Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dog Hoarder

Last week I received an email from the Portage APL Humane Officer. He had been notified of a dog hoarder who started with 2 Jack Russells and now has 20 plus. He wanted to know if I could help with taking a few dogs. UGH I hate hoarder dogs they are almost worse then puppy mill dogs because they are for sure inbred. BUT for whatever reason I said ok. I told him when he got all the dogs out to let me know and I would make arrangements to come evaluate them.

So Saturday after I was done with all my chores in the care I went to go to Portage. When I got there he said that the puppies had been picked up by a puppy rescue and 2 got adopted to the general public already, one died over night (probably a heart attack) and there were 12 left. 5 girls, 7 boys.

I was totally prepared to be evaluating totally mental, cross eyed backward dogs. I mean if the hoarder started with 2 dogs and ended up with a grand total of 23... UGH!

Well here is the kicker, there is NO WAY she started with 2 JRT's because the dogs were not all JRT's. 2 were pure breed Carin Terriers, 1 was a larger Chihuahua, another was a min pin mix looking thing, only 1 I looked at and said YEP JRT, another was a JRT / Chihuahua mix and one was clearly Yorkie mix. These dogs were all sorts of different breeds. I think the "hoarder" complete lied to the humane officer.

Anyway, the dogs really weren't that backwards and only one really was mean. I ended up taking the 3 most scared females. The males were actually all pretty social and I told them if they just separated them they would do way better. They are so dependent on each other they aren't bonding with people but as soon as you separate them from each other they will bond with people and actually make really nice pets.

I left one behind who was in really really bad shape b/c they said they could handle his skin issue but I guess the shelter manager wants to put him down. He is an old guy with HORRIBLE flea allergy and there is no way I can let him be put to sleep. I mean he is going to be a long termer while he heals but I can't let him get put down. Poor baby.

The three girls I got, I had spayed on Monday b/c I was worried that they were prego but they weren't. THANK GOD! They have horrible skin but have already started to come out of their shell and I just posted the Yorkie mix today.. hopefully I can get them into home quickly. there so so many more that need me.

Paws Crossed they become real dogs soon and find forever homes.

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