Friday, May 25, 2012

Stress in rescue

I received an email from someone who said they have a friend who is doing a paper / research on the stress of animal rescuers.  HAHAHAHAHA stress is my middle name and I guess it is all in how you deal with it.  One way I deal is this blog.  I write when I am stressed and / or just need to get something off my mind..  I do it too b/c I know that sometimes my blog comes up in a google search and someone might actually learn something from it.

STRESS!  that all animal rescue is.
Pick who dies
Pick who lives

BUT to be very honest it isn't the animals that cause the stress it is the childish people you encounter EVERY DAY!

The men who put their penis insecurities on their dog and refuse to neuter him b/c it will make him loose his manhood.  COME ON SERIOUSLY! Your joking right?

My favorite was a guy who told me he wasn't going to take away his dogs RIGHT to have puppies.  I said ok if you are looking at it that way so when you breed her, you are MAKING her have puppies so you are allowing your dog to be raped.  She didn't CHOOSE to breed with the dog you FORCED her to breed with... He walked away mad.

Well come on a-hole IT IS AN ANIMAL!  They have no ability to choose, they are simply following what mother nature is telling them to do.. ugh!

The other stressful part is when people APPLY for a dog and we tell them they can't have what they want and they act childish.  I SAID I WANTED IT FIRST!  BUT THAT IS WHAT I WANT!  I WANT I WANT I WANT!  Very rarely when I have to deny someone b/c I don't think the dog is a good fit for them do I get "I understand"

People are childish and need to look beyond what I WANT and do what is best for the dog, for the community, for the world... SPAY and NEUTER people spay and neuter!

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