Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am a warrior

I am a warrior.
Not because I want to be.
I am a warrior.
Because a human made me.

I have scares to show you for all the times I was in battle.
I didn't want to battle.
I don't like battle.
I did it because a human made me.
It is all I ever knew.

Being a warrior is not a fun life.
It is scary, lonely, depressing life.
It is a life I wish on no one.
Being a warrior is what I had to do to survive.
Many of my friends were not so lucky.
Many of my friends I had to battle.

Today is a different life.
I am still a warrior.
A warrior in a different way.
A warrior in a positive way.

I help to educate others on life as a warrior.
I explain to humans that being a warrior is not a life.
It is something no one should ever be forced to do.
It is cruel.
It is immoral.

Some may call me a survivor.
I just call myself a dog.

-written from Freedom's perspective, a Pit Bull rescued from a dog fighting ring owned by A. Hunt.

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