Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I feel broken

I don't understand why people have to be nasty. Why do you think that is going to get you somewhere in life? The entire situation with Athena has made me not want to trust people. I trusted the foster home and yet her story kept changing... Athena got a long with her parents dog so well, then she didn't get along with him; Mindi worked long hours and she didn't know where she lived, then it was Mindi is a home health aid nurse in Kate's parents house and Kate visited her home at Christmas..... nothing ever made sense. Mindi said I could have Athena back but when I said OK she got a lawyer. The entire thing is just fishy.

Then I have the president tell me do what you need to and if you need anything let us know and then she says STOP. Then the VP says something different. I am so confused.

Then the PAPL kills dogs, I ask why and their response is a lawyer. You know what I don't care that much, go away I told the lawyer. His responce was take down your blog postings. WHAT. Um NO! I pretty sure that is infringing on my civil rights.

THEN I have a women who I helped over and over again sue me for loosing her photo album. I told her I would pay to have her negatives reprinted but she sues me instead.


Then I have two family member who I care about going through some hard times too and I just feel broken.

I keep reflecting on what has transpired, what could I have done differently, what I need to do to move on. But at the same time as I try to move on and I was feeling really good on Sunday I get slapped in the face on Monday. Why? Just move on. Go on with your life and I will go on with my life. OK?

In order to get some of the people to stop STALKING me and driving me crazy. I have shut down my facebook page and I have made it so this blog is hard to read. May 1st I will put everything back up. But until then, I will blog in private and I am sorry everyone will have to catch up when it goes public again.


Lenna said...

You know, I can't help but wonder if the dark one is working very hard on you because you've caught his attention with all the good you've done. Don't let him win.

Anonymous said...

I like the cake poem...Perhaps someone is whipping up am extra layer or a good ganache for you. Stay strong sister. You do good things every day for dogs and people alike...The dawn is just around the corner.