Monday, September 20, 2010

Long weekend

Friday I started work about 6:30am. Worked until around 3ish, rushed to the vet office to pick up the paper work / bills for Eddie. Eddie the heartworm positive dog that has been with us for nearly 6 months trying to fight off heartworm... he was finally neutered a few weeks ago and is in a foster home. Poor dog however, became very sick and it seems he is having congestive heart failure ;-(
So, I went to the vet to figure out what is going on since the foster home is the one who took him to the vet.

Then I left there, went to the APL to pick up a dog and then went home. Got changed into barn clothes, worked my donkeys, let the dogs out, cleaned kennels, gave everyone fresh food, water and beds as usually, made her the goats, horses, chickens and cats were all taken care of... I had a new horse come to the barn on Friday and I arranged to have 5 dogs transported to me from down south so that I can take them to another rescue who had the room so their lives would be spared. So those guys arrived about 7:30 and I was able to take them to the other rescue around 8:30. I then came home and packed... I left around 10pm to drive 3 hours to the campgrounds where my husband was so I could go 4-wheeling on Saturday.

Busy day Friday.... Saturday I rode 4-wheelers all day and then drove home that night b/c I had dogs to take care of on Sunday.

Sunday Dante got adopted YAY! But boo all at the same time. I love that dog.. LOL!

I was so sore after riding all day on Saturday but still had to do all my normal chores including cleaning horses stalls... OMG I thought I was going to die. LOL I was so sore I could barely walk. LOL!

THEN this morning 4 dogs went to get fixed. WOOHOO.. mini vacation for me with 4 dogs. Now if I can get a few adopted / promised and gone this weekend that would be perfect.

Saturday I am debating if a have an adoption event or not and Sunday is the Woolybear Festival so this coming up weekend will be long too.

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