Monday, July 18, 2011

5 hoarder dogs

Last Thursday I got in 5 dogs from a hoarding case in Fayette County. The females were scared, dirty, flea infested, bad teeth, ear infections, skin issues from the fleas... you name it. The boys were in pretty good shape, was actually surprised they came from a hoarder situation. I am guessing they were handled a little more then the girls.

I just don't understand how people can see dogs in this condition and think it is ok? I understand that it is a mental disease but doesn't anyone around them do or say anything before it gets to this point? Just seems like there have been a large number of hoarder cases lately, doesn't it? And 5 always seems to be my magic number. LOL!!

The girls are going to cost me a pretty penny b/c they need dentals. That will probably run $200 - $300 and that is after getting them spayed, all shots, heartworm tested, wormed, flea treated and they are on medicine for their skin and ear medication. And their adoption fee is $150.... yea so much for breaking even on them. And people think we make money... hahahahaha

I love it when someone asks "Is the dog free?" My response is YEP you just pay all the medical bills. Or when someone asks if I can lower the adoption fee. REALLY??? You find me a PERFECTLY healthy pet and you get all the vet care done on it and let me know what was better, paying a $100 - $200 adoption fee or dealing with all the vet appointments and paying all those bills.

Well let's see what else has been going on.....

Finally received a judgment in the photo album case... again. And again it states I didn't do anything wrong besides accidentally miss placing it.

The issue with the dog that was placed without my knowledge still continues. I totally don't understand what the heck they are trying to do.... wish it would finally come to a head. I would love to go to court and sit in front of a judge with all of those who support me and say "I was trying to do the best thing for the dog and (insert name here) was rude and nasty. She told me I could have the dog back and when I asked for the dog back she got a lawyer."

My anxiety has been a bit out of control. I can't handle any type of "negative" attitude from anyone. Which isn't like me to not be able to handle things but I think dog rescue has finally caught up with me.... all the sadness, the mean people, the faces of dogs who are scheduled to die or did die in a shelter alone and scared. Then trying to do the right thing and feeling like a punching bag. As my BFF said I have a sign on my head that says "wipe your ass here"

I try to look at things from both sides.... ok, if I were in their shoes what would I have done or would I do. And what did I do to piss them off or to cause this or that to happen and I am going to be real honest sometimes yes I can see where I could have done something different. Like for example I could have said no I won't take the binder and give to Sharon. But in the case of the dog... I gave the people that have her every opportunity to sing a contract and honestly only get a puppy party e-vite from me. But instead they acted like jerks. So not sure what I could have done differently there except not to care at all. Just not sure I can do that... not care... it is hard to do. Yet so easy for everyone else.. why is that???


shona said...

because you have a heart and they dont....

Joe Patituce said...

I have a lot of reasons! But I will share those privately.

You also recently reminded me that you had a blog.

Chris said...

Hello, I think we have lots in common. I am a rescuer also. I've had the good luck to partner with Homeward Bound of Mississippi. They help me place dogs/cats in no kill rescues and private adoptions in the northeast. Also, Project Hope (In Defense of Animals) has helped me place dogs/cats.

Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much but then I think caring about the animals is what grounds me and makes me a better person than I would otherwise be, although it makes me a little crazy.

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog about dentals being $200-$300.WOW! I pay $75 (regardless how many are pulled) and if having sterilization at the same time, I pay $35.

Dog Rescuer said...

Do you live in Ohio? Can you send me info. I have one I would like to have a dental but do not have the funds