Friday, May 11, 2012

The reality is.....

You can't save them all.
You have to choose who lives or dies.
It just isn't possible.
Who the hell decided I or anyone other rescue person out there gets to play God.
I pick you but you die.  That is BULL SHIT!
To have that burden I wish on NO ONE!
And what sucks even more is I and every other rescue person out there has this burden b/c of some a-hole.  Some jerk who wants to make money, some idiot who thinks "I just wanted her to have one litter so she knew what is was like to be  a mom"  Hey guess what you stupid hill bill SHE DOESN'T CARE!
Oh my favorite line which I always hear from men "I don't want to take away his man hood"  And my response is always "don't put your male insecurities on your dog." I LOVE the look on their faces when I tell them that.

How about the guy who told me he had a litter every other year because his dog is so pretty and good that he wants other to have dogs just like her.  OMG YOUR AN IDIOT!  Have you ever seen a georgous humane couple with a not so cute kid??  I can think of a few famous people.. Have you ever met a family where the parents are super smart, very nice people and their kid is a devil child who isn't very smart??!!  Yep I have!
So come on, get real!
Oh and this is good the same person who said that to me also said they weren't going to "play God" by spaying his female.  I said but aren't you "Playing God" by MAKING her have puppies so you can sell them??  Kind of a hypocritical statement don't ya think?  He quickly changed the subject.

I just think it is pretty crappy that this jerks who don't spay and neuter who are having litter after litter BY ACCIDENT (LIARS!! if your don't isn't fixed it isn't an accident) and then you have the jerks who THINK they are going to get rich make puppies, walking around guilt free at what they are doing by adding more dogs to this over populated world and then you have all these animal rescue people beating themselves up emotionally and physically and financially to clean up their mess.

Life isn't fair and all I can hope for is KARMA!

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John said...

Hello, I wondered if you would be so kind and post a link to a super rescue service here in the United Kingdom by the name of K9 Angels.

K9 Angels work with a trusted network of dedicated individuals, shelters, vets in order to help save dogs from dangerous countries and rehome them to countries of stability like the UK.

Many thanks,