big lick horse and he is terribly damaged. I understand how important this rule change is to the welfare of the breed I love. I would really appreciate everyone's support at this time of critical need. Please lend your support, these horses need our help.

Here is how you can help, it will only take about 3 minutes and you can add your name as simply anonymous if you wish ( I had to do this because I personally know a lot of the sore horse people who would like to see this amendment come to a swift end ! ) . I would like to invite you to fwd. this note on to anyone you might know who would like to lend their support at a time that it is so desperately needed.

Remember, you are writing to " Support the rule making petition to add mandatory penalties to the Horse Protection Act. "

CLICK HERE for the document's page, and CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON to submit your comment. If you have more to say than the allotted space, you can write your response in Word or any other computer program and save it as a PDF file. Or send a letter to this address:

Docket No. APHIS-2011-0030, Regulatory Analysis and Development, PPD, APHIS, Station 3A-03.8, 4700 River Road Unit 118, Riverdale, MD 20737-1238. Please state that your comment refers to Docket No. APHIS-2011-0030.

I would like to personally thank you very much,


P.S. Here is a photo of a sore " Big Lick " walking horse, also called a padded horse. We call this " standing in a bucket " . His feet hurt so bad

he is trying to stay standing without putting more weight on than he has to.

Monday, July 11, 2011

AWTA DEN TRIAL- Saturday July 30th, 2011

Sponsor: American Working Terrier Association

Host: Fortunate Fido 27548 Royalton Rd. Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

Judge: Yvonne Moore, La Grange, Kentucky

Chairman: Karen Day, Secretary: Ginger Alpine

Registration starts at 7am Judging starts at 8am

**Participation in AWTA den trials does not require membership, however to receive the Certificate of Gameness(CG) the owner needs to be a member or become one within 30 days of the trial date. Membership forms will be available at the trial. First year membership in the AWTA is $10.

Breeds recognized by the AWTA:

For the purpose of an AWTA den trials, an earth breed is one of the correct size and character to enter a nine-inch artificial earth. The AWTA recognizes these breeds for competition in den trials: Australian, Bedlington: Border, Cairn, Cesky, Dandie Dinmont, Fell, Fox, Glen of Imaal, Jack Russell, Jadg, Lakeland, Norfolk, Norwich, Patterdale, Scottish, Sealyham, Skye, Welsh, and West Highland White Terriers, and Dachshunds,

Any individual Feist, Rat Terrier, terrier cross, Dachshund cross, or terrier of a breed not mentioned above, that is suitable in size to fit into a nine-inch artificial earth may also be entered.

Advance Entry: $15 per dog Advance entry must be received by July 16th or gate entry rate will apply. Gate entry: $20 per dog Cancellations with full refund accepted until July 16th 2011

Class Information:

(1) Novice A: Puppies up to 12 mos. who have not previously earned 100% in the Novice Class

(2) Novice B: Dogs over 12 mos. who have not previously earned 100% in the Novice Class

(3) Open: Dogs who have earned 100% in either Novice Class or dogs who have worked to ground in a natural earth or qualified in a similar artificial earth

(4) Certificate of Gameness: Dogs who have earned an AWTA Certificate of Gameness or scored 100% in Open Class


Novice: Qualifying ribbon to each dog that qualifies (100%) in either Novice Class

Open: Certificate of Gameness, ribbon and AWTA logo flask to each dog that qualifies

Certificate: Ribbon to qualifiers by breed or category

~ Indoor crating available. Building opens at 8am

~ There will be a practice session for novice dogs after regular classes are completed

~There will be a food vendor on site

~ For more info including AWTA rules go to

~For directions to the trial site and hotel info go to

~For inquiries please call or email Karen at 216.228.5452

Fill in form completely - one form per dog - PLEASE PRINT

Make checks payable to : Fortunate Fido

Mail to : Ginger Alpine 26283 Folley Rd. Columbie Station, Ohio 44028

Full Name of Dog:______________________________Call: Name:_________________

Breed:_____________________________ Class:______________Age:_____Sex:_____




I hereby enter the above at my own risk, and I hereby engage to be responsible for any injury or damages that may occur to, or be caused by, any animals, vehicles, or trappings or the loss of any animal, vehicles or trappings owned, used or exhibited by me or by any other person authorized by me.

