Monday, February 15, 2010

Adoption Day

Adoption Days are always interesting to say the least. We had a pretty good day. 2 JRT's and 1 Toy Aussie were adopted from my group and my rescue friend had 3 dogs adopted. It was a total mad house people EVERYWHERE! More window shoppers then anything though which can be a little annoying because they sit there and hold the puppy or the dog and then people who are actually looking for a dog think the dog is spoken for and move on. So, the only looser is the dog. Really if you think about it, the window shopper is being pretty rude to the dog. But try explaining that to someone....

Two interesting stories... yea, I think only two.. lol.

One couple was looking at a Pom mix and they seemed really nice. They completed an application and we found out they had a male Chow who is not fixed. Gloria (my rescue friend / partner) explained to them that they are not approved because their Chow is not fixed. She explained the reasons why the dog should be fixed. The man starting yelling at her and said he wasn't going to do that to his dog. Gloria said "you don't have to do anything you don't want to do but you aren't adopting from us if your dog isn't fixed." The guy screamed "well fine just kill the dog then." Gloria said we wouldn't have to find so many dogs homes if people would just fix their dogs in the first place. The couple stomped off.

My sister and I were laughing that some men think that fixing their male dog some how takes away from the dogs "man hood" That the dog should be able to have sex. OMG people putting human emotions onto dogs is enough to drive me CRAZY! Dogs have NO FREAKING IDEA! UGH men with small penis issues putting their insecurities onto their dogs is so annoying.

The second ridiculous story was this family came and FELL in love with a Pug. Nice Pug, very well behaved. They walked the dog all over the store and started filling up a cart of dog stuff. Told everyone "OH yea we are defiantly adopting this dog." The spent probably an hour, maybe longer with the dog. They filled out an application, were approved and started to go over the vet paper work. Gloria said he is 3 years old.... The family said WHAT?? 3 years old?? We thought he was a puppy. Never mind we don't want him and walked away.

OMG! Seriously? Again, the dog may have lost out on a home because they monopolized the dogs time and because the dog is 3 years old they no longer want the dog. You have got to be kidding me.

I just can't believe that some people are so irrational.

Then I have WONDERFUL people like the couple that drove 3.5 hours Saturday night, stayed in a hotel over night and adopted Jeff on Sunday. Jeff a 10 year old dog who live his entire life outside probably as a breeding dog, whose hair was stained yellow from living outside so long (it is finally white), is missing teeth and basically lived a life of hell until we got him.

I have the nice family that adopted Punkin who sent pictures the next day and just love her to pieces.

I have the guy who adopted Dudley and bought him a sweater to wear home, got him groomed before he left the store... So cute!

Just amazes me at the wide spectrum of people....


Anonymous said...

I hear you! I guess it doesn't matter if you are in Arizona or Ohio at an adoption event the humans are all the same! We had a good turn out this weekend and got 5 dogs adopted but also had a lot of window shoppers and many people outraged at our adoption fees (which are not outrages,they barely cover our cost for s/n).
Good luck with all your puppies..

Heather said...

Wow - I've seen the whole "manhood" thing a lot, but I just can't believe the couple who seemed to fall in love with the pug and then let him go. So sad. Love the positive stories, though. Those are the ones that keep you going.