Friday, April 29, 2011

It is really hard

It is so hard right now, I am watching a friend and fellow rescue person struggle with the number of dogs that need her and it is breaking my heart. I am absolutely no help to her at all and I feel horrible. Mostly b/c it should be me struggling, me getting the emails, me trying to figure out which JRT's to save and which can wait.

It is nice not getting all the emails, I will be honest. The guilt is much less not actually seeing the faces of all the JRT's in need but at the same time some of the guilt is still there b/c I know there are A LOT that need help.

Every foster home for MBR is full, one foster home has 3 dogs right now. UGH! I know I need to get out and do adoption events but I am still not up for being around a lot of people. Legal crap and harassment is still going on and well it just takes a toll on you, ya know?

I still haven't heard from the judge on the photo album and still dealing with the misplaced foster dog. The good news is the sick dogs I had are doing better. Frosty had a teething cleaning and is loosing weight. Now we just need to find him a home and or a foster home. Zoe is doing great. I think we have the rash on her belly cleared up and her poo is good!! YAY!! Henry is doing good too, he is starting to get more hair back and his hair is shinny. Chai isn't doing so well, he is still scared to death but I have seen a little improvement.. I stress A LITTLE!

I have Greta's 9 puppies which she is refusing to feed and that is VERY time consuming and stressful.

I think other then that everyone is pretty health and good to if we can get them adopted. LOL!

I desperately need more foster homes. Mostly b/c there are so many that I want to help.... there are some REALLY nice dogs in kill shelters right now. It is just so sad. It is bad right now with the number of homeless dogs, really really bad.


encee said...

Hey, I am looking for a puppy. Would you recommend a breeder please. I live in Solon. Thanks.

April said...

Wow!! LOL

Dog Rescuer said...

encee -

I am not sure if you are playing a joke or not but here is some information for you to check out

And keep in mind nearly 6 MILLION dogs are KILLED every year because there just isn't enough homes for all the dogs breeders produce!

encee said...

Thanks for the response. This is not a joke. I have read the link to humane society. I am merely looking for a reliable breeder's name in northeast Ohio. That's all.

AndeesResQdPups said...

encee~ Here is an idea why not check your local pounds, rescues and humane societies. Do you know how many wonderful purebred dogs there are in those places? If you've read the blog you are in the wrong place if you are looking for a breeder! Sorry its your right to choose a breeder and its my right to think you are so WRONG!!!

Dog Rescuer said...

encee - well since I don't believe in breeding because 4 - 6 million dogs are KILLED and their lifeless bodies are thrown into a dumpster like trash I am the wrong person to be asking for advice on a breeder.

Now if you are looking for a puppy, pure breed or designer (better known as a mutt) then go to or and I am SURE you will find a puppy.

I DO NOT recommend a pet store, the Amish or a news paper ad b/c NONE of those places / people are legitimate breeders.

encee said...

I went to the Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village. They had grown up dogs and cats but no puppy.

Dog Rescuer said...

encee- what type of dog are you looking for? pure breed? mutt? large? small?

check out this group they have a bunch of puppies

this is a good group too and have a Pom puppy

this group has some really cute puppies too

I am sure you can find a dog WITHOUT going to a breeder.

encee said...

Ok, I will look at your suggestions. I am going to leave my email here, if thats okay with you.