Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling inspired

I was inspired yesterday to keep going. It has been a long time since I have felt like what I do or say actually matters. I had a girl about 3 years ago who had her horse at my house. She was a nice girl but young, she was 15 - 16 years old when she had her horse at my house. She is now in college.

I have randomly talked to her since she left my barn, we are facebook friends and once in awhile she will comment on a photo or vice versa. She is a good kid (you know you are old when you call college students kids. UGH!)

Yesterday she reached out to me and told me that she is volunteering at the local dog pound where she goes to school. The dog pound she is speaking of I know VERY well. It is in rural, southern Ohio, always has a million dogs and 50% of them beagles... stupid hilly billies just take them hunting and then leave them in the woods to fend for themselves. Whatever, a-holes.

It is really hard to get dogs from there because it is so far away and there aren't a lot of people / rescues in that area who can help.

She told me that it is pretty sad to see all the dogs that need homes and she wanted to reach out to rescues in Ohio and see if maybe she can help to save some of them from untimely deaths. She will come home (about a 4 hour drive straight up the middle of the state) and would be willing and able to take dogs from the shelter and drive them home with her and hopefully meet rescues along the way to drop off dogs.

She said that she decided to start volunteering and got the idea to help because of me. AWWW YAY someone does listen. Only 999 billion more people to go.. LOL!!


Katie H. said...

I wonder if she volunteers at the same pound I do? Is it the Athens County Dog Shelter? If so, our rescue group can connect with her and get her involved. We always need help.

Dog Rescuer said...

Hi Katie! Long time no talk to.. yep sure is. Her name is Lauri A. (don't want to put her last name) Check my facebook page, she posted something on there last night

fureverhomes said...

You got her, she'll get someone, they'll get someone, who will get someone ripples from a pebble tossed in a lake. We may not see the how far the ripples travel, but they do.

Lorena said...

I live in a college town. The kids are always coming up to me when I walk the shelter dogs "oh that's such a cute dog" I explain to them that they are from the shelter. "They say I can't have a pet right now" and I always tell them that they can volunteer at the shelter if they want. Sometimes you have to educate people and plant it in their brain that just because they can't have a pet where they live, doesn't mean they can't help out and be around the dogs. They can still volunteer and help and get their dog fix

Allison at Novice Life said...

That is wonderful!