Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire took their lives

Early morning on Monday a volunteer and foster family for both my rescue and another local rescue lost EVERYTHING!  And I mean everything in a house fire.  Husband and wife and 4 of their dogs made it out without a scratch, 1 dog was found by firer fighters and brought back with Oxygen and 3 rescue foster dogs died in the fire.

Since I found out about this 2 hours after it happened, I rallied the rescue group and others to start collecting donations and I talked to my brother to see if he would offer his empty rental house to them.  I knew full well that they were not going to be able to find a place that would allow 5 canine family members and I know this family wasn't going to stay anywhere without them!  Can't say I can blame her.

Last night we have stuff loaded into the rental and did some cleaning.  I am going back over tonight to do more cleaning and organizing.  Hopefully soon we will have the house ready for them to move in.  At least that is my hope!

Be thankful what you have because you never know when it can all be taken away!

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