Friday, July 8, 2011

Found after 7 years!!!

I have some rescue people who don't agree with me on this subject but lately all the cases of dogs being found after year or years missing only proves my point more DO NOT KEEP FOUND DOGS!

A women in Arkansas found a young Shih Tzu, 7 years ago. She kept the dog without turning it into the the authorities or having it scanned for a micro chip. The dog got out of the women's yard and was picked up by animal control who scanned the dog and found the chip leading back to the original owner from 7 years ago! The original owner wants his dog back and the women who found the dog is upset.

The only thing I feel bad for is the dog. The poor dog has lived with the same person/family for 7 years and is now being up rooted. But at the same time if I were in the shoes of the people who lost the dog 7 years ago, I sure the hell would want my dog back.

I don't understand why people keep dogs they find. Frustrates me to no end!


English Rider said...

Ignorant but well intentioned? It would be hard to decide what would now be better for the dog, (and I agree she was wrong to keep him). This decision smacks of Solomon's Wisdom. Maybe the rightful owners should consider letting the dog stay in his accustomed surroundings, for the dog's sake.

selkie said...

actually, what strikes me about this- is she must NOT have had the dog at a vet for 7 years -becuase I know my vet - and most vets I know - automatically scan for a microchip - and would certaintly do so with a new patient.

Original_Wacky said...

In general - the only way I'll keep a 'stray' dog is if I've taken out an ad in the paper, notified the local animal control and shelters that I've found one, and put up some flyers looking for an owner. If nobody comes forward, and there's no chip, after about 6 weeks, I figure I'm within my rights to keep the dog, and get it chipped, vaccinated, speutered, and keep it. It's how we got our Lassie, and we really feel we did everything we could to try to find an owner or somebody who was missing her. This is why I always recommend chipping pets. In this particular case, after SEVEN years, I'd be willing to let the dog live with the new folks, provided they were willing to let me make a quick visit now and then to see how she's doing. Mostly because I'd probably already have a couple new rescues in my own home that need my time.

@selkie: Our vet doesn't scan for a chip unless you ask, and most in our area are like that.

Dog Rescuer said...

I am waiving back and forth with this too. My heart tells me that the poor dog should just stay with the family it has known for the last 7 years. Why pull a dog out of a home where it is loved and happy. But then I had a dog given to someone without my knowledge and when I found out after 6 months I said they could keep the dog, I just needed a contract to protect the dog. Again no sense of taking a dog out of a home where it is happy. Well turned out the people that have the dog are NOT NICE PEOPLE caused a bunch of issues and 6 months later still in legal battles. UGH!

So, really what is the right thing to do? Seems to me someone is always the looser... either the dog or the people/person trying to do the right thing.

As for the dog never being at the vet... I wonder if the lady ever told the vet it was a found dog? I mean if the vet thinks you obtained a dog through legitimate means I am sure they aren't going to scan it.

Original_Wacky said...

You're right, a vet probably isn't going to scan - why bother unless they are going to put one in and are checking or whatever?

Really the one who suffers the most here is the poor dog, and I just wish everybody would think of that.

As for your situation, I sure wish there was something I could do to help. I can relate very much to what you're going through.