Thursday, March 31, 2011

This was sent to me today

Nobody’s Dog

He's Nobody's Dog... brave spirit aching
A heart worn and heavy
There for the taking

No religion has he, nor knows how to pray
Yet his faith could shame man's
in its own humble way

ln graceful abidance... accepting his plight
Holding hope in his heart
He concedes all to life

He seeks in each face a kind-hearted glance
ln earnest and yearning
For one promising chance

He'll wait on and on, though long it may seem
While he's Somebody's Dog
Each night... in his dreams

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Application Received

I have started processing applications for the 13 puppies that are currently up for adoption. As I do for any of my dogs I want to adopt to the very very best home possible. So, I received an application and everything looked OK. Not great but OK. Then I read the question;

Where will the dog be if left alone?

And their answer is:

Outside if old enough and in house in inclement weather

Sorry but the puppies are not going to be left alone outside EVER! Last year 3 dogs of people I know were STOLEN and I receive many many email about people's dogs who just went up missing from their yards.

So my response back to them was:

Thank you for your application but at this time we can not approve your application. We are concerned for a dogs safety being left outside alone. There have been a number of dog theft reports in and around Elyria.

And then I get back this response:

To Whom It May Concern,

I had never heard of your rescue group before I saw the puppies on petfinder and to be quite honest none of my family will ever seek to adopt from your organization again. First, we have read some very unflattering information about you and your organization in the paper, and now we know there is truth to what is being presented. We have never heard of any dognappings in Elyria, so frankly I think that is simply ridiculous. After reading the unflattering things about you and your organization online we unfortunately no longer wanted to do business with you before we received this email. Rescue organizations to my knowledge are supposed to benefit the animals by finding them loving families, but apparently your organization is not in the business of finding loving homes for the animals. We returned to our reputable rescue that IS in the business of finding good, loving homes for their animals, so we will be adopting from them again. Also, some friendly advice for the future, negative reviews do not fare well for future and continued business. Good luck in the future and I feel worse for the animals in your care because I do not believe that anyone will fit to your standards for their "forever homes".

First of all if you google my name and you google my rescue... NOTHING negative comes up. Now thanks to my local news paper their is a legal issue that I am trying to get resolved regarding someone who broke contract and gave a way a dog without my knowledge or permission. But outside of that which basically just shows I will do whatever is needed to make sure the dogs I place are happy and healthy. Can't find anything negative.

OMG I am just so sick of people.

My response was

Sounds Great! Wish you the best.

UGH so sick of a-holes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ellen DeGeneres In Trouble With Rescue Agency For Giving Adopted Dog Away

this is a repost from 2007 from Itchmo: New For Dogs & Cats

Ellen DeGeneres is in trouble with a pet rescue agency for giving a dog that she adopted away to her hairdresser.

DeGeneres adopted Iggy, a Brussels Griffon mix, at the Mutts and Moms dog adoption agency in late September. Unfortunately, Iggy and her cats didn’t get along, and Iggy was too energetic, so DeGeneres gave the dog to her hairdresser.

When a representative from Mutts and Moms called DeGeneres to see how Iggy was doing, she said she had given the dog away to another family. The agency said DeGeneres violated an agreement by not telling them what she did.

On Sunday, an agency representative went to the hairdresser’s home and took Iggy away. The two daughters of the hairdresser, ages 11 and 12, had become close to the dog and were extremely upset when Iggy was removed from the house.

DeGeneres spoke about the situation during a taping of her show. She said she did not read all the paperwork during the adoption.

She told her audience, “I thought I did a good thing. I tried to find a loving home for the dog because I couldn’t keep it. I feel totally responsible for it and I’m so sorry. I’m begging them to give that dog back to that family. I just want the family to have their dog. It’s not their fault. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have given the dog away. Just please give the dog back to those little girls.”

Source: Associated Press

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Puppies are 3 weeks old

Mr. Pibb

Friday, March 11, 2011

Perfect timing.... remember why I do dog rescue

Hi Amy!

Just wanted to send a quick update on our Bernie. Everything about him is so awesome! He seriously is the best dog. You would be so proud of him. He is so friendly, lovey, easy-going, happy, & just perfect. I could go on forever about him. He & Lily are the best of friends. I knew she would at least tolerate him, but they are BFFs. Total shocker to me. Lily has even been less uptight since we've had Bernie. She used to get nervous around strangers, in the car, at the vet, etc, but I think she sees how calm Bernie is & it mellows her out.

He is a little goofy though. Ok, maybe a LOT goofy. I remember when we came to meet him & you told us he was a little odd. You couldn't have been more right about that. He definitely has a couple screws loose. Not in a bad way, just a dopey, happy go lucky dog way. He has a stuffed bunny that he takes everywhere & that's not an exaggeration. He's not protective over it (he lets Lily play with it), but he takes it everywhere like a kid with their baby blanket. If he comes to bed & forgets it, 5 minutes later he's searching the house for it & will only come back to bed when he has it. Bunny even goes outside with him to potty. Sometimes he drops bunny & ends up peeing on it. I don't know how many times I've had to wash that stupid thing. Our neighbors even know about bunny. I was letting him back inside the other day & heard the neighbor yell "Bernie, don't forget bunny!". LOL! He knew exactly what they said. He ran straight back to bunny, picked him up, & ran back to the door.

