Monday, April 18, 2011

Puppies fixed and ready to go

I woke up this morning at 5am, ugh! I had to load 13 puppies who have NEVER been in a crate (well small one by themselves) and who have NEVER been on a car ride. Seriously the drive to the clinic which is by my work was the LONGEST drive ever. LOL! Screaming puppies, they sounded like they were being torched. I guess to them they were being torched.

I got to the clinic right at 8am. I unloaded each puppy and took them inside to be placed in yet another crate. These were much large but they had to be in a crate by themselves something they have NEVER been.. by themselves. Oh the screaming.. LOL

Puppies are so funny, life is so dramatic when you are puppy.

Took me about 1/2 hour to get everyone unloaded, paper work signed and pay the bill... boy was that a lot of cash. YIKES. LOL!!

In a few hours I go back to the clinic to pick up all the puppies. 1 is getting adopted at 3:30 from work, 2 are leaving for foster homes from work (their families can't pick them up for a week).

A few more get picked up tonight and 2 puppies leave fora foster home, just till Wednesday where their family comes to them and um... that leaves 1 puppy without a home :-(

I am honestly a little mad about it. I had an application all approved and looked great, I was really excited about it. I called him and it took him 2 days to get back to me. When he did I already had appointments set for the remaining puppies. That means assuming (which is what happened) that the 2 people who scheduled appointments already picked a puppy there would be only one left.
The guy was all annoyed that he couldn't pick. Well should have called me back sooner.

So, then he comes out Friday night and looks at the remaining puppy. As he was leaving he said I will call you in a few days. I said no I need you to call me tomorrow before noon. I have 2 other people waiting to hear what you decide.

Well Saturday noon came and went and I never heard from the guy. So, I called him around 3:30pm. Phone went to voice mail so I left a message that said if he could please call me back before 6pm and just let me know either way.


So, that evening I get an email from the one person who was waiting to hear that they went to the shelter at got a puppy. Good I am glad they went to the shelter but darn! The puppy missed out on a home because the guy didn't call me back like he was supposed to... so I email the other lady and told her I would call her Sunday around 11am. She emailed back and said she too went to the shelter on Saturday and adopted an older dog. UGH! So that means the puppy missed out on ANOTHER home because the guy didn't call me back.

Really guy, really! Your a jerk. I mean you couldn't have just said you weren't interested? Now the poor puppy doesn't have a home.

I am happy the other 2 people went to the shelter and they adopted but I feel bad for the puppy.

Seriously, people are rude!

I am hoping that today when I bring the puppies into work that someone will fall in love :-) If not I do have one more option but we will see.. LOL

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Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Oh, yes, the drama of being a puppy. I moved most of the dogs and crates back out to the breezeway on Saturday - including the puppies, who were now in separate crates not their divided Lab wire crate. Oh, the wailing and bemoaning! LOL. Hopefully, they will soon be adopted.