Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why I do rescue

I received a call from my friend who does Aussie Rescue. A women was sent to a nursing home. She has 3 Aussies. 1 is 13 years old and blind and the other 2 will be 8 years old in November and have never been away from her or each other.

If those dogs would have been turned into the pound they would have been killed IMMEDIATELY! Why? You probably just said to yourself. Well #1. They are considered owner surrenders and they can be put down any time. There isn't a law that says the dog pound would have to hold them for any length of time. #2. They would have been killed just because of their age. #3. The blind one would have been killed just for being blind and the two 8 year olds are so scared they would have been killed for that.

So, really they have nothing going for them here.

Denise was able to get them last night and I am holding the two 8 year olds at my house. Not that have the room but seriously what am I supposed to do? Let them die? I don't think so!

So, anyone out there who might read this or know someone who truly honestly wants to RESCUE something these three need rescuing!

Here are pictures of the 8 year olds..... Oh and don't worry I am putting them on a diet.. LOL!!!

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