Monday, May 21, 2012

So aggressive

I don't understand, I really don't!  Aggression is sometimes caused by abuse, sometime caused by bad breeding... either way it is a mental disorder.  SOMETIMES you can work through it, sometimes you can't.

I don't understand why people have such a hard time putting to sleep HUMANELY a dog who is suffering with a mental illness SUCH AS AGGRESSION.  Why the hell do they think it is humane to have the dog locked in a cage with ZERO contact by humans or other animals because it will hurt or kill them???  Why is that humane? Why is that OK?

Oh that just make my blood boil!  If the dog was suffering physically with some horrible health issue you better bet these same people who humane euthanize but they won't for something like this. grrrrrrr

I TOTALLY understand that some a-hole human made the dog this way but I am sorry people if you are in animal rescue and you can't think with your HEAD then get out because you aren't doing anyone any favors.  There are already 6 million healthy animals dying every year.  YOU CAN NOT SAVE THEM ALL.  Until laws are better in the US about spaying/neutering and animal abuse we will loose a lot of animals to an early death but until then we have to do what we can for those we can.

Trust me I am 100% for trying to rehabilitate but some you can and come you can't. And for those you can't you need to LET GO!  Think logically, yes heading his life will be hard but you know that he at least got to know love for a little while.  He got to know what it was like to have food, a dry clean, warm, safe place to sleep.  At least he didn't die alone, scared, beaten, abused.  And by letting him go you can then go to the dog pound or an abusers home and save another one.  So in reality you have saved TWO LIVES!

I spoke to a lady on Saturday who has a Pit Bull that was used in a dog fighting ring that a rescue had for 2 years in a foster home.  The dog lives in a kennel that is 1/2 outside 1/2 inside and the kennel has locks on it and a top on it.  The dog is so aggressive that the site of a human or another animal causes him to spiral out of control and throws his body against the cage and growls, barks and bites at the cage.  The women that adopted this dog the rescue had for 2 years... it took her 2 months to be able to walk to his cage without him doing that.  ONLY her, anyone else he still does the crazy behavior.

Can someone please tell me why the hell this dog was not put to sleep??????????

What if this dog gets loose? He is going to kill someone.  And really that is what we need a Pit Bull on a rampage b/c we all know how the media LOVES to talk badly about Pit Bulls.

Jesus people get a freaking brain!


English Rider said...

Total agreement from over here.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Keeping that pit bull isolated and letting it continue to live in a state of constant anger and anxiety is just as cruel as what the dog fighters did to it.

I work with small dogs and we recently had a rescue come in that showed a lot of aggression. The thing is, he could be perfectly fine one minute and then attack the next. He was worked with and we tried to identify his triggers without luck. While with us he bit 4-5 rescuers; all experienced dog rehabbing people. He could not be left around other dogs without constant supervision. Lets face it, how many foster homes do you know that don't have multiple pets?! The decision was made to humanely euthanize him.

It's sad for the dog and I understand the sense of failure that's involved but you're right, there are so many others waiting for foster homes to give them attention and help them gain the confidence and skills to be adopted.

Holly Smith said...

Had to have my beautiful, wonderful JR put down about a year and a half ago. I loved her dearly. Sadly, she came from an abusive home. When I got her I was single and staying that way. Fast forward 10 years - married with a toddler. As much as I loved her, we had to put her down. It got so bad that if my son or husband even looked at her she would show teeth. I gave her a wonderful home for 11 years and I still miss her every single day. It really was like keeping a loaded gun in the house. Turned out she had a brain tumor...she really didn't even know who we were anymore. It was the last thing I could do for her even though it broke my heart. We have two more rescue dogs now - it's so different having friendly dogs!! You do what you have to do - for them, not for yourself. Sure wish people would think of how if would feel being locked away all the time.

Designer Dog Collars said...

I agree English Rider!