Friday, June 15, 2012

It isn't my fault

I love that line.  It isn't my fault my dog had puppies.  She was outside in her own yard when the neighbor's male got her.
Let me break this down for you:
#1. Why wasn't your dog fixed?
#2. Why was your dog outside unattended
#3. If you knew she got caught by the male why didn't you take her in to be spayed BEFORE the puppies started to form?
#4. Why didn't you ask for help from a Rescue group BEFORE the puppies were born?
#5. Why are you trying to sell them?

Sorry but it takes two to create new life.  If your 15 year old daughter walked in the house and said I am pregnant and I have no idea how it happened would you believe her?  NO YOU WOULDN'T
Would you blame the boy and say he is 100% responsible for what happened? NO YOU WOULDN'T
So sorry sweet heart you are not innocent and you are to blame just as much as the a-hole who didn't fix his male.!

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