Monday, September 6, 2010

Good weekend

It was a good weekend and one I needed before I burned totally out. 6 dogs went to their forever homes which means I can get more dogs moved into foster homes. WOOHOOO!!

I am a little worried about one of the dogs coming back though. It wouldn't the dogs fault. The family can't say enough about how nice he is. Their dog is a bit spoiled.. LOL

I am sure if they can hang in there and get through just a few days it will all settle down. Cross your paws it all works out.

Tomorrow starts the count down to the party Saturday.. Oh boy, so much to do!


Anonymous said...

Who are you worried about coming back? I hope not Jane. She has been through enough already.

Dog Rescuer said...

Randy. One of the brothers. The family that adopted him are very nice but maybe too nice. LOL! Their female JRT runs the house and isn't taking well to having Randy around.

I am sure that if they can get through a few days it will all settle down. I have given them some tips and they are listening. They are super nice people which might be the problem.