Monday, September 27, 2010

Sparky has surgery today

Sparky had his surgery today. The vet said it went really well. He also said he is glad that we didn't try to save his leg b/c once he got in there and started looking around he noticed a few things that didn't come up on the X-ray and Sparky would have had a longer recovery time AND more surgeries b/c the damage was so bad. YIKES! Glad we went the safe route by amputating his leg. He is going to be much better off, have a faster recovery AND no major pain because of the leg.

As soon as I can get pictures I will posted.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sparky is having surgery

Assuming all the people that said they would contribute come through then we have raised $2,436.75

We still have pre and post surgery to pay for but hey at least the surgery is basically paid for :-)

He will have surgery 9am on Monday morning. Up dates to follow

Saturday, September 25, 2010

People suck!

Sorry I am at my wits end. I take in a dog that has a broken leg b/c the owner can't afford to help the dog but wants it to get help and all I do is get screamed at, criticized and lectured. GEE THANK YOU!

Just so everyone knows I am a horrible person! Apparently taking a dog in and doing the best I can for it isn't good enough.

I need to raise $2,500 so the dog can have surgery on Monday. If I don't raise money then I can't get the dog his surgery because I don't have a way to pay for the surgery. If the dog can't have surgery the dog will suffer in pain and that isn't nice. So, if the dog can't have surgery I will have to put the dog to sleep. WHICH LET ME ADD IN 3 vets have told me I should, YES I SHOULD do. I shouldn't bother with the surgery, just put the dog down "your being stupid Amy and you will regret this decision" I was told.

I did NOTHING yesterday but try to find a way to help this dog. NOTHING! I took the day off from work, thinking it would be nice to get stuff done around the farm. Instead I drove from vet appointment to vet office and talking to people on the phone trying to figure out what is the right thing to do. And all I get is yelled.

I didn't eat yesterday b/c I didn't have time. I was too busy worrying about this dog, who I have met one time!

Then today I have a rescue person call me up and tare me a new a-hole for trying to help. She said I shouldn't have taken the dog in if I didn't have the money to pay for the dogs surgery. My rebuttal to that was, that the women told me the emergency vet said $2K to fix the dog.. translation to me is my vet could probably do it for 1/2 of that.

She told me I PROMISED the women that I wouldn't put the dog to sleep. I never promised anything I know better. I told the women I would do what I can for the dog. I have kept the owner up to date on what is going on the entire time.


Ok, lets be realistic about this.

I explained to the crazy rescue people screaming at me on the other end of the phone that my rescue is VERY small and I try very hard not to ask people for money. I only do it in cases like this where I don't have the money.. and honestly this is not too often. I told her normally I would just float the surgery on my credit card till the rescue could pay me back but do to personal reason that isn't an option.

Then she starts lecturing me about how rescue and my personal money should be separate. OMG really ya think! IDIOT! I tried explaining again that I normal float the money on a credit card until the rescue has the money but this is not an option right now.

I swear everything I said went in one ear and right out the other. You know what lady you run your rescue the way you run your rescue with too many dogs, dogs living in crates and dogs living their life in pain b/c you can't put them down. You deal with the aggressive Saint Bernard that you have to warn people about because he may attack. And I will run my rescue the way I run my rescue.

I don't call you telling you that you should or shouldn't put a dog to sleep, I don't call you and tell you that you should or shouldn't help a dog. So, you know what mind your business and leave me the hell alone.

If you wanted to call me and say "Hey Amy, if you can't raise the money to have the dogs surgery done then let me know. I will take the dog to my vet."

Don't tell me that $2,500 is too much for the surgery b/c it is just a leg amputation. As I explained to you 10 times but you CLEARLY were not listening. It isn't a simple amputation there is a lot more going on.


After I got off the phone with crazy rescue lady. I just started crying. I called a fellow NON crazy rescue person b/c she knows crazy rescue person and vented to her. I just can't take it right now.

