Friday, July 29, 2011

Life keeps getting in the way

Well Sunday was the benefit horse show for my BFF's baby. What a HUGE disappointment. All that work for not a lot of money :-( NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I do a horse show as a benefit. OMG way too much work for no pay out. The entire purpose was to raise money so you have to beg people for donations, workers for the food booth, entry booth, announcer, timer person and equipment, judge, ring steward, ribbon / trophy people, gate people, plus you have to get back numbers, ribbons, trophies... .blah blah blah. SO MUCH and for what $2k no thank you! I seriously lost a month of my life b/c I was doing nothing but trying to organize a horse show that ended up not being what I had hope for. ugh!

It rained the night before ALL night so I know for a fact many people didn't come b/c of the rain and it called for rain on and off on Sunday so I know that kept people away too. Although it didn't rain and the last time I checked horses don't melt in the rain. LOL

It was also my birthday on Sunday... so yay I spent the day at a horse show.. LOL I did show in a class and ended up getting hurt. Long story but I have been on bed rest all week... I have deep tissue and muscle bruising in my calf. I have to keep my leg elevated. How stupid is that.. ugh! I can't walk.. well I can sort of walk today, still can't move my ankle so I walk funny. I have had volunteers all week come over and help me take care of the dogs that I have here. Then to top it all off Tuesday was the day the JRT puppies were to get fixed and 2 of them were leaving for their homes.

It is so frustrating not being able to do stuff for yourself. And all I have done all week pretty much from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed is work at my real job. I can do it all via my computer and well I have nothing else to do since I am just sitting in bed with my leg elevated... so annoying.

Monday and Tuesday I had to have my mom take the dogs to the clinics to get fixed. Again so annoying. Oh well it got done and the puppies are slowly heading to their new homes. MAN OH MAN do I love those JRT puppies. I wish they weren't leaving already.. LOL

Puppy Party e-vites went out last night. Hopefully I remembered everyone. When you have over 500 adopters it is easy to accidentally forget to add someone's email.

The crazy lady with the Photo album I think has finally gone away. The judge ruled to her appeal to the lawsuit that she is entitled to ZERO dollars from me or anyone else she sued. If she would have just let me take the negatives and get her pictures developed she wouldn't be out $150 for court costs and would have her pictures re-printed but OH NO had to be a bitch. Whatever makes ya happy I guess.

The idiots who stole the dog.. wow have I found out some interesting information... .I just don't really understand why people feel the need to lie so much.. .what exactly do you gain from that? Well let me tell you people in this "case" are not who I thought they were... if you can't trust people you thought were your friends who can you trust???

Oh let's see what else is going on. I think I mentioned I was getting in hoarder dogs.... 5 of them.. one has been adopted, everyone had been fixed and unfortunately one has heartworm but we are treating him and it will all work out in the end. He is my favorite one too. ugh!

Well it is the first of the month so I am frantic making sure everyone has frontline and heartgard... I hate the first of month b/c I hate trying to figure out who needs what.. lol so many dogs... lol

Adoption event next Saturday so hoping all goes well for that.. I would really like to get some of these dogs moved to their forever homes. Then I can go on vacation without having to worry about what the heck I am going to do with all these dogs AND then when I get back I can rescue some more dogs. Because God knows the shelters are TO THE BRIM filled. Every shelter I hear from are over capacity and have dogs doubled up in cages b/c they don't want to kill any dogs but dogs are coming in faster then they have ever before and NONE are getting adopted.

What is REALLY sick about all this, open the news paper and there are so many ads for "puppies" People suck! Seriously if you breed and sell or buy you suck! That is fact.... so many dogs are dieing yet jerks just keep pumping them out like there is a shortage on puppies. I am so over it.

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English Rider said...

Happy Birthday, despite all the rest. You're certainly neither lonely nor bored in this crazy life that you attack each day head on. (Horse Show attendance has dropped off all over. It's not just you. Effing Money! Or lack thereof; The root of all evil)