Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why is it that they are less important?

Modell's Sporting Goods a store in the Philly area was having a big release of a new clothing line by Michael Vick.  Yes, you heard right...   They had him at the store as a promotion of the clothing line and to draw people into the store.

They probably did just the opposite. There are over 500 comments on their Facebook page slamming them for this "promotional" event and slamming them for even carrying the clothing line.

I read through some of the comments.. not all but some and yes some people took comments too far "I would like to put meat juice all over him and toss him into a pit fighting ring."  Other simply states "I will NEVER shop here ever again even if it means I have to go out of my way."

Then what really made me upset is there were people not many mind you but some that were trying to defend Michael Vick.  Really??? Seriously???  Someone actually said "you crazy animal people why don't you do something like protect children."

Why is it that people always and I mean ALWAYS use that a statement for why "crazy animal people" shouldn't get upset over things like Michael Vick.

Let me put it into prospective with two words, one name.... JERRY SANDUSKY!

Ok, so he has been convicted of some pretty horrible acts on children.  I am sure there are people making comments about how they would like to physically harm him and no one is bashing them for those comments.    Yet when someone says they wish bad things to someone who hurt an animal they are being a hypocrite?

The maximum sentence for animal cruelty is 1 year in jail and some fines which is what Vick got.  Now he is back out in society as a regular member playing a sport he loves and being a "role" model for children.  Someone children look up to.  This is ok and acceptable because he "paid his debt" someone said in their comments and "he publicly apologized."

Let's say Jerry Sandusky gets 5 years in jail for is crimes (not really sure what maximum is but this is hypothetical analogy).  Fast forward.  It is 5 years from now.  Jerry gets out of jail, publicly apologizes and goes back to working in college football.  Is that ok? 

I know what some people will argue is that Vick needs to make a living.  To that I say so does Sandusky.
I know some people will say it is different with Vick because he isn't working with dogs.  Ok, right but Sandusky didn't abuse college students he abused small children.

There are 4 types of crimes that I think should have over the top punishment... felony charges, major fines and a lot A LOT of time in jail
#1. Crimes related to children.
#2. Crimes related to elderly.
#3. Crimes related to mentally or physically handicapped .
#4. Crimes related to animals.

I don't care if it is stealing money, scamming, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc.  LIVING things who depend on others to care for them should NOT in anyway be victimized by cowards.  And honestly that is all Vick and Sundusky are cowards!  They would have NEVER NEVER EVER tried to hurt someone or something that would fight back or talk.  They abused those who could do nothing but allow the abuse to go on.

It makes me want to cry to think, to see, to hear about the dogs Vick had... what goes on in their minds... happy to see their human because they bring food but scared that they are going to torture them.

The graphic detail of how Vick slammed a dog on the ground over and over again until it died.  Imagine what was going through the mind of that dog.  Wishing for the pain to end but it's body trying to fight to survive.

The picture of the dog bleeding from it's nose with it's tongue hanging from it's mouth with a rope around it's neck.  It has been hung for not winning a fight.

Does that not bother people?

Then you have the video that the media exposed about the rapper in Detroit who showed his "fighting" dogs. There were at least 3 other males and a female walking around while he locked and unlocked buildings where dogs and roosters were being kept in horrible conditions and listening to him talk about fighting them.  Two small puppies in a cage barking and jumping up and down like puppies do and he says "those are the next champions right there"


Would you want your children around someone who could be that violent to a living creature?  Would you want your children to look up to someone who has committed such crimes and want to be "just like them"

We have a huge moral issue in our society and something has got to change.  Crimes against animals needs to be a lot stiffer.  I mean I know people who have had social services called on them regarding their children. And the claims were of course false.  Someone was just mad at them and wanted to cause trouble. Yet you see a dog outside in the heat tied to a tree and the police are called to the home 3 times, they knock on the door but no one answers and they just leave the dog there and then it eventually dies.
Why is that ok?  Why couldn't they have taken the dog?  Oh right because it had a bowl of water..... that makes it ok.

A life is a life I don't care how you look at it......

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Days In The Life Of Susan, An Animal Shelter Worker Who Has Bipolar Disorder said...

Dog Rescuer, Michael Vick is a sadist, putting helpless dogs into a ring a making them fight to the death. If a human put children into a ring, and made them fight to the death, people would look on it differently. I agree, there should be the same penalties for people who abuse animals, as for those who abuse helpless people. Unfortunately the penalties are not the same, because people do not look on animals as having the same feelings as humans, whereas in fact animals can feel more, and are regularly subjected to worse treatment. At the shelter I work at I have seen the victims of dog fighting, and it is shocking to see the dog that has been transformed from a loving, trusting being to a frightened, betrayed one.