Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Had to say something

On Lorain County Garage Sale Facebook Website this was posted:

I have a male 2 yaer old Olde English Bulldogge for sale. Asking $400 obo. He is more on the taller side but is ckc and ioeba certified. He has been with us since 10 weeks but we are going to a new breed of dog and would like him to go to a good family. He is kennel trained and doesnt leave the yard. I hear people wanting these dogs all the time but dont have the 1000 dollar plus that they run for. We just want a good home for him and therefore asking a rehoming fee. We have a kennel that is 8 ft by 8 ft that we can sell with him for 550 together. Let me know if you know anyone interested in this breed. Thank you.

**Picture of dog attached****

Here was my response:

Nicole do you have kids? I am only asking because are you sure that you want to teach them it is ok to throw away (or in your words RE HOME) a living pet just because you want a new one? Sorry but pet ownership should be for the LIFE of the pet, not until you get bored with it.

For anyone who wants to join the FB page to let Nicole Palmer know how you feel free, here is the link


Roughcoat said...

I agree, if it is a pure bred or mutt from a shelter or just found, when you take a dog to live with you, it is a lifetime commitment. You are responsible for it's health, food, protection from weather, people, traffic etc. Your pet is like your child, dependent on you but with so much love to give you. If you decide you want another breed, fine, but don't put your old friend out, keep him. He has love and trusted you for many years and deserves to remain in a home (not out on a chain or kennel in heat, wet and cold) I imagine you want to "re-home" him for the money to pay for the new dog. You should be ashamed. I am ashamed of you, and the rest of those who have no soul or heart,

Anonymous said...

Well said. This person should be ashamed of herself. The dog to be rehomed has to be better off without owners who are so absent minded, careless,and in my opinon abusive.

northierthanthou said...

It is hard to see how some people treat companion animals. Very hard!