I can't tell you the last time I cried but the stress of all this, I have cried like 4 times in the last 2 days. Of course never around anyone.. LOL but twice on the phone with a rescue person so I feel like an idiot.

I am just at my limit and a little support and NO MORE NEGATIVE PEOPLE would be really nice right about now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on puppy with broken leg

The dog is a 5 month old JRT mix. He has a crushed femur, a broken pelvis and muscle damage which needs repaired. Multiple Breed Rescue does not have the funds to cover the expensive surgery.

We need to raise $2,500 by 7:30am on Monday so that he can have the surgery. If we can't raise the money, he can't have surgery because we have no way to pay for it :-(

The surgery will consist of him having his back leg removed and the muscles in his rear repaired. The trauma to him was so bad that the muscles were ripped from the bone and need to be repaired.

If anyone can donate, even $5.00 please call the vet office 216-252-4500 and tell them it is for SPARKY THE JRT or you can donate at Pay Pal to


Let me just tell you I have been through hell and back today with this poor dog. My day started at 7am with driving the dog around and speaking with about 6 different vet, a dozen rescue people, friends.. am I doing the right thing??!! I have had 1 person yell at me and tell me I am going to regret fixing this dog, I had one person tell me I am being stupid for spending this much money on one dog. I have cried today from the stress / the pressure. Days like this I wish I didn't have to make decision, days like this I wish I didn't do dog rescue. I am tired, an emotional wreck and I have decided that as long as I can raise the funds the dog will have his surgery. I really hope I can because I can't handle the thought of putting him down.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 month old puppy with broken leg

How the heck do I get myself into these situations. LOL!

I received a phone call from my rescue friend June. She received a call from her vet office. The story is a women came in with a small cute terrier puppy, maybe a JRT or JRT mix. The dog had been hit by a car 3 days ago. The women took the dog to the emergency vet and the emergency vet said it needed surgery but she couldn't afford it and was driving around to different vet offices trying to find help.

My friend hasn't spoken to the women but asked if I could call and figure out what was going on.

So here is the story I received from the women:

The women "found" the puppy when it was 4 weeks old. She took it in and had taken it to the vet and was told it is a JRT/ Fox Terrier mix. The puppy is now 5 months old. She did have the the first round of shots done but I am unclear if she gave the puppy 2nd set of shots. (Puppies under 6 months of age must have 3 sets of shots 3 weeks apart. If you wait too long between shots you do have to start over. A puppy under 6 months of age without all 3 sets of shots done ON TIME will not be protected against deadly diseases and illnesses).

Apparently the women lost her job but now has a new job but does not have the money to pay for the surgery of the puppy.

I spoke with my vet and the women is dropping the puppy, all vet records and signing over the puppy to my rescue today at 1:20pm.

More to come.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woolybear Festival on Sunday

Sunday is the Woolybear Festival. It is held in Vermilion Ohio and is the largest 1 day festival in Ohio. The guy that sponsors it / is the voice for it is Dick Goddard a Cleveland Local Weather guy. He is big on animal adoption and even sponsors a local shelter. Which I just got a dog from yesterday. Although they are a kill shelter they do wait 30 days before considering to put a dog to sleep. They guy I got yesterday had been there for 35 days.

His name is Archie and the sad thing is I have known about him for months. A women had contacted me at the end of July. She is a UPS driver and had been noticing almost everyday for about a month a dog sitting in a big field. The dog was always there but in different spots in the field. She figured it belonged to one of the neighboring houses. Then one day she noticed the dog taking shelter under some brush during a rain storm. That seemed stranger to her, why wouldn't the dog just run home?

The next day she stopped her truck and tried to catch the dog. No such luck. It took her 3 weeks of luring him out with treats and canned dog food but she did finally catch the dog. She wanted me to take him but legally I can't. I told her he has to go to the County Animal Control and be held for the legal amount of time (3 days for a dog with no tags). She reluctantly did. I told her to tell them that if no one claims him or no one adopts him to have the shelter call me and I will come get him.

