Thursday, February 11, 2010

4 week old puppies

The babies that were born at my house are doing well. Litter #3 is 1 week old today. Honestly I can't wait till they are 3 weeks old b/c right now they are kinda boring.. LOL! Litter #1 will be 4 weeks old on Saturday. OMG they are so freaking cute. They are just starting to figure out food. They take a few sucks and loose interest.

It just amazes me at 4 weeks how much they still need their mom. I see ads all the time for puppies that are 4 weeks old, I have heard people getting puppies at 4 weeks old. OMG! That is so little how can anyone think that is a good idea and/or the right thing to do. I wish more people would turn people in for separating puppies from their mom prior to 8 weeks. It is against the law in Ohio. Heck I have an entire blog post about it....

So, this weekend is our first adoption event at PetSmart since April '09. I am hoping that it is successful and I don't bring parvo home like I did last time which caused 3 puppies there lives. I am going to change completely after going to PetSmart before going anywhere near the puppies. I am going to bleach the bottom of my shoes and everything. I am not taking any chances.

The good thing is that any of the adults I have that are going don't live at my house so there is less of a chance for one of them to carry something to my house.

Well let's just hope for a lot of adoptions and NO PARVO!

Jeff is supposed to get adopted this weekend, Sunday actually. The people must be straight from Heaven. I mean Jeff is a good dog but he is older, has had a rough life and is a bit rough looking. I guess that just makes him more lovable.

Cappy is supposed to get adopted too... all the snow has messed things up. I really hope that goes through.

Well paws crossed all goes well on Saturday. I am going to college signatures for the Puppy Mill ballot while I am there too. 11 months to get all the signatures that they need to get it on the ballot and hopefully stop dog auctions. UGH! SICK!