Sunday, July 31, 2011

HAHAHA I am crazy!

Ok, so despite the fact I can't really walk.. lol silly horse. I adopted out the very last JRT puppy yesterday. OH I MISS THEM SO MUCH! I had to give him 1 million kisses before he left. Then last night when I was grilling out and hanging out with my BFF and her family I received an email from a past adopter.

Hi! Hope all is well. Have a question and hoping for some advice. Dan's parents live in southern Ohio and a neighbor received a dog when their mother died. They have not been caring for the dog, she is very thin and neglected and is now pregnant. We have spoken with the owners of the dog and they don't care what happens to it and don't want it. Dan's parents are willing to take the mom (of course have her fixed when it's possible) but was wondering if we could have some advice on the puppies. They already have one dog, and would like to keep the mom (she is an incredibly loving and affectionate dog, seems very loyal) but to keep the puppies would, of course, be too much. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

I screamed PUPPIES!! JRT PUPPIES. My husband and BFF looked at me and said WHAT?? I read them the email. My husband just turned around and continued grilling. He knows not to say a word. LOL!

My BFF said I thought you were done with puppies for a while. I said Really I can't not help! Plus I LOVE JRT puppies.... even if they are probably mixes.

I emailed back "CALL ME ASAP"

This morning the adopter called me and told the story... neighbor said "I don't care what happens to the dog" the adopter said that she is REALLY skinny like can see her backbone skinny and that she is full of worms. I said being southern Ohio she probably had heartworm too. I told her she could bring the mom here, I have a stall all set up.... just cleaned it out yesterday after the last puppy left. LOL!! All I have to do is put bowls down with food and water and put blankets in the dog houses. LOL

So with any luck.. LOL I am getting a prego mom JRT today...

I need therapy.... oh I am in therapy.. I need um..... more therapy????


English Rider said...

How could you not take her? You'll do each other good.
Kudos to your husband too.

April said...

Aww your not crazy, you are just a woman on a mission!

patchesmom said...

God has certainly put you in the path of many souls in need! This is just another example.

Vanessa said...

More puppies!!! I know you'll take wonderful care of them, hopefully the mama isn't too too sick :)

Ashley DeMazza said...

My name is Ashley DeMazza. I live with my husband and two DeMazza daughters in Falls Village, CT. I am also Mrs. DeMazza to lots of five year olds at North Canaan Elementary School. We currently have 3 dogs...a result of being involved with dog rescue over the years. I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you for all of your wonderful work.