Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on puppy with broken leg

The dog is a 5 month old JRT mix. He has a crushed femur, a broken pelvis and muscle damage which needs repaired. Multiple Breed Rescue does not have the funds to cover the expensive surgery.

We need to raise $2,500 by 7:30am on Monday so that he can have the surgery. If we can't raise the money, he can't have surgery because we have no way to pay for it :-(

The surgery will consist of him having his back leg removed and the muscles in his rear repaired. The trauma to him was so bad that the muscles were ripped from the bone and need to be repaired.

If anyone can donate, even $5.00 please call the vet office 216-252-4500 and tell them it is for SPARKY THE JRT or you can donate at Pay Pal to


Let me just tell you I have been through hell and back today with this poor dog. My day started at 7am with driving the dog around and speaking with about 6 different vet, a dozen rescue people, friends.. am I doing the right thing??!! I have had 1 person yell at me and tell me I am going to regret fixing this dog, I had one person tell me I am being stupid for spending this much money on one dog. I have cried today from the stress / the pressure. Days like this I wish I didn't have to make decision, days like this I wish I didn't do dog rescue. I am tired, an emotional wreck and I have decided that as long as I can raise the funds the dog will have his surgery. I really hope I can because I can't handle the thought of putting him down.

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