I am responsible for the physical condition of any animal under my control or ownership and I release and hold harmless and will indemnify the property owners, the trial hosts (Fortunate Fido), the AWTA den trial and any owners, officials, organizers, employees or agents of the above from any damages, expenses, and/or liability incurred by or caused by me in connection with the event. I further warrant that any animal I bring to this event or under my ownership or control is, or will be, free from any communicable disease.

My signature below also authorizes Fortunate Fido to use images of me and my family/dogs for publication or to promote or document the events in which we participated. This document is meant to be a full and complete release from any and all liability that may arise at the event site. This release is given freely and voluntarily by the participant and is meant to remain in existence throughout the duration of my presence on the property for any period of time in association with the canine event and/or other activities whether I am or am not found to be negligent while handling or near a dog at the event location.

Owner’s Signature:_____________________________________Date:______________

Fees Enclosed:__________________________________________

Friday, July 8, 2011

Found after 7 years!!!

I have some rescue people who don't agree with me on this subject but lately all the cases of dogs being found after year or years missing only proves my point more DO NOT KEEP FOUND DOGS!

A women in Arkansas found a young Shih Tzu, 7 years ago. She kept the dog without turning it into the the authorities or having it scanned for a micro chip. The dog got out of the women's yard and was picked up by animal control who scanned the dog and found the chip leading back to the original owner from 7 years ago! The original owner wants his dog back and the women who found the dog is upset.

The only thing I feel bad for is the dog. The poor dog has lived with the same person/family for 7 years and is now being up rooted. But at the same time if I were in the shoes of the people who lost the dog 7 years ago, I sure the hell would want my dog back.

I don't understand why people keep dogs they find. Frustrates me to no end!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Found after a year.........

A Montreal pooch who disappeared last year has miraculously turned up some 4,500 kilometres away in Kamloops, B.C.The black Labrador named Pollux, shown in a photo handed out by her Montreal owner, is afraid of the water and detests the rain, yet she took an adventurous turn upon fleeing through a gate mistakenly left open at her east-end Montreal home last June 20.

A Montreal pooch who disappeared last year has miraculously turned up some 4,500 kilometres away in Kamloops, B.C.The black Labrador named Pollux, shown in a photo handed out by her Montreal owner, is afraid of the water and detests the rain, yet she took an adventurous turn upon fleeing through a gate mistakenly left open at her east-end Montreal home last June 20.

Sidhartha Banerjee The Canadian Press

MONTREAL—A Montreal pooch is about to return home from a shocking, unscheduled, 4,500-kilometre journey that over the last year allowed her to see more of Canada than most Canadians do.

The black Labrador named Pollux, a rescue dog who hated water and rain, bolted from the backyard during a soggy day in June 2010 and left her east-end Montreal home.

Her owners believe she fled through an open gate. It’s unclear what sorts of adventures the littlest hobo had next.

All they know is that she finally wound up just outside Kamloops, B.C., where she was found last month.

“She went from the east side of town to the west side of the country,” joked Isabelle Robitaille from her Montreal home on Wednesday.

How she got to B.C. remains a mystery. Details of the trip remain a secret to everyone but Pollux.

“We don’t know,” said Robitaille, who has a number of theories about what happened.

“And she can’t talk.”

In the days and weeks following Pollux’s disappearance, Robitaille said she looked everywhere for the dog and routinely heard of sightings but no firm information.

On the day she disappeared from the family backyard, it had been raining.

Robitaille suspects she might have hopped into a freight train to get out of the rain. But she said it’s also possible she was picked up by a trucker or a family heading west.

Robitaille gave up hope.

The mother even went as far as getting a new dog, assuming her three kids would never see Pollux again as the months dragged on.

Fast-forward to Canada Day 2011 and a shocking phone call from the SPCA branch in Kamloops: a dog with a microchip implanted in her skin and containing Robitaille’s contact information was found in B.C.

“I said, ‘Send me pictures,’ because I didn’t believe it,” Robitaille said.

“And they sent me a picture and it was her.”

