Monday, October 8, 2012

This weekend...

Well as I said this weekend was a long one due to the mom and puppies that were so sick.  Today at least they were acting more like puppies.  Making noise getting into things.

I had someone come over to meet Reba this weekend.  She was in the barn playing with Reba and Faith, Joey and Freedom were out front playing and guess who showed up!  I called the Sheriff and learned some interesting things.  I am not really sure why taking video and pictures of dogs is so interesting.. YES I HAVE DOGS!  No one has ever denied that... so the point?

I think the lady felt uncomfortable.  Great thank you I lost an adoption because my neighbor won't leave me a lone.  Good job!  Another dog to stay living at my house until God only knows when all because someone was made to feel uncomfortable. UGH!


This weekend is an adoption event. I really really hope that a few dogs get some homes.  I feel like BIG DOG rescue.. we have so many right now.

Paws crossed for some adoptions and for the puppies to keep feeling better!


Bill B. said...

HI there! Keep going. It will get better. Today, at our isolated rural shelter, we had two adoptions! And I opened the Shelter Sunday afternoon and arranged another one for a family that has only Sunday off from both their opposite-shift jobs. Their dog is getting Spayed tomorrow morning. Guess which volunteer is showing up at 8 to take the dog in! And a cat got adopted from the pet store, so two are going in the large cage there to replace him! And I don't have to deliver them! All this is fantastic for a shelter that averages less than one potential adoption visitor per day in ordinary weeks!

Have you got a video camera? Video back! Or get a friend to dress up as a clown and put on a show every time he comes out during your fair! Anything that is made an object of fun becomes powerless!

Best wishes with your sick animals. We recently had a bonerack dog come in held together by ticks and fleas. He was fostered, recovered, and adopted in less than 60 days. Happy dog, happy foster family, and happy adopters!

I think of you frequently and admire your heart and hard work greatly.

Best wishes,
Bill B.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you could get a restraining order against her?

Otherwise comment to adopters that you are sorry for your neighbor's behavior but she is off her medication...

Thinking good thought for you.

Dog Rescuer said...

I talked to the prosecutor years ago about a restraining order but I don't think he actually ever hurt me. To get a restraining order he would've had to threaten me bodily harm.

I've had two dogs poisoned and one shot with a BB gun. But can't prove who was.

MyLy M said...

I appreciate what you do and I am sure other animal lovers do too! That is so sad about dogs being poisoned and shot, it just disgust me sometimes how humanity can be. Keep your head up and your heart open! Thanks!


dogsdonate said...

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