Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting the puppies ready..

Well the puppies are going to be ready to go home on Tuesday. I have 8 applications approved and 9 puppies. Waiting for one person to get back to me with her landlord's information. It is always so hard "choosing" homes, you don't want to disappoint anyone but you want to make sure the puppies get the best possible home. It is a lot of pressure because everyone wants a puppy but are they going to still want it when it is all grown up?? Out of all the puppies I have ever adopted out only 1 time did I have one return... well and one STOLEN, still wish I could have gotten her back but apparently you can steal from a non profit and then sue them! Hopefully that will be over soon.

Anyway, most of the puppies will hopefully be going home on Tuesday. I love them but I can't wait till they can be in their own home. Plus I must be honest they are SO MUCH WORK. LOL

With my BFF's daughter being in the hospital this entire week has been just overwhelming. I couldn't imagine being her right now. She has been at the hospital since Friday afternoon.. never leaving.. .oh geez.

I do have a pregnant female JRT who should be having puppies any now... the ultra sound only showed 4 puppies so that will be so nice. Little puppies and only being 4 will be MUCH easier to take care of.

Oh and on Friday it looks like I am getting in two more JRT's OH BOY! Why can't I say no???


shona said...

who can say no to a JRT?????

jen said...

Hi Jamie!
I didn't know you had this blog too! It was so great to meet you in up in Dayton! I hope one of these days we can get together since we live so close, and hopefully somehow work together on some of your rescues!

I am not going to Blogpaws..but wish I was:)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jen you have the wrong person. My name isn't Jamie and I wasn't in Dayton. Sorry