I attached a pic of the BFFs for you. I had some others, but he was either sleeping or had bunny in his mouth.

Hope all is well!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All sick dogs

I feel like the rescue with all the sick dogs. I just took in another one of the hoarder dogs. This guy is in really bad shape, I left him at the APL because they said it would be fine and they would treat him but on Monday the Humane Officer called me because the shelter manager wanted to put him to sleep.

NO WAY I wasn't going to let that happen.

As soon as I have time I will put up pictures. Poor guy looks horrible.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dog Hoarder

Last week I received an email from the Portage APL Humane Officer. He had been notified of a dog hoarder who started with 2 Jack Russells and now has 20 plus. He wanted to know if I could help with taking a few dogs. UGH I hate hoarder dogs they are almost worse then puppy mill dogs because they are for sure inbred. BUT for whatever reason I said ok. I told him when he got all the dogs out to let me know and I would make arrangements to come evaluate them.

So Saturday after I was done with all my chores in the care I went to go to Portage. When I got there he said that the puppies had been picked up by a puppy rescue and 2 got adopted to the general public already, one died over night (probably a heart attack) and there were 12 left. 5 girls, 7 boys.

I was totally prepared to be evaluating totally mental, cross eyed backward dogs. I mean if the hoarder started with 2 dogs and ended up with a grand total of 23... UGH!

Well here is the kicker, there is NO WAY she started with 2 JRT's because the dogs were not all JRT's. 2 were pure breed Carin Terriers, 1 was a larger Chihuahua, another was a min pin mix looking thing, only 1 I looked at and said YEP JRT, another was a JRT / Chihuahua mix and one was clearly Yorkie mix. These dogs were all sorts of different breeds. I think the "hoarder" complete lied to the humane officer.

Anyway, the dogs really weren't that backwards and only one really was mean. I ended up taking the 3 most scared females. The males were actually all pretty social and I told them if they just separated them they would do way better. They are so dependent on each other they aren't bonding with people but as soon as you separate them from each other they will bond with people and actually make really nice pets.

I left one behind who was in really really bad shape b/c they said they could handle his skin issue but I guess the shelter manager wants to put him down. He is an old guy with HORRIBLE flea allergy and there is no way I can let him be put to sleep. I mean he is going to be a long termer while he heals but I can't let him get put down. Poor baby.

The three girls I got, I had spayed on Monday b/c I was worried that they were prego but they weren't. THANK GOD! They have horrible skin but have already started to come out of their shell and I just posted the Yorkie mix today.. hopefully I can get them into home quickly. there so so many more that need me.

Paws Crossed they become real dogs soon and find forever homes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last week I received an email for Sarena from Morrow County Dog Shelter. She had a cute little JRT there that was picked up as a stray on Feb 15. She couldn't believe he hadn't been adopted yet. She asked if I had room, I do and I don't but said I would take him. It was just a matter of when and how to get him.

To make a very long story short. I was able to connect with Chris, this women who works in Columbus area during the week but lives near me. She can ofter pick up dogs along her route home and bring them to me on Friday's after she gets off work.

Ok, so perfect I will get Cooper is his name on Friday.

Then I received the following email:

Dear Friends,

Last night, Ohio suffered some terrible thunderstorms. This, on top of recent snowfall created the perfect storm for tragedy in the form of flooding. Morrow Co Dog Shelter in rural Mt. Gilead did not escape the tragedy. Apparently, the shelter sits on flood-risk area. This small shelter can only house about 23 dogs. It is as bare bones as you can get. When the Dog Warden arrived at the shelter today, she knew it was bad news. Waters flooded out far from the shelter - so much so a boat was brought in to reach the shelter.

Sadly, 3 small dogs did not survive the floods. 19 made it out. I cannot even begin to fathom the sheer terror these dogs went thru until their rescue. The shelter is uninhabitable at this point. The dogs are being kept temporarily at a Good Sam's building. The Dog Warden urgently would love to place the dogs into rescue, temp foster homes or forever homes. If there are ever dogs deserving of second chances, it would be these 19.

My rescue, Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare League, is small, and we have limited funds...but we cannot turn our backs on animals in need. We have met many of these dogs. We have fallen in love with them. Less than 2 weeks ago, we rescued a senior beagle named Bee from this very shelter. These dogs are worthy of our help - all of our help. If you are a rescue, please consider helping one of these dogs. Transport & vetting are available. If you would be interested in fostering a dog for us & live near Mansfield, OH - please contact me. If you can temporarily foster for the Dog Shelter, you can contact the Dog Shelter directly. Their Petfinder site is:

The Dog Warden said monetary donations can be made at any Chase Bank in their name: Morrow Co Dog Shelter.

I didn't really sleep last night and his eyes are haunting me.... little Cooper died. I blame myself for not getting him this weekend....