Friday, May 25, 2012

Stress in rescue

I received an email from someone who said they have a friend who is doing a paper / research on the stress of animal rescuers.  HAHAHAHAHA stress is my middle name and I guess it is all in how you deal with it.  One way I deal is this blog.  I write when I am stressed and / or just need to get something off my mind..  I do it too b/c I know that sometimes my blog comes up in a google search and someone might actually learn something from it.

STRESS!  that all animal rescue is.
Pick who dies
Pick who lives

BUT to be very honest it isn't the animals that cause the stress it is the childish people you encounter EVERY DAY!

The men who put their penis insecurities on their dog and refuse to neuter him b/c it will make him loose his manhood.  COME ON SERIOUSLY! Your joking right?

My favorite was a guy who told me he wasn't going to take away his dogs RIGHT to have puppies.  I said ok if you are looking at it that way so when you breed her, you are MAKING her have puppies so you are allowing your dog to be raped.  She didn't CHOOSE to breed with the dog you FORCED her to breed with... He walked away mad.

Well come on a-hole IT IS AN ANIMAL!  They have no ability to choose, they are simply following what mother nature is telling them to do.. ugh!

The other stressful part is when people APPLY for a dog and we tell them they can't have what they want and they act childish.  I SAID I WANTED IT FIRST!  BUT THAT IS WHAT I WANT!  I WANT I WANT I WANT!  Very rarely when I have to deny someone b/c I don't think the dog is a good fit for them do I get "I understand"

People are childish and need to look beyond what I WANT and do what is best for the dog, for the community, for the world... SPAY and NEUTER people spay and neuter!

Monday, May 21, 2012

So aggressive

I don't understand, I really don't!  Aggression is sometimes caused by abuse, sometime caused by bad breeding... either way it is a mental disorder.  SOMETIMES you can work through it, sometimes you can't.

I don't understand why people have such a hard time putting to sleep HUMANELY a dog who is suffering with a mental illness SUCH AS AGGRESSION.  Why the hell do they think it is humane to have the dog locked in a cage with ZERO contact by humans or other animals because it will hurt or kill them???  Why is that humane? Why is that OK?

Oh that just make my blood boil!  If the dog was suffering physically with some horrible health issue you better bet these same people who humane euthanize but they won't for something like this. grrrrrrr

I TOTALLY understand that some a-hole human made the dog this way but I am sorry people if you are in animal rescue and you can't think with your HEAD then get out because you aren't doing anyone any favors.  There are already 6 million healthy animals dying every year.  YOU CAN NOT SAVE THEM ALL.  Until laws are better in the US about spaying/neutering and animal abuse we will loose a lot of animals to an early death but until then we have to do what we can for those we can.

Trust me I am 100% for trying to rehabilitate but some you can and come you can't. And for those you can't you need to LET GO!  Think logically, yes heading his life will be hard but you know that he at least got to know love for a little while.  He got to know what it was like to have food, a dry clean, warm, safe place to sleep.  At least he didn't die alone, scared, beaten, abused.  And by letting him go you can then go to the dog pound or an abusers home and save another one.  So in reality you have saved TWO LIVES!

I spoke to a lady on Saturday who has a Pit Bull that was used in a dog fighting ring that a rescue had for 2 years in a foster home.  The dog lives in a kennel that is 1/2 outside 1/2 inside and the kennel has locks on it and a top on it.  The dog is so aggressive that the site of a human or another animal causes him to spiral out of control and throws his body against the cage and growls, barks and bites at the cage.  The women that adopted this dog the rescue had for 2 years... it took her 2 months to be able to walk to his cage without him doing that.  ONLY her, anyone else he still does the crazy behavior.

Can someone please tell me why the hell this dog was not put to sleep??????????

What if this dog gets loose? He is going to kill someone.  And really that is what we need a Pit Bull on a rampage b/c we all know how the media LOVES to talk badly about Pit Bulls.

Jesus people get a freaking brain!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dogs are NOT a gift

Every buy a gift for someone and a year or two later it is sitting in their garage sale???   I certainly have.  It doesn't hurt my feelings, I mean if it isn't useful to the person then why would I expect them to keep it.  And the object doesn't care that it is going to a "new home"  BUT NEWS FLASH PEOPLE  animals DO CARE!!!  They have feelings, they get sad, they have anxiety, they eat, need medical care, exercise, attention, they poop, they get sick, THEY ARE A LIVING CREATURE.

WHY please on God's green Earth tell me WHY this is a hard concept for people?

Are animals valued so much less then a human because they can't talk? Is it because you learn at church that they have no sole? What is it that makes it ok to hurt them? what is is that makes it ok to FORCE them to have puppies / babies so that YOU as a humane can get some type of joy or monetary reward for it?  What is is that makes them easily discarded?

Does anyone have answer outside of my response to PEOPLE SUCK!

I just don't understand what the hell is wrong with people... doesn't it bother them to know that today the dog or puppy or cat or whatever was eating and drinking and was happy to see you and tomorrow they will be DEAD!!

