Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrown from a bridge

A man and his dog were taking a peace full walk through the park when out of no where a dog dropped from the sky landing at their feet.  The man and dog were both shocked.. the man looked around and then looked up, there was a bridge over head and two people running.

Yep you guessed right, someone picked this sweet dog up, tossed her over a bridge and ran off.

Believe it or not, she didn't die.  She suffered only a broken toe and jammed hips.  She spent a month at the vet on cage rest and pain killers but is doing better now.  She still walks very stiff and you can tell she spent most or all of her life in a cage.  It is hard to explain but I have been seeing it a lot lately in Pit Bulls...I call it Duck Feet.  It is like their "ankle" is weak and they walk on part of their actual leg.  If I can get pictures I will.

Anyway, the beautiful gray Pit Bull pictures below is the one that was thrown off the bridge.  Her name is Skid ;-)


Anonymous said...

Who would do something like that? Seriously. What kind of person has such disregard for life? It's horrible. However, what you do is amazing. Thanks for that. You help to balance out all the bad that is done to these sweet animals.

Life Of Susan, A Dog Shelter Worker and Animal Lover. said...

Some people have no respect for life, to do something like throw a dog off a bridge shows the cruelty that some people have in them. Good on you for helping this dog. There is a lot of stigma about Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, and Rotties that the public needs to be educated on, the truth is that those breeds of dogs are often more loving than other breeds.

English Rider said...

She is beautiful. I think i'm understanding what you mean by duck feet. One of our group's rescue collies had that surgically repaired. It was a big deal. Your vet probably knows more. If not, I can track down info.