Monday, March 1, 2010

Do people realize?

That dog rescue is volunteer work? I don't think they do, I think they think we get paid for this. Honestly I can't blame them for thinking that because really who would want to put up with all the jerks, rude, nasty people and see all the horrible things we see pretty much daily. So, I get why people would think we get paid for this dog rescue stuff but we don't. Not one dime...

Then why do I do this? If it isn't for the money what is it for? The simple answer it because it is the right thing to do!

That brings me to my point... we rescue folks do not get paid so it would be nice if people were a little more respectful of our time. People make appointments never show up, come meet a dog and spend 45 minutes with that dog and say they will let you know but never call or email.

Listen we are ok if you don't want the dog but can't you at least tell us??

It is hard to explain to people without sounding pushy or bitchy but I want to say, if you are coming just to look then I am not going to change my enitre schedule, rearrange my life to accommodate you! And if you are really serious about getting a dog but after meeting one of our rescues you decide it is not a good fit that is 100% OK. It happens but at least tell us.... don't just hanging me out to dry.

I assume that if someone doesn't follow up within 24 hours that they are no longer interested and I have so had people call me a week later or show up say at an adoption event 2 hours late and when the dog they wanted was adopted they throw a fit. Really????!!! B/c I have magical powers where I can see into the future and know that you were coming back for the dog... really??!!!

I don't think people understand that what I do is for the dogs not them. So, honesty if a good home comes along for a dog I am not denying the dog a home just on the off chance they may or may not show up and/or call.

Goes back to people wanting what they want and not considering anyone else's feelings and / or the well being of the dog. Just dissapointing..


NoviceLife said...

Yes, my favorite is when my phone rings at 10am on a weekday, then again at 1pm from the same person leaving me a message saying "I called you earlier and haven't heard back yet; I'd APPRECIATE a call" .....Um, ok, give me more than 3hours to return you call and understand, per my VM, that I have a DAY JOB and calls are returned after 5pm. GESH!

Dog Rescuer said...

Oh I hear ya. I courtesy post on my site for my rescue friend and this guy emailed me a MILLION times asking about one of her dogs. I explained to him over and over that I didn't have any information about the dog. Finally when he figured out to email her he drove her crazy for 3 days. He met the dog and then emailed her the next day saying he decided his life was too active for another dog. OMG! Really??? UGH!

Kyla Duffy said...

It would also be nice it people wouldn't yell at us! I work with Boston Terrier rescue, and the other day I received an app I was told to call about my foster. I called, and the woman gave me an earful about how "I wouldn't let her have Roscoe" (another dog - not my foster) and how she "had to go buy a dog from a breeder." Are you kidding me? I had nothing to do with Roscoe and geez...have some patience! Ugh.

fosterdoggies said...

Oh people! Ha, they can drive you nuts. I mean, here I am - snuggling with five dogs and three cats - no comment, no needs, no evil eyes (okay, if I move my arm out from under them I get a grunt and glare! won't do that again!) But, could I do that with people?! Nope, but hopefully there are peeps out there that will adopt these precious ones!! You do great work (yep, it's work - worthwhile work!) Thanks!!!!

Cornelia said...

Sorry you're getting yelled at Kyla.

Amy, how does someone in Alabama get a dog out of a gassing shelter in Ohio, 1 1/2 googled hours from you? All I know to do is to contact the rescuers in that area. In addition, the dogs in Trumbull run out of time so fast, I'm sure that's the reason people are so demanding of your time and attention. I know I'm getting panicked for a tiny rough coat JRT at Trumbull County pound OH. If I had some help with him I could get him into Russell Rescue in TN and I pay the fees. Most people wanting to help save a dog know there is no money in it for you, I would hope! People like me also put a lot of time and effort into searching out those who can pull and foster dogs and spend their own money to do so. Personally, I think the person that asks the rescuer to take the dog should pay the pull and S&N fees. It's the least they could do if you take the dog. I would love to read your opinion on how or if rescuers actiually work together because I have been left very dissapointed recently just trying to save one.

Dog Rescuer said...

Cornelia - The little rough coat in Trumbal isn't available until Wed (tomorrow). I have an eye on him. I also has someone contact me today looking for a rough coat JRT who lived close to there so I gave him the phone number and told him to call. So, you never know.

Rescue work together as much as they can. I know right now, for example I am very overwhelmed with all the dogs I have in our rescue and with all the ones I need to save and b/c I work full time and far from home, I am usually not very helpful but I do try to donate money to other rescues group or offer giving a dog shots. Sometimes I have fully vetted a dog for another rescue just because I was at the pound and they said they would take it.

I hope that answers your question / worry.