Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally some good news!

My sweet little Malcolm was scheduled to be put to sleep on Tuesday because he was sick and we couldn't fix him. My wonderful vet just couldn't do it and suggested we run more tests. Good news he might not be as sick as we thought. He may just have a low sodium and potassium deficiency which is treated with baking soda and banana's! YAY!! We have him on that now and I should start to see results in 3 days. PRAY FOR US!!!

The 4 dogs I adopted out on Saturday are doing well. Carl, now Buckeye came down with a sinus infection so I picked him up yesterday to treat him. No big deal, rest and some medicine. I brought him home because I didn't think it was fair to the family to have a sick dog. He will probably be going home tomorrow.

Regal came back to me last weekend. Her new brother and sister just couldn't handle her energy and they were getting mad at her. So, she is on a 10 day trial with a new family that doesn't have any other older dogs! Hopefully that poor sweet girl can finally have a home.

This really great lady came out with her two cute puppies the other night and met Teka. She really seemed to love her. So, hopefully that will work out.

The family that took Dorothy home for a trial decide it wasn't going to work but that is ok. They learned alot about Dorothy and what Dorothy likes and doesn't like so now it should be a lot easier to find Dorothy a forever home. They are probably going to get another dog but will wait till summer is over and they aren't running around every weekend. You know how that goes...

There is a family that is going to come see Spud either this Sunday or next. I am really hoping for this Sunday because I could use the room. I am getting two new dogs today and there are few other that I am trying to get out of shelters before it is too late :-( Already too late for a 3rd one that I wanted to get out...poor baby.

I think that is it for what is going on.

Oh FRAN!! She has another vet appointment this week. She is doing better but has had runny stool the last few days and has had a few accidents in the house. They all seem to be at night when everyone is sleeping and right by the door. Poor girl. Last night she pooped 3 times in the dinning room. YUK!

Her skin isn't pink everywhere and her neck isn't as gross as it was before so we were able to put her collar back on her. She is eating at her feet and her chin is all raw and red. That just showed up the other day. So, good thing we are going to the vet. My poor million dollar baby.

People have been very help full with her medical bills. One nice guy Mr. Legg sent a very generous donation and really wants to adopt her. I sent him an application so hopefully he completes it. Sounds like just a super nice guy.

Well cross your fingers and PRAY! That some of these babied find homes soon. Some have been with me too long.

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