Yesterday I did

I mean really look at the face! How could anyone just dump him like trash?? He is a nice dog!

I have 4 dogs in the clinic getting neutered so for right now I am ok but I am really hoping that a few dogs get adopted Friday / Saturday because HOLY COW! I am out of room.

To top it all off I had a beagle puppy come back that was adopted in August. The girl said that he played too rough with her ferret. REALLY?? Why would you let a dog and a ferret play?? Whatever!

Anyway, I do have a few applications but not sure that all are a match for someone I have and of course I have duplicate applications on dogs.. I have had this one dog for a few months. She is so amazing and now I have two people interested. Always happens that way. She is a great dog and really likes to play ball so the one application is clearly the better choice because they have kids... the other application although just fine isn't the best match for this particular dog. Hopefully they will be interested in someone else. I just need to think about who would be a good match and happy with this person....

AND I have to get ready to go to the Woolybear Festival. I don't think I have a lot to really get ready, I mean just load everything up and set everything up. I am debating if I want to set things up Saturday or early Sunday morning. Setting up Saturday is always so nerve wracking because someone could come steal my stuff :-( Sunday if I set up, I would have to get up at like 4am. That would make for one long day!

Well cross paws a few dogs find homes this weekend because if not I am going to have to put a few in boarding!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Long weekend

Friday I started work about 6:30am. Worked until around 3ish, rushed to the vet office to pick up the paper work / bills for Eddie. Eddie the heartworm positive dog that has been with us for nearly 6 months trying to fight off heartworm... he was finally neutered a few weeks ago and is in a foster home. Poor dog however, became very sick and it seems he is having congestive heart failure ;-(
So, I went to the vet to figure out what is going on since the foster home is the one who took him to the vet.

Then I left there, went to the APL to pick up a dog and then went home. Got changed into barn clothes, worked my donkeys, let the dogs out, cleaned kennels, gave everyone fresh food, water and beds as usually, made her the goats, horses, chickens and cats were all taken care of... I had a new horse come to the barn on Friday and I arranged to have 5 dogs transported to me from down south so that I can take them to another rescue who had the room so their lives would be spared. So those guys arrived about 7:30 and I was able to take them to the other rescue around 8:30. I then came home and packed... I left around 10pm to drive 3 hours to the campgrounds where my husband was so I could go 4-wheeling on Saturday.

Busy day Friday.... Saturday I rode 4-wheelers all day and then drove home that night b/c I had dogs to take care of on Sunday.

Sunday Dante got adopted YAY! But boo all at the same time. I love that dog.. LOL!

I was so sore after riding all day on Saturday but still had to do all my normal chores including cleaning horses stalls... OMG I thought I was going to die. LOL I was so sore I could barely walk. LOL!

THEN this morning 4 dogs went to get fixed. WOOHOO.. mini vacation for me with 4 dogs. Now if I can get a few adopted / promised and gone this weekend that would be perfect.

Saturday I am debating if a have an adoption event or not and Sunday is the Woolybear Festival so this coming up weekend will be long too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling inspired

I was inspired yesterday to keep going. It has been a long time since I have felt like what I do or say actually matters. I had a girl about 3 years ago who had her horse at my house. She was a nice girl but young, she was 15 - 16 years old when she had her horse at my house. She is now in college.

I have randomly talked to her since she left my barn, we are facebook friends and once in awhile she will comment on a photo or vice versa. She is a good kid (you know you are old when you call college students kids. UGH!)

Yesterday she reached out to me and told me that she is volunteering at the local dog pound where she goes to school. The dog pound she is speaking of I know VERY well. It is in rural, southern Ohio, always has a million dogs and 50% of them beagles... stupid hilly billies just take them hunting and then leave them in the woods to fend for themselves. Whatever, a-holes.

