Friday, May 18, 2012

Dogs are NOT a gift

Every buy a gift for someone and a year or two later it is sitting in their garage sale???   I certainly have.  It doesn't hurt my feelings, I mean if it isn't useful to the person then why would I expect them to keep it.  And the object doesn't care that it is going to a "new home"  BUT NEWS FLASH PEOPLE  animals DO CARE!!!  They have feelings, they get sad, they have anxiety, they eat, need medical care, exercise, attention, they poop, they get sick, THEY ARE A LIVING CREATURE.

WHY please on God's green Earth tell me WHY this is a hard concept for people?

Are animals valued so much less then a human because they can't talk? Is it because you learn at church that they have no sole? What is it that makes it ok to hurt them? what is is that makes it ok to FORCE them to have puppies / babies so that YOU as a humane can get some type of joy or monetary reward for it?  What is is that makes them easily discarded?

Does anyone have answer outside of my response to PEOPLE SUCK!

I just don't understand what the hell is wrong with people... doesn't it bother them to know that today the dog or puppy or cat or whatever was eating and drinking and was happy to see you and tomorrow they will be DEAD!!

I just don't understand how with all the TV commercials and the stories of animals being abused then saved that  people still live in a world where "Oh I didn't know that dogs die in shelters"  "I didn't know that their was any such thing as a puppy mill"  But hey I bet you can tell me who Kim Kardashianis dating.

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Hanne said...

That's what I've been saying all long ---- people suck !!!
I rather surround myself with dogs than most humans. There are exceptions, granted, but most people who have dogs really shouldn't.
Just my 5cents worth