Friday, February 26, 2010

My day today

Here is what my day is going to look like:

Leaving work driving 20 miles from work to the clinic picking up my 4 dogs that are there. Driving from the Clinic to foster home # 1 which is fostering Freckles... that is 22 miles. Driving from there to foster home #2 who is fostering Jerry... 23 miles. Driving from there to foster home #3 to drop off Skip.... 12 miles. Driving from there to foster home #4 to drop off Miley.. 10 miles. Then going home.

Now keep in mind the mileage I have above is simply city to city, so it will for sure be more then that AND we are in the middle of a snow storm.


Then when I get home I will have to feed horses, take care of puppies and then maybe just maybe eat dinner, see my husband and go to bed.

So, lets take bets what time will I get home??? LOL!!


Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

Ah, but enjoy the sound of horses eating, the quiet in the barn w/shuffling and snorting....I miss not having horses to feed - such a good time to "zen." Be well and be safe - enjoy the snow, too - it will soon be gone.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I truly admire your hard work and dedication. Because of it, we have Eddie, adopted about 3-1/2 years ago, who is the love of our lives! (He has us VERY well trained!) I just want to caution you not to sacrifice your own well-being and, just as importantly, your marriage. I'm sure your husband knew your schedule when you got married, but a good marriage is a such a precious thing and needs to be nurtured and protected. I just want you to have it all and to be happy!