It is really hard to get dogs from there because it is so far away and there aren't a lot of people / rescues in that area who can help.

She told me that it is pretty sad to see all the dogs that need homes and she wanted to reach out to rescues in Ohio and see if maybe she can help to save some of them from untimely deaths. She will come home (about a 4 hour drive straight up the middle of the state) and would be willing and able to take dogs from the shelter and drive them home with her and hopefully meet rescues along the way to drop off dogs.

She said that she decided to start volunteering and got the idea to help because of me. AWWW YAY someone does listen. Only 999 billion more people to go.. LOL!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here we go again

Why is it that when it rains it pours?

JRT's falling from the sky YET AGAIN. I have 2 dogs in ever kennel, 1 in the barn, 1 in isolation b/c he is so super sick, 1 in the house.

I have 2 from Crawford County that are hopefully coming if they haven't been put down yet.. yikes! I have been traveling for days and I haven't been able to get on email or even use my cell phone for more then 2 days. I am so behind! So, hoping the dogs are dead! Granted if I am able to get them I have no idea where I am going to put them.. LOL! Well and I really don't know how I am going to get them to me. Oh geez!

I have a dog at Lorain County I have go get out and I have a dog at Valley View I need to get and again then I need to put them somewhere..LOL!

Then I have a person I am trying to help.. well two people and I am so busy that I feel like I am not being helpful enough. There is only so much I can do, especially when people hear what I am telling them but don't listen.

Then I have two people who want to bring their dogs back... one because the puppy doesn't fit their life style. They said she is a perfect dog but they are just so busy and feel guilty she spends so much time alone ;-( The other person because they are having issues now that everyone is back to work / school. I really think they could work it out and I suggested they contact the trainer I use because I know that it is a fixable issue, they just need some guidence, they are smart people I know they can do it. But are they willing?? That is always the question.

I was supposed to go 4 wheeling on Saturday but because of everything mentioned above I can't. THAT SUCKS! Honestly, pisses me off. I really want to go but what am I supposed to do leave the dogs unattended for a day. NOT possible. UGH! Ok, I have to stop talking about it because I am just getting mad!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tomorro is a big day for many reasons

Tomorrow is a big day! It is the 4th annual Puppy Party. The Puppy Party is where everyone that has adopted from me is invited to come to house, eat, play games, have raffles, try out agility, speak with a trainer and maybe buy a few rescue items to show their support. It is our once a year fund raiser.

It is a lot of fun but I am a bit overwhelmed with my husband being sick. Poor guy!

Tomorrow is also (as you all know) the anniversary or 9/11. Over 2,000 people died that day and 411 emergency workers (fire fighters, policeman) were among those killed. And many more have died since then defending our country so something like this will never happen again. Regardless if you believed / agreed with the war or not everyone should take a few minutes and thank those who server and protect and remember how precious life is.

Whether you are saving human lives or animals lives it is very stressful, at times unappreciated, hard work and I just want to say THANK YOU! to all of those who save lives everyday and protect the innocent.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


They say that God only gives you what you can handle. Well today I thanked him for all the beautiful and great things in my life but asked if he could maybe lay off on "giving me things I can handle" just for a little while. LOL!

My husband goes to the doctor yesterday and the doctor sends him to the hospital for tests... tests that lasted from 2pm till midnight... geez we now know every hair that is out of place on that guy! They did everything you can think of.... found nothing wrong at least thus far. They had to send some blood work out and we will get results in a few days. For the love!

I was emotionally drained yesterday... I couldn't have an emotion if I tried. LOL! I was just so overwhelmed with life I went numb. I joked I felt like I just smoked a ton of pot or something.. you know how in the movies people are all mellow and nothing bothers them when they are high.. that was me yesterday but I didn't need drugs to be like that.. LOL

Looking back on it today yesterday did have some comical things happen. First my husband says he is at the hospital so I leave work and go to the hospital but I can't find my husband and no one knows where he is. What the heck?? He isn't answering his phone.. finally he answers. I am at the wrong hospital. LOL!

