Friday, April 15, 2011

The last weekend

This is the last weekend for Cola's puppies. All the soda pops will be fixed on Monday and most will be in their new homes by end of the day Tuesday. I will miss them but man I can't wait for them to go. They EAT SO MUCH! I swear I am totally broken just trying to keep up with the amount of food 13 puppies eat. LOL!

I have 2 puppies left and have 2 appointments set for tonight so I hope that the people coming to meet them will like them and want to adopt them.

I am looking for 3 foster homes / baby sitters for about a week for the 3 of the puppies though.... I have one family who can't pick up until Easter Sunday, one family who can't pick up until Saturday and one family who can't pick up until the 30th.

I need to get the puppies moved so I can get their stall cleaned, bleached and move Greta's kids in. LOL!

THEN I start all over with 9 more puppies needing homes. THE good thing is I have left over applications... so if all goes as planned (yea right.. LOL) then I have all the soda pops spoken for as of tonight and I can process and call the other applications about the GSD puppies.

Oh man, juggling act never ends in dog rescue now does it.

Well I am hoping my slump is over... we all go through rough patches right? I have no hard feelings against anyone.... Ok maybe one person, seriously why couldn't they just be civil and sign a contract??!! BUT WHATEVER. Karma everyone tells me will always get them in the end.. too bad I will never know. Oopse was that mean?

Looks like we are going to be putting up the security cameras soon, I can't wait. 24 hour live feed through internet and night vision on the camera so they record in color 24/7. It will be nice to be able to keep an eye on who comes and goes from my farm and keep an eye on Mr. Crazy. That way next time he calls the police I have proof he is CRAZY! Granted everyone already knows. LOL

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