Friday, September 10, 2010

Tomorro is a big day for many reasons

Tomorrow is a big day! It is the 4th annual Puppy Party. The Puppy Party is where everyone that has adopted from me is invited to come to house, eat, play games, have raffles, try out agility, speak with a trainer and maybe buy a few rescue items to show their support. It is our once a year fund raiser.

It is a lot of fun but I am a bit overwhelmed with my husband being sick. Poor guy!

Tomorrow is also (as you all know) the anniversary or 9/11. Over 2,000 people died that day and 411 emergency workers (fire fighters, policeman) were among those killed. And many more have died since then defending our country so something like this will never happen again. Regardless if you believed / agreed with the war or not everyone should take a few minutes and thank those who server and protect and remember how precious life is.

Whether you are saving human lives or animals lives it is very stressful, at times unappreciated, hard work and I just want to say THANK YOU! to all of those who save lives everyday and protect the innocent.

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