Monday, March 22, 2010

So I got a phone call........

from someone in my County Commissioners office. I really don't feel it got anywhere. The person was pretty adamant about how making mandatory spay / neuter wasn't going to work. Kept saying it would be too expensive???? Really I have offered on more then one occasion to do all the research and work for free to get everything in place and set in motion so I don't understand. And I am sure that other rescue people in the area would be more then happy to help out as well.

Band-aids is all the county wants to do for the kennel to make themselves look like they are doing something but they aren't. She wasn't too happy when I said that... but it is true and in the end she admitted it was.

She explained to me that the kennel kill rates are way down.. ya because the dog warden, Jack, calls people like me to go in there and take dogs so they don't get killed. It has nothing to do with the joke of a certificate we have to encourage people to get dogs fixed. Does anyone keep track of how many of those certificates are used by NON rescue people. I am curious to see those numbers!

She then told me a she received a letter from someone saying they were really mad because they went in for a dog and it went up in the lottery and some lady won it. Then she went for another dog and the same lady was there and again won that one in the lottery. The women said she later found out that it was a rescue person who was then selling the dog for profit.

I explained that #1 if we had mandatory spay/neuter then rescues wouldn't feel the need to get into the lottery. I get emails all the time from rescue people saying "needing help for Lorain County Lottery. Breeder looking at the dog." Or something similar to that. #2 PROFIT. If anyone in their right mind thinks taking a dog from a shelter is a way to make profit they have a lot coming to them. Let me point this out ONCE AGAIN

I called my vet to get these exact prices:

Pull Fee: $29 includes shots
Booster shots, rabies, heartworm test: $96
Fecal test: $17.08
Spay/Neuter for a dog 1 - 3 years weighing 25 - 50 pounds: $199.60
Flea Med for one month: $14.25
Worming medicine for a 20 - 30 pound dog: $24.50

What does that equal??? $380.43

Adoption fee: $200

money lost by rescue group / person $180.43
that does not include food, toys, beds, crates, collar, leash, grooming...

So please tell me again.... Making a profit??

Oh people make me so MAD!

Anyway, so the end of my conversation with the women from the commissioners office was that she was going to talk to the commissioners and get back to me. I am not holding my breath, I will be real honest.

I had her on speaker phone and she would ask me a question and I would answer her, she would continue to try to interrupt me and when I didn't let her so she got angry with me saying I was speaking over her. I let her talk, waited till she was done, would start to talk and she would interrupt me. My friend who was with me looked at me and who is interrupting who??

I feel like the only reason she called was to shut me up..... I highly doubt anything will happen.

All the phone call did was make me more mad because she refused to hear a thing I was saying. No matter what I said she pointed out how that just isn't possible but when I asked why the answer was "it just isn't" Frustrating.

So I spent a half hour of my life talking to a wall and having someone tell me how great the band-aids at the pound are..... I of course pointed out how shots for the dogs do nothing because it take 7 days for a shots to really help the dog be immune.

We need to get tot he root of the problem... UGH! I really want to give up. But why would I when I am making so much money at selling dogs from the kennel.. more people should do it if it is so profitable. IDIOTS!

I am in a mood today where I just want to say F-U and give up. I am so freaking stressed out b/c I have so much money wrapped up in the puppies I rescued... UGH! I have bills to pay I can't pay because I have $2,000 into puppies that aren't even fixed yet and 7 that still need shots.. ya great Oh and by the way adoption fee $200 X 10 will $2,000 but yet I am still not done spending money. AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

oh the rough world of dog rescue. it pretty much sucks sometimes!! i haven't experienced any of that - most of our shelters are first come first serve and they do a pretty good job of following up on the spay/neuter stuff - even with us rescuers! Good luck working to change the world. We have a gas chamber at one of our shelters that rescues have been working hard to make public for many years to no avail - well, at least no change even though the shelter has been publicly shamed many times. soon I hope though!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me. Especially the comment about the lottery. I took part in a couple of them, won some and lost some and every single time I heard the comment "why does a rescue want the dog, it should go to a nice family, the rescue just wants to SELL the dog" - these are comments from the EMPLOYEES at the pound.
The funny thing is, on Saturday when I was there, there was a lady who took part in every lottery there was, she certainly wasn't with a rescue. People were very upset about it, they said she comes every week, gets into lotteries and tries to get any "profitable" dog and probably sells it later. I myself told the people to write something to the commissioners' office, which is what they requested, if anyone has comments, write them down. Interesting how it all got twisted and all of a sudden some dog flipper lady became a "rescue person".

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous #2. I think that is the hoarder lady.. she doesn't flip them.. she gives the adoptable ones to rescue.

I asked the person from the commissioners office why they allow that to happen and she said "because were aren't allowed to tell anyone no." I asked why. She said "because we can't" I asked why "because we aren't allowed." It was like talking to a 6 year old... nothing but circles.