Pollux was alive and well — although a bit leaner than before, but otherwise in good health.

The Labrador retriever had been named Suki by her saviours in the southern interior city of Kamloops, B.C. She has lived there at least a month after being found about 65 kilometres outside the city, in a rural area.

Sarah Gerow of the SPCA in Kamloops said Pollux was no worse for wear after a year on the road.

“She’s in good health, good body condition so she’s obviously had help along the way,” Gerow said.

“It’s amazing, this dog has probably seen more (of Canada) than the average person has.”

Pets from out of province are a rarity at the shelter.

“We’ve had cases of animals going missing across town, but not across the country,” Gerow said.

Without the chip, Gerow and Robitaille agree a reunion would not have been possible. The procedure is simple and can save time in tracking down a pet owner.

“Without it there’s no way we would have found Isabelle, given the distance and time that’s passed,” Gerow said in a phone interview. “It’s smaller than a grain of rice and implanted just underneath the skin.”

In fact, Robitaille was so sold on the chip that her husband immediately had the family’s new dog, Candy, fitted with a chip, too.

“It took a long time for the kids to accept Candy, but they are now so excited to have Pollux back. They’re very, very excited,” Robitaille said.

Getting home won’t be nearly as big an ordeal: Pollux will be flying home courtesy SPCA International, who’ll foot the bill.

Pollux is expected home late Thursday, or early Friday.

“She’s going to be 9 this summer so she’s going to be home for her birthday,” Robitaille said.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The laws in Ohio about selling puppies

#1. In Ohio it is illegal to separate a puppy less then 8 weeks of age from it's mom. You can turn someone in and they can be charged with a misdemeanor.

If you would like to read more about Ohio's law or look up a law in your state check out


To report someone for not paying taxes on the sell of their puppies:

send an email to:

send a letter to:
The Ohio Department of Taxation
Enforcement Division
4485 Northland Ridge Boulevard
Columbus, Ohio 43229

There is a form you can down load on the Ohio Dept. of Tax website to make sure they get all the information they need to prosecute someone. Go to

REMEMBER you can do this TOTALLY anonymous!

The Ohio sales tax applies to sales of tangible personal property made in this state. The use tax applies to the storage, use, or consumption of tangible personal property in Ohio. Prior to H.B. 95, the Ohio sales tax statutes did not contain a definition of "tangible personal property." Effective July 1, 2003, a new R.C. 5739.01(YY) was added to the sales tax chapter. That section provides:

"Tangible personal property" means personal property that can be seen, weighed, measured, felt, or touched, or that is in any other manner perceptible to the senses. For purposes of this chapter and Chapter 5741, of the Revised Code, "tangible personal property" includes motor vehicles, electricity, water, gas, steam, and prewritten computer software.


#3. ANYONE who breeds in the state of Ohio must hold a Kennel License!
Ohio Revised Code, section 955.02, a kennel owner is a "person, partnership, firm, company, or corporation professionally engaged in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or sale." When a person breeds dogs avowedly as a hobby, "but permits sales to become such a factor that he advertises for sale" the breeding activity and dogs, that person "is professionally engaged in the business of dog breeding" and must be registered as a kennel.

In the state of Ohio if you have more then 4 dogs you will be forced to buy a Kennel License. If you buy a Kennel License they will force you to get a vendor's license. This law went into affect in July 2009.

#4. You do need a vendor's license to sell puppies - even if you sell just 1 litter a year. I called the Ohio Department of Tax and they are cracking down on people selling puppies and not paying sales tax. You are more then welcome to call them at 1-888-405-4039 to verify ANY of the information I have listed above!

*** I was told by Ohio Department of Tax that ALL complaints / tips submitted will be researched. Ohio is cracking down on people not paying sales and use tax and one of their targets are people selling puppies.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks and 4th of July

For anyone that has a blog, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (does that still whatever please please post this on your page!!

Please remember that 4th of July is a scary time for dogs. Please make sure your dog(s) are secure and safe while fireworks are going off. More dogs are picked up by animal control on and around the 4th then any other time of the year! Make sure your dog has proper license and tags, just in case! **please cross post**
Remind everyone you talk to and you see to keep their dogs secure this weekend!