Sunday, June 3, 2012

I will tie her to the door of the APL...

Yes that is a comment an adopter actually said to our adoption follow up coordinator on Saturday.

"If you don't take this dog I am going to tie her to the door of the APL"  Why the hell would someone say that??   The women who adopted Lucy after having her for 6 days left a message for our follow up adoption coordinator actually saying that.  I called the women back and asked her why she would say something like that, she said she didn't know what she was going to do.  I said how about call me and tell me you needed to bring her back to me.  Not really sure why threatening someone is the first thing you say and it is VERY disturbing that you would even consider doing something like that.  Her response was "people do it all the time"  I said that doesn't make it right and that is why the APL has video surveillance.   Honestly I wanted to go completely off on her but I didn't.  I kept my cool, spoke sternly to her and told her to bring the dog back to me as soon as possible.

The women had the audacity to send me a text message after she left the dog in a crate on my porch saying how much she is going to miss her.  REALLY???!!!  Are you kidding me??  You threaten to leave her tied to the door of the APL and you send me a text saying she is a good dog and you are going to miss her. Sorry but get a life, you are a heartless B!+(#

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Anonymous said...

What an idiot, and there are so many like her!