Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Application Received

I have started processing applications for the 13 puppies that are currently up for adoption. As I do for any of my dogs I want to adopt to the very very best home possible. So, I received an application and everything looked OK. Not great but OK. Then I read the question;

Where will the dog be if left alone?

And their answer is:

Outside if old enough and in house in inclement weather

Sorry but the puppies are not going to be left alone outside EVER! Last year 3 dogs of people I know were STOLEN and I receive many many email about people's dogs who just went up missing from their yards.

So my response back to them was:

Thank you for your application but at this time we can not approve your application. We are concerned for a dogs safety being left outside alone. There have been a number of dog theft reports in and around Elyria.

And then I get back this response:

To Whom It May Concern,

I had never heard of your rescue group before I saw the puppies on petfinder and to be quite honest none of my family will ever seek to adopt from your organization again. First, we have read some very unflattering information about you and your organization in the paper, and now we know there is truth to what is being presented. We have never heard of any dognappings in Elyria, so frankly I think that is simply ridiculous. After reading the unflattering things about you and your organization online we unfortunately no longer wanted to do business with you before we received this email. Rescue organizations to my knowledge are supposed to benefit the animals by finding them loving families, but apparently your organization is not in the business of finding loving homes for the animals. We returned to our reputable rescue that IS in the business of finding good, loving homes for their animals, so we will be adopting from them again. Also, some friendly advice for the future, negative reviews do not fare well for future and continued business. Good luck in the future and I feel worse for the animals in your care because I do not believe that anyone will fit to your standards for their "forever homes".

First of all if you google my name and you google my rescue... NOTHING negative comes up. Now thanks to my local news paper their is a legal issue that I am trying to get resolved regarding someone who broke contract and gave a way a dog without my knowledge or permission. But outside of that which basically just shows I will do whatever is needed to make sure the dogs I place are happy and healthy. Can't find anything negative.

OMG I am just so sick of people.

My response was

Sounds Great! Wish you the best.

UGH so sick of a-holes.


Allison at Novice Life said...

I hate people

nikolebn said...

wtf. people suck

shona said...

Sponds to me like perhaps this was a set up to see what you would say. You did the right thing not feeding into her. YOU ROCK!! LOL

Charles W. said...

Good job. At our house when the weather is nice and I must leave everyone at home for a few hours, I have locked kennels that I can put 2 in for a few hours, and I rush, rush, rush then. How do people just leave their dogs in danger?
Hope you dont mind if I link this to our blog next week. Thanks.

House of the Discarded said...

Way to take the high road, Amy!

Colleen D said...

Yes, I agree and have done the same thing. You are an inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work.

ann onamous said...

You are the bees knees, sister! I would hate to see what these folks consider poor treatment! Your response was perfect!