Thursday, September 9, 2010


They say that God only gives you what you can handle. Well today I thanked him for all the beautiful and great things in my life but asked if he could maybe lay off on "giving me things I can handle" just for a little while. LOL!

My husband goes to the doctor yesterday and the doctor sends him to the hospital for tests... tests that lasted from 2pm till midnight... geez we now know every hair that is out of place on that guy! They did everything you can think of.... found nothing wrong at least thus far. They had to send some blood work out and we will get results in a few days. For the love!

I was emotionally drained yesterday... I couldn't have an emotion if I tried. LOL! I was just so overwhelmed with life I went numb. I joked I felt like I just smoked a ton of pot or something.. you know how in the movies people are all mellow and nothing bothers them when they are high.. that was me yesterday but I didn't need drugs to be like that.. LOL

Looking back on it today yesterday did have some comical things happen. First my husband says he is at the hospital so I leave work and go to the hospital but I can't find my husband and no one knows where he is. What the heck?? He isn't answering his phone.. finally he answers. I am at the wrong hospital. LOL!

He tells me to go home take care of the animals and then come up to the RIGHT hospital. Well on my way home from the wrong hospital I drive right pass the dog pound... oh geez.

I end up getting two dogs out of the pound.. one 100% for sure was never getting out of there alive. He was so stinking scared. Once I got him out of the cage and sat on the floor he climbed in my lap and looked at me like HELP! So, I did. Older Rat Terrier guy. VERY nice dog. Then I took a cure spunky JRT out of the shelter.

I went home and THANK YOU to Nel (an adopter) and her two kids and Sam (a volunteer) I was able to get a bunch of stuff done and that re-leaved a lot of stress.

Then I went up to the hospital and sat with my husband till midnight. That was so fun.. NOT!

Anyway, that was my day yesterday.... it can only get better, right? LOL!

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