I just don't understand how with all the TV commercials and the stories of animals being abused then saved that  people still live in a world where "Oh I didn't know that dogs die in shelters"  "I didn't know that their was any such thing as a puppy mill"  But hey I bet you can tell me who Kim Kardashianis dating.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I need a reality TV show... seriously

Monday morning I get a phone call from a women who is TOTALLY stressed out. The dog she adopted from me has SEVER separation anxiety she tells me. She can't handle it a moment longer and she needs to go to work.

If anyone has ever known a dog with separation anxiety it can be really bad, peeing and pooping in the house, taring things up, howling or barking.. just craziness.

I said to the women do you have a crate to put her in that she can't get out of while you are at work and you can bring her to me when we are both off work.  Her reply "she is fine in the house when I leave her alone."


I said um... ok then what is wrong b/c does with separation anxiety are usually bad when you are not home.  When I put her outside in the yard to go potty she will only potty if I am outside with her or if  I take her on a walk.

Step back for a moment on her application where is asks "What activities do you plan on doing with your dog" her answer "I like to go on walks and be outside"

Fast forward back to present time...

Well if she is fine while you are gone then just go to work and bring her back to me when I get home. "Don't you have someone who can pick her up"  my answer "No"

I make arrangements with her to bring the dog back at 6:30 that evening.

1pm I get a call from the same women.  She is FREAKED out.  The stress and anxiety in her voice just make me feel horrible.  I can't believe this dog is being so bad.  She was so good in the foster home.
"I can not take this one more minute. Can I bring her back right now."  my response "As I explained to you I work during the day so NO.  Can you tell me exactly what is going on? I am just shocked that she is being so bad."

After about 10 minutes of asking a lot of questions the truth comes out.  I swear to you these were the word that the women said to me
"Amy, you don't understand I can't do anything without her following me.  I wanted a companion but this is ridiculous.  I can't even go to the bathroom without her following in there."
I said what is she doing, is she crying, barking, scratching at the door?  "No" said the women.  "she just can't stand to have me out of her sight.  Just now as I am talking to you I walked around the corner and she got up to see where I went."

WOW this women is weird.  It is a dog, dogs follow you around the house.  If my dog isn't following me then something is wrong and I need to go find him.

She ended up bringing the dog back while I was still at work... my mom was home and she wasn't very friendly to my mom.  I suggested to the women she may want to re-think the idea of getting a dog because a dog following you around from room to room is pretty normal dog behavior.

THEN this week I received an email from a women who is in a breed specific rescue.  She took in a large pure breed dog who was chained up outside and started to work with him.  Long story short he is aggressive, the breed specific rescue took him to another foster home who is extremely dog savvy who also had issues with him.  They deemed him aggressive and were going to have him humanely put to sleep.  The first foster home has been contacting everyone she can find to see if another rescue will take this dog.  Her email to me said
"If you have a dog savvy home without any other dogs, that would be perfect for him."

What reality is this women living in... yes Cesar Milan has no dogs!!  Come on.  Dog savvy homes usually have a lot of dogs and why the hell would someone want a 100 pound aggressive dog that a breed specific rescue won't even place.

Come on people you can't save them all!  Yes it isn't their fault they are aggressive but it is YOUR fault if they kill or harm someone.  I am sorry but I am not living with the guilt that I allowed a dog who I knew was aggressive hurt or kill someone especially a child. NO THANK YOU!

As I told the women aggression is a mental illness and the dog is suffering.  I wouldn't allow a dog to continue suffering with a physical injury and I am not going to let them suffer with a mental one either.

THEN to top off my week of just absolutely silliness I kid you now I get an email from someone looking for a dog.  Here is their criteria

1.) Medium sized dog 35 - 45 pounds
2.) low shedding
3.) easy to train, good with kids, nice coat, friendly,
4.) breeds preferred: Golden, Lab, Husky, Border Collie, Wolf Hybrid
5.) 8 - 10 weeks old

Ok, let's break this down for a minute..... the dog breeds listed are all over 45 pounds except for the Border Collie.  the old dog that would be good with kids is the Lab.  they all shed like CRAZY!!! Easy to train.. again maybe just the lab would be easy.  The others are pretty difficult to train and oh let me add they have NEVER owned a dog before.... Huskies, Border Colllies and Wolf Hybrid's are NOT dogs for first time dog owners.
And as far as personality goes you really aren't going to know at 10 weeks who they will be at 1 year.  AND a lot of it has to do with training and socialization which being a first time dog owner you will probably make a lot of mistakes and NONE of the dogs again except for maybe the lab are very forgiving to training mistakes.

PLEASE TELL ME what planet am I living on right now b/c clearly it is NOT one where reality and logic win out!

I can do nothing but laugh and shake my head... of course I gave advice to all 3 people who I am sure blew me totally off b/c I have no idea what I am talking about. I have only owned, trained, rescued, rehabilitated over 1,000 dogs but seriously what the hell do I know. lol

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good weekend but still nervous....

