Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woolybear Festival on Sunday

Sunday is the Woolybear Festival. It is held in Vermilion Ohio and is the largest 1 day festival in Ohio. The guy that sponsors it / is the voice for it is Dick Goddard a Cleveland Local Weather guy. He is big on animal adoption and even sponsors a local shelter. Which I just got a dog from yesterday. Although they are a kill shelter they do wait 30 days before considering to put a dog to sleep. They guy I got yesterday had been there for 35 days.

His name is Archie and the sad thing is I have known about him for months. A women had contacted me at the end of July. She is a UPS driver and had been noticing almost everyday for about a month a dog sitting in a big field. The dog was always there but in different spots in the field. She figured it belonged to one of the neighboring houses. Then one day she noticed the dog taking shelter under some brush during a rain storm. That seemed stranger to her, why wouldn't the dog just run home?

The next day she stopped her truck and tried to catch the dog. No such luck. It took her 3 weeks of luring him out with treats and canned dog food but she did finally catch the dog. She wanted me to take him but legally I can't. I told her he has to go to the County Animal Control and be held for the legal amount of time (3 days for a dog with no tags). She reluctantly did. I told her to tell them that if no one claims him or no one adopts him to have the shelter call me and I will come get him.

Yesterday I did

I mean really look at the face! How could anyone just dump him like trash?? He is a nice dog!

I have 4 dogs in the clinic getting neutered so for right now I am ok but I am really hoping that a few dogs get adopted Friday / Saturday because HOLY COW! I am out of room.

To top it all off I had a beagle puppy come back that was adopted in August. The girl said that he played too rough with her ferret. REALLY?? Why would you let a dog and a ferret play?? Whatever!

Anyway, I do have a few applications but not sure that all are a match for someone I have and of course I have duplicate applications on dogs.. I have had this one dog for a few months. She is so amazing and now I have two people interested. Always happens that way. She is a great dog and really likes to play ball so the one application is clearly the better choice because they have kids... the other application although just fine isn't the best match for this particular dog. Hopefully they will be interested in someone else. I just need to think about who would be a good match and happy with this person....

AND I have to get ready to go to the Woolybear Festival. I don't think I have a lot to really get ready, I mean just load everything up and set everything up. I am debating if I want to set things up Saturday or early Sunday morning. Setting up Saturday is always so nerve wracking because someone could come steal my stuff :-( Sunday if I set up, I would have to get up at like 4am. That would make for one long day!

Well cross paws a few dogs find homes this weekend because if not I am going to have to put a few in boarding!

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You have to be kidding me a dog returned because it was playing to rough with a ferret! We sure hope you are able to get a few adopted this weekend! Thanks for Doing what you Do!
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