Monday, December 10, 2012

Weird adoption event

We had our monthly adoption event on Saturday.  What a weird day.  We were busy like always but sure seemed like people were window shopping.  Janie a poor little dog that is just full of life (aka high energy) did meet her new family but they aren't picking her up until Christmas Eve.  And Sade this REALLY COOL Pit Bull met his new family.  AND Koby met his but other then that slow day.  

I had a women who volunteers at the dog pound come over to the adoption event with a dog in hand, some type of hound beagle mix thing and try to pressure me into taking the dog.  It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever.  She was being really really pushy.  Until I got angry with her and really stern she wasn't going to take no for an answer.  I can't take hounds/beagles anything that is a known barker.  Sorry!  I told her flat out she is more then welcome to go to my neighbor and call his lawyer if she would like to take it up with them.

Then I had a guy get all "wrinkle faced and insulted" when I told him that we couldn't adopt to him unless his dog was neutered.  I really wasn't in a mood for it and I got snotty with him.  I told him do you think I do this for fun?  Do you think that these puppies are here because someone was responsible?  No they are hear because someone didn't fix their dog and trust me I don't do this for money, finding dogs homes, I do this because people don't fix their dogs and then don't take responsibility for the lives they created!  And I just walked away.

THEN I had a couple, nice couple who was interested in Slade.  I thought they were the couple that was already pre-approved... they were there right at 11am and we are always so busy and a volunteer said, the couple that is already has an application in for Slade is here.  What I didn't realize is they had turned in an application at 5:30, I never saw it b/c I left work at 5 on Friday and didn't look at my email again that night or on Saturday.  SO I wrongfully assumed that they were the couple from Lyndhurst.  Anyway, I told them if they were interested in adopting Slade they just needed to let me know and I we would set up a home visit.

Anyway, long story short is they emailed me saying they wanted Slade, I realized what had happened and emailed them back telling them.  Well they got all WE WERE FIRST WE WANT HIM YOU SAID WE COULD HAVE HIM!  Honestly felt like I was dealing with two spoiled 5 year old. UGH!  I had to call them and tell them NO your application hasn't been processed yet.  Kinda of hard to do that when you sent it at 5:30 last night and it is 2pm on Saturday!  They really made me mad b/c it isn't first come first serve it is whoever is best for the dog period and end!

It was just a strange day! 

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