Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mom and puppies near death

I received a message on Thursday asking for help for a Mom Shepard / Boxer mix and her 5 puppies that are 4 weeks old.  2 puppies had already died.  Man in a not so great neighborhood on the East side of Cleveland admitted to not being able to afford to feed them.

A volunteer went and picked the puppies up on Friday afternoon and drove them directly to the vet.  The mom is EXTREMELY emaciated and the puppies look like Bobble head dolls.  IT IS GROSS!  I have had a many mom dogs who are emaciated but NEVER have I had emaciated puppies.

Mom and puppies were dropped off to me after visiting the vet and getting Capstar to take care of the fleas that were COVERING their little bodies and mom dog was given tape worm medicine.  Petting them felt like petting sandpaper around bones.  Not kidding you, all bones and covered in bumps from all the flea bites.

I gave mom food but she started scarfing it down and I had to take it away so she wouldn't get sick.  Saturday I was very worried about them.  The puppies were so anemic from having their blood sucked dry by all the fleas that their gums were gray and so were their tongues. I honestly was worried that the one wasn't going to make it.

This morning they ate some of the milk replacement that I got them on Saturday and one puked about 5 minutes later.  He puked WORMS.  I decided to work them even though I was trying to wait.  I knew they needed it but with them being so weak I wasn't sure if it would upset their stomachs too much.  It is one of those darn if you do darn if you don't.

Well I wormed them and all they have done all day is puke or poop worms.  It is so gross.

I THINK I HOPE they will make it.  Their gums look a little better today....

Puppy Paws crossed PLEASE!

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