On Thursday the last little puppy went home, on Friday evening Teddy went home and on Saturday 6 dogs went home

I have already received a phone call from a stressed out frazzled adopter of Hanna saying she has horrible separation.  When I asked exactly what she was doing the women said that when she goes outside she barks and doesn't want to be outside alone.  She was getting ready to leave for work and wanted to bring her back after work.  I asked her if she had a crate or something for her while she was at work and she said she is fine in the house when I that isn't separation anxiety then... oh boy!

So Hanna is coming back tonight.  I am sure the women is going to want her check back, I am sorry you not being able to handle having a dog is not my fault.  I don't want to be mean but come on!  You adopted her at 3pm on Saturday, you have spent 1 day with her and everything is new to her.  She needs a minute to adjust.. and by a minute I mean A WEEK!

All I can do is roll my eyes and move forward.  I just hope I am going to be able to save some dogs this week from my local dog warden so nothing has to die.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The reality is.....

You can't save them all.
You have to choose who lives or dies.
It just isn't possible.
Who the hell decided I or anyone other rescue person out there gets to play God.
I pick you but you die.  That is BULL SHIT!
To have that burden I wish on NO ONE!
And what sucks even more is I and every other rescue person out there has this burden b/c of some a-hole.  Some jerk who wants to make money, some idiot who thinks "I just wanted her to have one litter so she knew what is was like to be  a mom"  Hey guess what you stupid hill bill SHE DOESN'T CARE!
Oh my favorite line which I always hear from men "I don't want to take away his man hood"  And my response is always "don't put your male insecurities on your dog." I LOVE the look on their faces when I tell them that.

How about the guy who told me he had a litter every other year because his dog is so pretty and good that he wants other to have dogs just like her.  OMG YOUR AN IDIOT!  Have you ever seen a georgous humane couple with a not so cute kid??  I can think of a few famous people.. Have you ever met a family where the parents are super smart, very nice people and their kid is a devil child who isn't very smart??!!  Yep I have!
So come on, get real!
Oh and this is good the same person who said that to me also said they weren't going to "play God" by spaying his female.  I said but aren't you "Playing God" by MAKING her have puppies so you can sell them??  Kind of a hypocritical statement don't ya think?  He quickly changed the subject.

I just think it is pretty crappy that this jerks who don't spay and neuter who are having litter after litter BY ACCIDENT (LIARS!! if your don't isn't fixed it isn't an accident) and then you have the jerks who THINK they are going to get rich make puppies, walking around guilt free at what they are doing by adding more dogs to this over populated world and then you have all these animal rescue people beating themselves up emotionally and physically and financially to clean up their mess.

Life isn't fair and all I can hope for is KARMA!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ellen - found on the streets of Cleveland

Found on the streets of Cleveland dumped by her owners like trash out of the car window.  Our only guess is she was dumped because she had luxating petella
more information on that can be found here

It is an expensive surgery but nothing a dog can't bounce back form!  She is a sweet girl and we sure hope we can find her the perfect home quickly so she can FINALLY know what it is like to be LOVED!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Respect my time

Do you ever feel like people don't respect your time?  I sure feel like that lately.

I had someone who said they were coming over to my house at a certain time and I ended up waiting around for an hour for them to show up.  I had things to do and it through off my entire night and then I got to eat a cold diner.  Thank you very freaking much!

Then I said I don't want to take any new dogs in, I get bamboozeled by someone and now I am stuck with a dog at my house that I don't have time for.

THEN I have a dog that nipped at the baby sitter in the foster home so now I am worried about him. The foster home seems to be ok but I am still worried.

AND THEN I have someone who wants to return a dog.  The dog was really badly abused and doesn't seem to be making an progressing in the adopted home.  I understand, it isn't their fault. They are a really nice family but OMG!  I am trying NOT to take in any dogs right now b/c we have so many.

I am working really long hours at work and I am under a lot of pressure and I really really really really don't have time to have more dogs at my house.  Yet they keep showing up.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am a warrior

I am a warrior.
Not because I want to be.
I am a warrior.
Because a human made me.

I have scares to show you for all the times I was in battle.
I didn't want to battle.
I don't like battle.
I did it because a human made me.
It is all I ever knew.

Being a warrior is not a fun life.
It is scary, lonely, depressing life.
It is a life I wish on no one.
Being a warrior is what I had to do to survive.
Many of my friends were not so lucky.
Many of my friends I had to battle.

Today is a different life.
I am still a warrior.
A warrior in a different way.
A warrior in a positive way.

I help to educate others on life as a warrior.
I explain to humans that being a warrior is not a life.
It is something no one should ever be forced to do.
It is cruel.
It is immoral.

Some may call me a survivor.
I just call myself a dog.

-written from Freedom's perspective, a Pit Bull rescued from a dog fighting ring owned by A. Hunt.