Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bought a puppy

Last night my husband and I were talking about our friends... more his then mine but whatever. He went over their house yesterday to give them a quote on some work they need done. I told him not to forget to invite them to our 4th of July camping party. He then tells me he is pissed because they wen to Toledo and bought a Doxie puppy from some breeder.


These are people that have heard my stories of the horrible breeders, the dog over population and have come over to play with the puppies I have. They know what I do and they know that there is a huge over population issue.

The wife said "Well you know how (husband) is, he can't wait for anything"

OMG a rescue friend of mine JUST HAD A LITTER of pure breed Doxie puppies.

REALLY F*#)(*@ nice.

You can call me when you want a job but you can't call me to at least see if I can get you a puppy.

Whatever, I told my husband DO NOT INVITE them to the camping party. I am done!

Don't get me wrong I do NOT have any issue with someone buying a dog from a breeder. IF THE BREEDER IS LEGITIMATE! But I 100% guarantee you this breeder is NOT. I know the husband and I am sure he say an ad in the paper and just went and bought it.

I also don't blame people who don't know any better... THEY KNOW BETTER!

I stopped being friends with two people I was friends with in High School b/c they pulled the same stupid shit. Heck the wife even helped me with the rescue and had her friends come over to look at dogs. So, she really knew better..... they bought a 5 week old (illegal in Ohio) puppy from a back yard hill billy in Medina. Since the day I saw them at the vet with their 5 week old puppy I haven't talked to them.

Sorry but I don't have time to be friend with people that stupid. Now their first dog was bought from a breeder. HOWEVER, the breeder was legitimate. The dog was fixed and they signed a contract.

I am so angry!


Allison at Novice Life said...

This seems to happen so much in the rescuer/friend/family arena and it never ceases to puzzle the shit out of me!!!!

selkie said...

I would feel exactly the same - and in fact have done exactly what you have done. In teh end, people like that have nothing in common with us - so screw 'em.

crystal said...

I completely agree! It baffles me how people can listen to all the horrors about puppy mills and yet still go pick up a dog from a pet store!
I am with you on this one, it is a complete disregard for something that you value to not even at least talk to you about it before hand!

House of the Discarded said...

Such disrespect for what we do. Who needs that shit.