Friday, November 2, 2012

Shelters are full .

Shelters are full to the brim with dogs.  It is crazy, I can't believe how full everyone is.  I swear things keep getting worse and worse.  We are getting in two more mom dogs with about 20 puppies between the two of them.  They were going to die.  AND we took in a blind JRT and it's seeing friend AND AND AND AND the list keeps going.  We have so many dogs in the rescue right now.  I have closed the doors for right now b/c if we are going to go financially under if I keep taking in dogs.

We have an adoption event on November 10th.  I am hoping between now and then we adopt out at least 15 dogs.  I have to.  WE NEED ADOPTIONS BAD!!!!!!!

And we are holding a Christmas breakfast on December 1st from 9 - 12.  Pictures with the REAL Santa.  Hopefully we can sell enough tickets to make it worth it.  We need to sell 500! YIKES!

Well off to start my weekend and pray I can get through the weekend without my picture taken!  LOL That is my goal every weekend, I am just not usually very successful at it.

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MyLy M said...

Good luck, keep doing what you do for them, the dogs And humans, but don't forget to take care of you, too! :)