He tells me to go home take care of the animals and then come up to the RIGHT hospital. Well on my way home from the wrong hospital I drive right pass the dog pound... oh geez.

I end up getting two dogs out of the pound.. one 100% for sure was never getting out of there alive. He was so stinking scared. Once I got him out of the cage and sat on the floor he climbed in my lap and looked at me like HELP! So, I did. Older Rat Terrier guy. VERY nice dog. Then I took a cure spunky JRT out of the shelter.

I went home and THANK YOU to Nel (an adopter) and her two kids and Sam (a volunteer) I was able to get a bunch of stuff done and that re-leaved a lot of stress.

Then I went up to the hospital and sat with my husband till midnight. That was so fun.. NOT!

Anyway, that was my day yesterday.... it can only get better, right? LOL!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stressing out...

I am really starting to feel overwhelmed. My husband has been really sick all weekend and is still sick.. like not getting out of bed sick. I have 3 days till the Puppy Party and there is so much to do. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Ok ok deep breath. I have no idea how I am going to get everything done.

I am just really freaking out.

Then to top it all off I feel horrible because I am supposed to go to the pound tonight and get two or three dogs out that are in danger and I don't want to. I have 2 dogs that I am supposed to pick up on Thursday and I don't want to. LOL! Isn't that horrible? I am just burning out and I want a break but in animal rescue there are no breaks, there isn't time off, there isn't time for yourself and I am burning out.

I know if I take a small break I will be up and running again soon but right now I am very unmotivated which makes me feel like the worlds worse person ever.

***Deep Breath*** ***sigh***

Monday, September 6, 2010

Good weekend

It was a good weekend and one I needed before I burned totally out. 6 dogs went to their forever homes which means I can get more dogs moved into foster homes. WOOHOOO!!

I am a little worried about one of the dogs coming back though. It wouldn't the dogs fault. The family can't say enough about how nice he is. Their dog is a bit spoiled.. LOL

I am sure if they can hang in there and get through just a few days it will all settle down. Cross your paws it all works out.

Tomorrow starts the count down to the party Saturday.. Oh boy, so much to do!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Ready

I am getting ready for the 4th annual puppy party. Hoping for good weather. Only once did I have bad weather and that was the very first one. I can't believe that I have been doing dog rescue for so long. I mean in the grand scheme of things it isn't that long but still never thought I would be so involved.

I think about it every once in a while, what would it be like if I didn't do dog rescue... life sure would be boring. Then my husband might be able to talk me into kids.. better stick with dog rescue.. it is almost not as expensive. LOL

To be honest I do think some days of just giving it all up and / or slowing way way way down. Then I get a dog in that is just the sweetest, nicest, dog who gets along with everything is housebroken and I think if I give up he/she would be dead :-(

I wish I wasn't fighting such a loosing battle. I mean really it is a loosing battle. Look at all the people that send me emails about how they want to breed or all the people I run into who don't have a clue about the animal over population problem. Hell let's be honest I once was one of those people who didn't have a clue about the issues with pet overpopulation. I didn't have a clue what "Pet Stores" were all about.

I remember as a kid going to the mall with my best friend and we always stopped in the Puppy Store to look at the puppies. The thought of it now makes me want to throw up.

Is it just me or does it seem there is a lot more information / education about Puppy Mills, over population problem, Pet store issues then there was say 10 years ago? Or is it because I know about it that I see / hear about it more often??

Oprah, News Stations, 48 hours/ 20/20, Animal Planet, there are commercials now all talking about the issues... I don't remember seeing anything like that 10 years ago or is it because I wasn't paying attention?

I really do want to put up Bill Board ads off major highways... I need to get working on that. I know I keep saying it but I need to educate more people. Is that a good way? I wonder what I can do...